Working In Chalets And On The Slopes In Seefeld

Working in Chalets and on the Slopes in Seefeld

Working In Seefeld

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The beautiful village hideaway of Seefeld is located in Innsbruck, Austria. It’s the perfect place to let crisp alpine air rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Throughout the year, there are plenty of jobs for those who want to plump up their resumes with work experience.

Whether you want to work on your German, carve up some powdery snow on Geschwandkopf or just extend your social circle by working in restaurants or pubs, Seefeld is the perfect change of scenery.


Hotel and Restaurant Work

Seefeld is full to the brim with resorts that get busy during the winter ski season. Your best chance is to get in at the ground up as a kitchen porter, waiter or bar worker. Culinary professionals recently out of their apprenticeships can find junior chef and sous chef roles in these establishments, although the work can be demanding. For those who enjoy socialising and housework, look for housekeeping roles in holiday cabins. Split shifts mean that there’s still time to spend carving up the slopes.

Skiing Instructor Work

Those with appropriate qualifications can get into ski instructing. The roles can vary in difficulty and range from beginner to advanced lessons, and group classes or one-on-one. A basic first aid qualification is always required for these types of roles, given the possibility of accidents out on the slopes. Great people skills and proficiency in languages other than English are also looked upon favourably.

Professional Work

It’s not just about sport and hospitality in Seefeld. All year round there are opportunities for graduates and established professionals in areas like accounting, engineering and safety, health care, management and administration. These types of roles are less frequently posted, but have a lower level of competition, compared with tourism and hospitality. Proficiency in both English and German is normally required as these roles will require communicating with both local and international people.

Downtime in Seefeld

Normally there’s no rest for the residents in Seefeld. There’s a vast array of activities to fill in free time. So don’t expect to watch DVDs or spend much time on Facebook! Nordic Walking is popular all year round. In the winter there’s the choice of tobogganing, alpine skiing, curling, ice-skating and cross-country skiing.

In the summer, fine weather makes the area perfect for golf, hiking, football and climbing. After sweating it out, sore muscles and joints will appreciate a visit to the spa and wellness clinics dotted throughout this mountain village. Seefeld has enchanting activities and an ever-changing environment. So consider a fun seasonal jaunt there, and search for Seefeld holidays at Inghams to find cheap flights to Austria.

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