Directory of Work, Gap Year, Travel & Living Abroad Resources

Working Abroad

The Working Abroad part of the Directory includes links to the websites of employers, employment agencies and other recruiters, and also to websites and resources that may be invaluable in your job hunt.

Tip: Many other relevant links for the categories below can be found in our Regional & Country pages .

Working Abroad Links

Gap Year & Volunteer Work

Most of the links in the Directory could be considered gap year links in one way or another but this section focuses on what could be called the ‘gap year market’ of organised voluntary work placements mixed with travel, character or skill building expeditions and courses, and organisations appealing to students.

Gap Year and Volunteer Work Links

Living Abroad Websites

A variety of websites offering information and advice from tracking down your dream, or just cheap, property to settling in. We also include lots of expat websites that can guide you in all the little details of a life in a new home from learning the local language to buying furniture.

Travel Websites

Pages of Travel links suitable to budget travellers and backpackers including hostels, travel reading and information, blogs, tips and tools.

Regional & Country Links

As well as links for finding a job the Region & Country links also include cultural, governmental and other sites that can give the flavour of the destination or will, perhaps, be useful once you’ve arrived.

Tip: For large employers who can offer jobs in multiple countries please check out the categories in the Working Abroad section of our directory