Travel Tips & Tools

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Top Sites

Project Visa – Embassy and visa info including working holiday visas.

Universal Currency Converter – Convert any currency to another.

Links – A database that enables you to match your availability, physical ability and vacation expectations with other adventurous people in order to realise your ultimate trip.

The Bathroom Diaries – For those intrepid travellers that prefer a comfortable reply when nature calls, The Bathroom Diaries has loads of listings of bathrooms, banjos and bogs around the globe. An invaluable service to which you can add your own recommendations of where it is good to go and free to pee.

BBC Weather – Is it raining back home? Laugh and feel smug if it is.

BeenThere – Guardian readers who’ve been somewhere give their opinions.

Earth Calendar – Holidays and celebrations around the world. – An internet passport photo booth, empowering people around the world to make free and valid passport photos.

EventsWorldwide – Find locations, dates, and how to get tickets for leading, unusual, and exotic entertainment, arts, sports, and special events around the world. – Find festivals and events around the world. – Create a free online travel diary, travel blog and travelogue to share your travel photos and stories with the world. Chart your journey by creating a dynamic map.

Google – The leading search engine and the best travel tool around.

How to Travel With Pets – Tips for travellers with cats, dogs and other pets. – A very handy international travellers’ transportation guide that tunes in very well with our own dislike of taxis. Along with information about getting from the airport or around a city, the site also includes helpful advice on subjects such as tipping attitudes and electrical connections. – International weather maps and forecasts.

Lost Amigos – Find lost travel friends, backpackers travellers reunited and holiday reunions.

Mastercard ATM Locator – Find a cash machine anywhere in the world.

MyBookmarks – A free Internet service that allows you to keep your browser bookmarks and favorites online so you can access them from anywhere. – A money transfer comparison site, helping thousands of visitors each year find the cheapest, fairest and most transparent deal on money transfers.

My Gay Getaway – Listings for gay hotels, B&Bs, and travel.

PayPal – Send and request money.

Project Visa – Embassy and visa info including working holiday visas. – Tips added by travellers.

Search Engine Colossus – Links to search engines and directories from 195 countries and 55 territories around the world.

Tech Guide for Travel – A place where you can let your inner travel geek out.

Time and – World time search and calendar.

Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory – Locations, email and web addresses of official tourism website.

Universal Currency Converter – Convert any currency to another.

Visa ATM Locator – Find a hole in the wall anywhere in the world.

Where Are You Now – A website for keeping in touch on a budget and reuniting with people you met on your travels.

WhereRyou – Social networking site for travellers designed to make sharing travel advice and experiences easy and fun.

Worldweb Travel Guide – Trip planning.