Career Breaks & Grown Up Gap Years

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Top Sites

Peace Brigades International – PBI has branches in 15 countries and recruits volunteers to act as international observers and to accompany local human rights activists in conflict areas.

Links for Taking a Career Break

A Career Break – Less about travelling and more about negating the effects of taking a career break such as paying off the mortgage and keeping up your pension.

ACDI/VOCA – ACDI/VOCA has close to 40 years experience sending professionals overseas as volunteer consultants providing technical assistance with field projects in agribusiness, enterprise development, community development, food security and financial services. They seek mid to late career professionals willing to donate their time while ACDI/VOCA cover and make arrangements for travel and living expenses. While this website has Azerbaijan listed on its search facility at the time of writing there were no volunteer opportunities for the country.

Breakaway – An amalgamation of opinions and ponderings on the topic of sabbaticals.

Cactus Language – Language courses, TEFL courses, homestays and community projects around the world. Not just restricted to students, the company offer programmes for both professionals and retirees. The website also includes examples of how to write your CV in a foreign language.

The Career Break Site – An independent career break website to search for a career break, get help and advice planning it, find inspiration, take a survey or enter competitions.

Career Gappers – Career Gappers provides practical information to support people who want to take time out of work to travel, from saving and planning through to finding the right job afterwards.

Earthwatch Institute – Promotes sustainable conservation of our natural resources. No age limits or special skill required to volunteer.

Escape 101 – Sabbaticals, career breaks and lifestyle design.

Global Vision International – A UK based organisation which sources volunteers to international charities, non-profits and research organisations.

Global Volunteers – Send more than 1,500 volunteers to 21 countries. American taxpayers may deduct service program fees and expenses on their federal income tax.

Global Yacht Racing – UK based Global Yacht Racing is offering people with a passion for adventure the opportunity to experience ocean yacht racing. Raise money for charity by getting sponsorship for your crew berth and fund your yacht racing adventure at the same time.

Greenforce – Wildlife conservation projects to Borneo, the Bahamas and Fiji, Ecuador, Tanzania and Nepal.

HorizonCosmopolite – HorizonCosmopolite offers internship programs abroad, volunteer work opportunities on every continent and Spanish immersion in Central America. The programs are designed for any age groups, all nationalities and rarely ask for specific knowledge or qualifications.

Inspired Breaks – Volunteer and adventure travel abroad. Formerly Gap Year for Grown Ups.

i to i International Projects Ltd – Numerous and varied programmes in over 20 countries around the world for 18 to 80 year olds.

Language Practice – Language site where you can listen to different language stories. A good way to shape up your language skills before you go away.

The Leap – Varied programmes including voluntary placements living and working in eco-tourism, conservation and community projects for three months in Africa. The Leap encourages career breaks. Approximately 25% of ‘Leapers’ are over 30.

Madventurer – Combine award winning team development projects in rural areas with adventurous overland travel across four continents and build a Madventurer itinerary that fits into your time, budget and aspirations. Programmes for gap years, summer break or career breaks.

Meet Plan Go – A US organisation making headway in encouraging Americans to take a career break.

Peace Brigades International – PBI has branches in 15 countries and recruits volunteers to act as international observers and to accompany local human rights activists in conflict areas. They began working in Guatemala in 1983 and have run projects in El Salvador and Sri Lanka, Columbia, Indonesia, West Timor, Haiti, Mexico and the Balkans.

The Pod Site – Two week to six month career breaks undertaking voluntary work and personal development with charities, schools, hospitals, animal centres and other organisations in a developing world environment.

Projects Abroad – Over 100 generic projects for your gap year incuding volunteer work with local communities.

TCV – Week or weekend long conservation projects in Britain. Also international working holidays.

Travellers Worldwide – Time out? Retired? Kids left the nest? Are you after a grown up adventure? From walking with lions, to teaching children, to care work or language learning programmes or cultural courses from tango to meditation. All ages welcomed.

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) – Skilled volunteers recruited to work in the developing world earning local wages.

WorkSmart – A site by the TUC covering our rights in the work place. Includes advice on career breaks and sabbaticals.

WWOOF Australia – Organic farming organisation. Other countries also available.