CHINA > We are an in international kindergarten in Tangshan, China. Read More >
SPAIN > We are a couple who live in Seville, Spain with 2 much loved Beagles. We are travelling in Spain One of our dogs is prone to seizures (every 5mths or so). We travel quite a bit and regularly need caring housesitters to mind our fur family.Read More >
UK > Lily is a 9 year old staffie cross who came from Battersea. Our eldest daughter has taught her tricks and she is quite obedient. She loves her family and spends her time meeting and greeting, guarding the house from squirrels, cats and the postman and likes nothing better than to curl up on the sofa with a warm human.Read More >
CHINA > We are looking for experienced school managers to manage their own schools in locations throughout China. Our school centers are bright, beautiful, and spacious with plenty of teaching materials and resources. Read More >
CHINA > Teaching Oral English & English culture & Professional classes.Read More >
CHINA > We are looking for teachers who are Native English speakers from the UK, US, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, South Africa.Read More >
MALAYSIA > We are looking for someone who wants to progress from entry level scuba all the way up to becoming a dive professional. This opportunity allows you to work in a dive base, live on a beautiful island and train to become a Dive master with the possibility of continued employment once certified.Read More >
URUGUAY > The demands of the position are varied. From keeping house and administering maintenance projects in winter to handling the onboarding of dozens of seasonal staff and high energy towards lodging, feeding, and entertaining thousands of guests each peak season.Read More >
USA > Four bedroom, three bath home on 97 acres in rural south Texas. Quiet, no neighbors close, lots of birds and wildlife. Amish community down the road for fresh eggs, raw milk, honey, veggies.Read More >
CHINA > We are seeking qualified high school English teachers for a private vocational school located in peaceful surroundings. The school lies one hour north of the bustling city of Hangzhou and is three to four hours by car or bus to Shanghai.Read More >