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Top Sites

WordPress – A free to download, highly adaptable blogging platform.

Google Adsense – People in suits would describe this as “an effective advertising solution for content driven websites and blogs”.

Travel Blog Advice – An excellent resource for those looking to start, or improve, a travel blog.



AirDNA – Short term vacation rental data and analytics for Airbnb and Vrbo hosts.

Blogger – A service from Google. – A guide to making money online, covering topics such as the best day to sell on ebay, paid surveys and affiliate marketing.

Bravenet – A range of free tools available to website editors.

Gov.UK Business & Self Employed – Business start up advice and resources.

Ebay – Need cash? Sell things.

FirstSiteGuide – Join up to access their free start a blog guide, video lessons and blogger toolkit.

Flippa – Buy and sell websites. – Tools for Web Authors – Links to services and tools handy for i-net entrepreneurs.

Fresh Egg – Digital marketing agency with offices in the UK and Australia.

Google Adsense – People in suits would describe this as “an effective advertising solution for content driven websites and blogs”.

The Insider Secrets of Freelance Travel Writing – Some resources and ideas for wannabe travel writers. – Problogger’s job page for bloggers looking for online gigs.

Live In Languages – Agents wanted to market courses for language students and earn commission as you travel.

London Sperm Bank – Earn £35 expenses per donation.

MatadorU – A popular way to learn travel writing and new media skills.

Nerdy Nomad – Kirsty Henderson earns some of her living via her numerous websites. NN is no longer updated but Kirsty was one of the first bloggers to post a summary of her monthly income and expenditure. More recently she has published street maps of African cities and moved to Portugal to develop a plot of land.

Nochex – Accept auction payments.

Outdoor Photographer – A national magazine published 11 times per year for enthusiasts with a special passion for nature, travel and outdoor sports. Submission guidelines available.

Paypal – Accept payments for your business or cottage industry. Or just persuade someone to send some cash.

Peopleperhour – A marketplace for selling web development, design or SEO skills.

The Photography Palour – A place for all aspiring pro photographers to go and relax, grab a cup of tea and mingle with likeminded folks.

Remote Jobs Club – Get a free weekly email from Simon, who spends four to five hours each day finding the best remote jobs so you don’t have to.

Society of American Travel Writers – SATW is a professional organization comprised of the travel industry’s most experienced journalists, photographers, editors, broadcast/video/film producers, bloggers, website owners, public relations experts and hospitality industry representatives from the United States, Canada and beyond.

Sovereign Academy – A four day camp in Lithuania where a selected group of 50 students learns how to make money and control their time, guided by successful entrepreneurs and investors who have actually done it.

Toms Adventure – Tom Noonan sells websites via Flippa, and has sold around 40 so far for over $200k. The making money category is still worth reading despite the obvious abandonment of this website many years ago.

Transitions Abroad – A work and travel website and print magazine. Guidelines are available for photograph and article submission.

Travel Blog Advice – An excellent resource for those looking to start, or improve, a travel blog.

Warrior Forum – Well used internet marketing forums.

WebWorkTravel – Connect to digital nomads nearby or simply learn more about the lifestyle. Sign up to their newsletter to obtain a 156 page destination guide for free.

Working Nomad – Once upon a time Anthony Page’s part travelogue, part guide to travelling the world earning an income from his laptop and blog was a trend-setter. It’s rarely updated now. – Looks for instructors in all genres of creative writing to teach online courses. If you’re passionate about writing, love to teach, and want to make a difference in the lives of other writers, they’d be happy to meet you.


Nomad Resources

Ready to start your digitally nomadic life? We've saved hundreds of dollars moving money around by using Wise. We save even more in ATM fees by combining Wise with a local bank account. Use this link and Wise will give you a free money transfer up to £500.

If we weren't house plant murderers we would do a bit more house sitting. It really is a great way for digital nomads to save on accommodation expenses AND get a comfortable environment in which to work. Americans may prefer to join here.

We will be using SafetyWing when we start travelling again. Their policies are aimed at nomads like you and us and both their travel and health insurance include cover for Covid19 so we can spend as much time abroad as we please.

Running our website was such a chore with our last host. It is so much easier updating our site now we have made the switch to A2 Hosting.



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