Blogger’s Guide to Farm Work, Fruit Picking & Animal Jobs

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Farm Work, Fruit Picking & Animal Jobs

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Though it is not always the most popular job to take, fruit picking has saved many a traveller from an empty belly and no place to sleep for the night. These writers impart their words of wisdom for sticking it out in this physically demanding job.

Earning Abroad: Doing Farm Work in Australia
Alex introduces Freya Ashton, her super girly, pint-sized friend who worked two seasons picking vegetables in Australia.

Picking Seasons in New Zealand
A great way to fund your travels and see the countryside is by doing some fruit and veggie picking work, with jobs able to be picked up at short notice.

How Annina Came To Canada To Learn English And Ended Up As A Horse Guide
Annina tells us that combining classroom learning with practical ranch life made her Canadian experience very special.


Jobs on the Road: Horse Groomer Featuring Kat Casey
Not a typical ‘working nomad’, Kat tells us about a range of jobs she has secured around the world.

Equestrian Work Abroad: How to Travel the World by Horse
Working at a stable overseas is a great way to advance your career and satisfy your wanderlust at the same time, says Stacey McKenna.

Backbreaking Grape Picking in France: You Can Do It!
Just back from the vineyards of Bourgogne, 18 year old French student Diane Robert recounts her first vendanges experience.

My Short Career as a Tomato Picker
After a successful work abroad season in New Zealand, Taylor St. John lands in Australia. But her job search isn’t going as planned.

How To Make Money and Travel The World As A Grape Harvester On Vineyards
After tasting wines during their first visit to Tasmania, Rob Stiles and wife Kari were invited to come back and work at the vineyard during the upcoming harvest season.

Job Snobs: Aussie Dole Bludgers Too Lazy to Pick up $250 a Day Picking Fruit
It is backpackers or bust for wine growers in the Hunter Valley who claim there has been no interest from unemployed youth in Sydney to earn easy cash picking grapes.

Death in the Sun: Australia’s 88-Day Law Leaves Backpackers Exploited and Exposed
The 2017 death of Olivier Caramin joins a growing list of problems backpackers can face in rural jobs in Australia, including rape, harassment and underpayment. Anne Davies investigates for The Guardian.

Seeing Red: Fruit Picking in the Huon Valley
Travelling Chuck staves off destitution by helping to bring in a strawberry crop in Tasmania.

The Day I… Did a Shit in a Broccoli Field
Jonny Blair enjoyed his farming days in Tasmania but some days were more crap than others.

Working Wednesdays: Broccoli Harvesting in Moriarty, Australia
When Jonny Balir asked his workmateswhere the city centre of Moriarty is, they pointed to a “community hall” and a Fire Station.

Broccoli Fields Forever
Let Jonny Blair take you down to broccoli fields.

Halloween and Fruit Picking in Ayr
Lennart started picking chilies before moving on to the back breaking capsicum crop.

Kiwi Packing
While eating a hostel breakfast in New Zealand, a Welshman offers Amberly Young a job.

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