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Ski Resort Jobs Abroad

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Articles on Working in a Ski Resort

Ski Resort Jobs in the Alps for Nannies and Childcare Staff
There are two main ways to get a job before you go caring for children in a ski resort. Find work through an au pair or nanny agency or get yourself hired by a tour operator or chalet company.

Ski Work Rundown
What jobs are available with a ski tour operator? Do I need any skills or qualifications? We give a rundown of the positions you may find yourself in this winter.


Ski Resort Employment Resources
Every year, before the summer sun even thinks about shining with any intensity, we take a look at some of the employment options for next winter.

There’s no Business Like Snow Business
Growing up in Cape Town, Efrem Leigh, a leading ski recruitment specialist, had never seen snow until he came back to live in England and got a taste for the slopes in his late twenties when he worked in Val d’Isere in France as a chalet hotel manager.

Want to be a Chalet Host? has been organising cookery courses for several years now, and guarantees to improve the skills, knowledge and confidence of anyone wanting to do a season in the Alps.

Cookery Courses for Chalet Hosts
Get the edge over your competitors and learn to cook fancy on a budget.

Winter Work
The ski resorts of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States offer the chance to keep earning all year. Work can be arranged in advance through a tour operator or casual work picked up in a resort.

* We’ve collected and listed the first hand experiences of seasonaires in our Blogger’s Guides to Working a Ski Season. We also collate relevant articles on this Pinterest page.

More Posts on Ski Resort Jobs Abroad

What Do Chalet Hosts Do?
It isn’t long after winter staff take a break from cleaning after the last set of guests of the season that ski companies turn their attention to finding workers for the next winter.

Working in Chalets and on the Slopes in Seefeld
The beautiful village hideaway of Seefeld is located in Innsbruck, Austria. It’s the perfect place to let crisp alpine air rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Throughout the year, there are plenty of jobs for those who want to plump up their resumes with work experience.

A Yeti Assistant With Powder Byrne
If you can create fun for children within a safe environment, then there are opportunities for you this winter.

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