Agriculture Jobs & Working with Animals

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Agriculture Jobs & Working with Animals

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Articles on Agriculture and Animal Jobs Abroad

Fruit Picking
Emptying a field or orchard of its crop is a physically demanding task that has provided the backpacker with wages for ages.

6 Wine Regions to Work, Travel and Sample in Australia
Both working travellers and tourists will benefit in heading to Australia to enrich either their palette or their pocket in the antipodean nation’s best wine regions.

Helpful Working Hostels in Australia and New Zealand
In fruit picking regions hostels are the best allies for fixing up work. Along with providing accommodation suitable for staying a season, many hostel owners can help with the job hunt and take you to and from the fields each day.


Harvest Guide to Australia
Australia offers fruit picking jobs throughout the year. Find out where and when here.

A Willing Worker
Nina Doyle
willingly worked on organic farms in New Zealand to her on her way around the world.

Working on a Farm in Kent
With minimal opportunity to save in her native eastern Europe, student Marian Bridik worked on a farm in Kent to keep up with the expenses for school and fun activities.

Good Times on Yelland Farm
Katie, an Australian, had been living in London for 3 months when she realized summer was on its way and she hadn’t a penny for traveling. Two days after contacting Fruitful Ltd, she was on her way to Yelland Farm.

G’day Farmstay: Farm Work Exchanges in Australia and New Zealand
Working in Australia or New Zealand on a tourist visa usually involves keeping one step ahead of the increasingly active men and women from the immigration department. One way to avoid all that trouble and of keeping a big stain off of your passport (if caught) is to work for your keep.

Get hold of a working holidaymaker visa and find out that it is possible to Follow the Harvest around Australia all year

* We’ve collected and listed the first hand experiences of lots more working travellers in our Blogger’s Guides to Agriculture Jobs & Working with Animals.

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More posts on working in agriculture or with animals can be found in The Working Traveller Blog

Latest Vacancies

We add all the farm work, fruit picking & animal jobs sent to us to our jobs pages.

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