Expat Information & Advice

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Top Sites

Escape Artist.com – Great site. American orientated expat, travel and working abroad resources and information.


British Expatriate Network – A forum for expatriates.

BritishExpats.com – A resource for British expatriates around the world. Immigration and general discussion forums, resources, and classifieds.

British Expat – News, humour and information for Brits worldwide.

BrokerFish Emergency Phone Number Cards – Designed to fit in your wallet, download and print the local contact details for emergency services, transportation and utilities in 43 countries.

Contact Expats – Find expatriates, old friends, or even new ones, make online friendships. Contact the expat community worldwide.

Escape Artist.com – Great site. American orientated expat, travel and working abroad resources and information.

Expat Arrivals – Local info for global expats. Includes a section on working overseas.

Expat Brit Meetup Groups – A list of over 150 British expatriate group meetings around the world.

ExpatExchange.com – A free community that supports English speaking expats through all phases of the expatriation and repatriation process.

Expat Expert – Robin Pascoe is the Expat Expert. She is committed to helping families, and spouses in particular, make the most of the sometimes challenging privilege of living, working and raising a family abroad.

Expat Financial – Provides international health, life, travel and disability insurance for individual expatriates living abroad and their employers.

ExpatForum.com – Well used forums and articles for people that have moved overseas.

Expatica – News and features, an expat community, and essential resources to help you live successfully abroad. Currently covers Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland and Spain.

Expatistan – International cost of living comparisons.

Expats Blog – A home for all you expats abroad, uniting expat bloggers with their latest blog posts, blog reviews, expat interviews and contests.

Expats.org.uk – Information and links for British and other English speaking expats.

Expats.org.uk – Links, news and features for British expats.

Expat.Telegraph – The expat section of the British daily and Sunday newspaper. Log in required.

Ifitweremyhome.com – Use the country comparison tool to compare living conditions in your own country to those of another.

Numbeo – A database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide. Numbeo provides information on world living conditions including cost of living, housing indicators, health care, traffic, crime and pollution.

The Scottish Banner – The Scottish community’s international monthly publication for expat Scots or those with an interest in Scottish culture and tradition. Available nationally across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA and by worldwide subscription service.