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Overseas Job Centre

For over 20 years we have been helping people to fulfill their travel dreams. We ourselves are just a couple of keen travellers and here we collect a selection of organisations that can help you to arrange work abroad now.

We like to travel too much to run a full service agency so, instead, we present these organisations in our unagency.* Some of the organisations listed here are straight out advertising their services, wanting a display option or for longer term than in main JAB, some are affiliates** or earn us a commission, while others we plain just like and want to tell you more about them.

The Best Paid TEFL Internship in Thailand

On this 4 month program from Premier TEFL you’ll be the best paid TEFL intern in Thailand, earning between 30,000 – 34,000 Thai Baht each month. With accommodation provided you’ll have a hassle free internship and maybe even find it too hard to spend your monthly allowance.

Become a Language Mentor & Discover Europe for Free

Volunteer abroad as a Mentor for Language Learners and have your board and lodging in beautiful hotels covered. Visit Malta, Budapest, Krakow and many more destinations. Optionally, become a qualified TEFL teacher in weeks using an AngloTEFL Scholarship! As an English speaker, you stay in one of our beautiful venues in Malta, Hungary, Poland or England for 1 to 4 weeks and help European students improve their English

Ultimate Online Teacher Qualification

TEFL.ie can help you secure that flexible job which gives you an extra bit of cash during university or will fund your travels in exotic faraway lands. The course includes:

120-Hour Premier TEFL course
30-Hour Teaching English Online course
30-Hour Teaching Young Learners

The Win/Win for Pet Lovers That Travel

By offering your time and care for other's pets for free, you can enjoy staying for free in locations worldwide. Whether you're looking for a weekend or a few months, discover how we can help you can enjoy a free retreat... with the added bonus of some four legged friends!

* What is an unagency? We are not ourselves offering an agency service here but we do expect the organisations we list to take good care of you. The Overseas Job Centre is just another, more graphic, way to present some of our longer term advertisers. Just click on the links and visit their websites to find out more and apply to vacancies or programmes.

** Disclosure: though the listings in our Overseas Job Centre UnAgency come from various sources, including many where we neither seek nor expect financial remuneration, for disclosure purposes we suggest that you assume we are only interested in trousering great fistfuls of cash to fund our roaming lifestyle. Less asterisks are consumed this way.