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Work Abroad in Tourism, Catering and Hospitality

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We enlist the help of bloggers from around the world to describe their own experiences working abroad where, among other things, they have managed a tiny Beijing bar, worked on cruise ships, operated a bungy trampoline, cleaned hostels and lead walking tours around Buenos Aires.

Travel Jobs Around the World: Skydiver
Ana Powell tells us more about a job that involves jumping out of a plane that’s in perfectly acceptable working order, plus the related positions of parachute packer and on-site photographer.

Earning Abroad: Teaching Surfing in Nicaragua
Alex interviews Noelani Anderson who, after helping a friend expand her NGO into Nicaragua, worked as an instructor/host at a women’s surf camp.

Travel Jobs Around the World: Bar Crawl Leader
A bar crawl is a packaged nightlife tour for party seeking tourists to meet new people, get free club entry and discounted drinks. Someone has to look after these rowdy groups of intoxicated holidaymakers and that someone in Portugal, Croatia and Greece has been Ana Powell.


A Day In The Life Of An Island Tour Guide
Ankie gives an insight into her life as an Island Girl.

Why I Gave Up a $95,000 Job to Move to an Island and Scoop Ice Cream
Noelle Hancock dismantled her life in New York and headed to a place where chickens get in her shower.

Travel Jobs Around the World: Club Med
Ana Powell explores what it is to be a Gentil Organisateur for Club Med.

How to Become a Tour Guide
After spotting an advert on the internet in September 2010, Caitlyn O’Dowd starts leading tour groups around Europe for Busabout.

How to get Paid to Backpack around Europe
Caitlyn O’Dowd writes about becoming a tour guide.

The Customer is Not Always Right
When people are losing their stuff, having strokes, or airlines are on strike, then you need to be a problem solver, not a Walmart greeter, says tour guide Claus.

I Am Not on Holiday When I Work as a Tour Leader
Lot’s of people seem to think that tour leaders are on a constant holiday. Few things could be further from the truth, says Claus Andersen.

What is it Like to be a Tour Leader?
From visiting their clients in hospital to sex and getting free drinks, Claus is forthcoming about the life of a tour leader.

Careers in Spain: Lauren, Madrid Food Tour
Lauren Aloise gives up teaching to start a catering business in Spain.

13 Takeaways From a First-Time Tour Guide
Adventurous Kate McCulley passes on the lessons she learns from leading her first tours through Central America.

How To Find a Job Working at a Hostel
Having had enough of teaching English and staying in one place Ali Jennings asks the owners of a Polish hostel if she can work for them for a few months.

100-Hour Working Weeks, Sex Below Deck… And What We REALLY Think of Passengers: Confessions of a Cruise Ship Worker
At the age of 30, Brian David Bruns become a cruise ship worker to pursue a girl and discovered a world of 80 hour weeks, low pay, and limited toilet breaks.

The Story of a Cocktail Bartender Traveling the World
He would not have acquired the skills that he has if he hadn’t left home to explore the globe but, three jobs, four months and 11 cities away from cleaning up piss and puke in one of Australia’s dirtiest backpacker bars, Jeremy Scott Foster finally found his new direction in life through travelling.

Earning Abroad: Bartending in Portugal
Alexandra Baackes asks Ian Brown to regale us with tales of his sordid summer bartending in the party town of Lagos.

How I Became A Cruise Ship Photographer And Travelled The World (ALMOST) For Free
While looking for a summer job, Bogna spotted an advert for a cruise ship photographer amongst the ads for McDonalds and Pizza Hut. Nine months later she flew to the United States to board the Grandeur of the Seas.

Travel Jobs Around the World: Working in a Hostel
Kiersten, who has worked in hostels in Portugal, Croatia, Argentina and Peru, shares her tips for how we too can live the good life, make amazing friends and wake up every day to a fun work environment.

How to Find a Yoga Teaching Job Abroad
Scrolling through Instagram, you find yourself stopping to stare at the international yoga instructor who’s posing beautifully in front of a glowing beach sunset. She seemingly has it all; practicing yoga on the beach and surfing inbetween lessons. You begin to think to yourself, “I want to do that too…” But where do you start?

How I Managed to Get Hired to Work on a Cruise Ship
Five weeks, three Skype Interviews and a teaching demo after a friend sent her a Yahoo News article about Workers of the World Weekly regular Wandering Earl, Eartha gets ready to work in the Caribbean.

My First Week Working on a Cruise Ship
Eartha battles sea sickness and admires her epaulettes.

Interview #16: Natalie Fox – Yogi, Surfer, Permaculturalist
Natalie Fox is a roving surf and yoga instructor who has taught yoga in Sri Lanka and the Costa Rican jungle, travelled to Antarctica to save whales and set up a women’s surf/yoga club in the Channel Islands.

Earning Abroad: Working at Disney World in the United States
Lindsey Claire Riddell loved her job working in Florida in Disney’s EPCOT theme park. She walks us through a typical day and how she got the job.

How to Discover Your Niche as a Yoga Teacher
You have just completed your 200 hour yoga teacher training but, after applying for teaching jobs anywhere and everywhere, it quickly becomes apparent how competitive the teaching world has become. Just how do you stand out in this saturated market?

This is How I Finance Traveling the World 365 Days a Year
A job as a tour leader has allowed Claus to travel non stop for years; living most of the year in hotels and visiting more than 20 countries every year.

Working at a hostel in Venice, Italy
False family ties and a James Bond scene – plus free food, drinks and lodging in a 400 year old palace on the Grand Canal – encourages Matt to take up a job offer in Venice.

Cruise Ships’ Answer to Lonely Ladies: Gentlemen Hosts
Ann Brenoff investigates the role of Gentlemen Hosts, employed by cruise ships to make sure older single women don’t feel alone at sea on a Noah’s ark full of paired off couples.

Touring Europe on a Double Decker Bus: an Interview with Miranda Lee
Internships abroad can be a brilliant way to see the world, but chances are you won’t find one quite like the experience 24 year old Miranda Lee completed when she spent four months travelling around Europe on a double decker bus with Memrise, a language learning app.

How to Work on a Cruise Ship & Travel the World
How do you find cruise ship jobs? What qualifications do you need? Where to begin? Jen Avery admits she doesn’t know but one of her readers does.

How I Scored The Best Job In The World (and You Can Too)
Getting paid to travel the world, meeting people from all walks of life, and having time of your life in doing so – the role of a trip manager was pretty much Damien McMahon’s dream job. So when applications opened for a job with Contiki he knew he had to apply.

Life and Death on a Superyacht: ‘If Something Goes Wrong, They Can Just Raise the Anchor and Leave’
Crewing can seem a glamour filled job. But at least three young Brits have lost their lives, as Rupert Neate reports.

The Dos and Don’ts of Campsite Repping
To postpone confronting real life after finishing university, Olivia Lazenby signed up to work a summer season as a campsite representative in France.

Interview: Chef Alix Verrips
Alix Verrips is one of the mentor chefs in the Penum Yacht Chef Mentor Program. Talking to Ellie Barker, she talks about her career as a chef and offers tips on how to succeed in the profession.

Jobs Abroad: My Life as a Yoga Teacher in Goa, India
Yoga teacher Martha tells the story of how she ended up taking a morning “wake up” class on the beautiful beach in Agonda, South Goa.

Financial Case Study: Jane and Stephen, Yoga Instructor and Freelancer
My Five Acres tell us how they make a living as a yoga instructor while travelling around the world and supplementing their income with freelancing and blogging.

How To Get Paid To Travel The World As A Tour Guide: An Interview With Josh Henry
As Adventure Guide your job description ranges from guide, to friend, driver, cook, nurse, medic, all around know-everything-guy. Josh says it is a lot to juggle and you have to manage people and a list of a million things to do everyday.

How To Start a Hostel Overseas
If you have dreams of opening your own hostel, Hannah’s interview with Mitch will give you a valuable insight into running a hostel overseas.

Why Become a Surf Instructor?
There’s a little more to it than just going surfing every day, and it’s not for everyone, says Chris Bond, who nonetheless concedes working as a surf instructor has to be the best job in the world.

How to Sail Around The World For Free: Five Ways to Live The Dream
Imagine if your commute to work was as easy as stepping onto a sun drenched yacht. Sheena McKenzie presents her five tips for living the yachting lifestyle without the luxury price tag.

You Know When I Said I Wasn’t Tour Guiding This Year? Um…
Tired of the long hours, living out of a suitcase for months on end and shower curtains sticking to her, Caitlyn switches life on the road for working on Europe’s rivers.

Two Weeks as an African Overland (Trainee) Tour Guide
Reece McMillan finds himself in Uganda after a friend of his mum tips him off an overland tour company is desperately looking for tour guides.

I’ve Waitressed in the US and Australia, Here’s Why Oz is Way Better
Rebecca Bellen explains why, though she possibly made three times less in Australia, she still didn’t miss serving in the States.

Island Girl Working on Commission…
Canadian Captain Bob gives Kate from the States a job in Thailand. Alongside a Finn and two Brazilians she earns a commission selling booze cruises on Koh Phi Phi.

The Time I Worked for $9 a Day and it Was All I Needed…
Kate from the States gets 300 Baht, a meal and free drinks for standing outside a Koh Phi Phi bar and flyering the beach.

Interviewing Job Applicants – What Questions Do you Ask?
A thread on Hostel Management that asks hostel owners how they select potential staff.

Cruise Ship Work: The Secret to Not Going Overboard
Working on a cruise ship means long hours, late nights and its own kind of party culture. Ashley Ann Mentley guides us on how to stay on the deck and out of the infirmary.

Sun, Sea and Silver Service: What’s it Like Crewing on a Superyacht?
Working on a superyacht is the dream job for many young Britons. Their life below deck is surreal, funny and sometimes downright disturbing. Ed Cumming reports for The Guardian from Antibes, where most of the world’s 5000 superyachts will pass through at some point.

So You Want to Be a Tour Guide
Annie Fitzsimmons chats to chats with Carrie Fitchett, a tour director working with Educational Travel Adventures, about what to know if you’re thinking about pursuing her line of work.

Getting a Job in the Greek Isles: Working and Living in Ios, Greece
When working on Ios, whether as a door whore, floor whore, or bar man, you can expect an unforgettable summer of new friends, beautiful weather, skinny dipping, wet t-shirt competitions, shots, ridiculous pool parties, strawpedos, epic pub crawls, cliff jumping, Swedish midsummer madness, no stress, and just generally ‘getting loose’.

Working While Traveling: Bartending at a Hostel
The last thing Ryan wanted to think about when he started travelling was working, but his friend Dillon, who worked in Antigua, Guatemala, makes a persuasive argument that it’s an easy way to keep more money in your pocket and get to now a city better.

How About a Working Holiday in Hong Kong?
When Sarah had no customers on her boat she booked a ticket to Hong Kong, where she worked in a cocktail bar.

Superyacht Crew Jobs: Gain Skills and Prepare for a Bright Future
Julie Perry addresses the question on the lips of many a crews’ parents: “But what will you do after that?”

Interview #11: Traveling Yoga Teacher – Marina De Lima
Learn more about Marina’s experience leading retreats in places like Bali, and how she copes with being away from home for an extended period of time.

Could You Live Off a Dive Instructor’s Wage on Roatan?
Rika gets a lot of emails from people asking what dive instructors make on Roatan and how much it costs to live there. In one blogging swoop she answers them.

Dayworking and Beach Lounging in the South of France
Our favourite Euroslacker comes up with a vague plan to serve champagne to the rich and famous on superyachts in Monaco, Cannes, and Antibes, and retire after a month to afford his own yacht. This didn’t quite happen but he does get to spend 25 days on the beach.

An Interview with Super Yacht Chief Stewardess Angela Orecchio
A superyacht chief stewardess teaches us how to get our ‘yachtie glow’ on.

Traveling Yoga Teacher Interview #1: Adi @
Adi Zarsadias is the woman behind the viral post Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels that received over 4 million hits the day it was published on Originally from the Philippines she left her corporate job to travel and teach yoga around Latin America.

Travel Jobs Around the World: Yacht Stewardess
A yacht stewardess is basically a server, bartender and glorified cleaning lady aboard megayachts, but it allowed Ana Powell to travel the world and get paid as she went.

Working and Living in Darwin, Australia
Weather and money draws Nina Ragusa to the Northern Territories, where she scores a retail job in a surf shop and a bartending gig.

Pub Crawl Jobs in Europe
Working on a pub crawl in Europe is a wild ride of drinking, dancing and meeting people and getting paid to do it, says Matt, who also advices us to mentally prepare ourselves for the hangovers and lots and lots of sex fun.

How to Work as a Dive Guide and Travel the World
Working as dive professionals in Tanzania, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia has enabled Prue and Becks to stay afloat whilst remaining physically submerged, a dream of theirs since their teens. Anna Phipps asks them what it is like to be a dive guide.

Working in a Rural Queensland Pub
Anna Phipps makes pies and serves pots, schooners and stubbies to cane farmers.

10 Lessons You’ll Only Learn When Working in a Hostel
Working in a hostel has its own rules and lessons to learn, which you can figure out for yourself or get a sneak preview by reading this list.

Another Roadside Attraction at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show
The Sydney Royal Easter Show brings Australia’s country smack dab to the heart of its largest city. For two weeks of every year since 1823, cows, trucks, crafts, rides, food, and people have converged on the showgrounds at Sydney’s Olympic Park for a finger-lickin’ good time. Lauren was one of them, except she wasn’t there for a good time. She was there to work and reprise her role as a carny.

Hannah Griffiths is an Inspiration For All “Rookie” Stewardesses
Kylie O’Brien interviews a 23 year old who has been working on a superyacht for three months.

Finding Work in the Netherlands 2; Bars and Hostels
Finding work in the Netherlands can be tough if you don’t speak Dutch, says Henry Stokes, but bars and hostels are some of the few places that don’t always require staff to speak the language.

How To Become a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor in Roatan
Antonio Cala likes diving, living next to the ocean, and being in the water, so getting paid to do that sounds too good to be true. First up though, he needed to take a diving instructor course.

Become a Thai Yoga Masseuse and Earn Money For Travel!
After quitting her job as a nurse in the US, Rachel’s new career allows her to keep travelling.

The Social Systems On Board a Superyacht
A superyacht is a unique environment where a young international mix of nationalities live, work and play together for months on end, usually in the service of one of the wealthiest people in the world.

Earning Abroad: Canyon Guiding in India
Alex interviews Lee Vine, who led treks in Goa’s Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary.

A Day in the Life: Working Holiday in Australia
Taylor St John spends her day in a breakfast and lunch café in Port Douglas scrambling to take and drop off orders of Eggs Benny or pulled-pork tacos, piccolo lattes and half strength soy cappuccinos, before heading off to her second job in a yacht club.

Yacht Crew Hiring Ports Part 1: Where to Move to Get Hired
Julie Perry spent three years as a mega-yacht stewardess, visiting over 40 ports in 18 countries. Here she shares her advice on moving to a hiring port.


Yacht Crew Hiring Ports Part 2: When to Go to Get Hired
In Part one of this series Julie Perry where yacht crew must move to find work on a superyacht. This week she covers the times of the year large numbers of yachts converge upon the same geographic cruising areas.

Working on Cruise Ships vs. Superyachts – A Vast Sea of Difference
Yachtie Julie Perry looks down a little on cruise ships and attempts to explain the difference between working on a floating palace and a floating resort.

How to Become a Yacht Stewardess: The A-to-Z Quick Start Guide
Julie Perry throws at us what she considers to be the main action steps to get from where we sit now to our first stewardess position.

Becoming a Divemaster – The Ultimate Underwater Job
Unable to no longer settle for a 9 to 5 job after backpacking through Latin America, Sarah Richard decides to become a Divemaster on a liveaboard.

Ever Wanted To Surf For A Living? This Couple Have Nailed Their Dream Lifestyle In The Maldives
Becky and Kevin spend their days working on a beach, surfing and practicing yoga. They have worked hard to build a life around their passions.

That Too Good to be True Job? Did the Chance Pay Off?
Floating on the equator, surrounded by clear skies and even clearer waters, Sarah Richard reflects on her job as an underwater photographer on the world’s largest scuba diving liveaboard.

Working in Ibiza – Tips, Tricks & Getting Work & Accommodation
Working a season abroad for many is a right of passage with thousands descending upon the White Isle each April and May with a plan to live the dream and work in Ibiza for the summer.

Cabin Crew Assessment Day: Experiences, Tips and Recommendations
Buried beneath the excessive pop-ups on this site is an interview with newly appointed British Airways Cabin Crew member, Reena Patela.

Why I’m Not Tour Guiding This Year
Living out of a backpack for seven months solid and moving hostels almost every single day are the reasons it’s been months since Caitlyn O’Dowd last picked up a microphone.

Malaysia Airlines: Going Behind the Scenes of Crew Training
It takes a lot more than learning how to push a drinks trolley and donning a uniform to become known as one of the world’s best cabin crews, says Nicole Smith, who was given a glimpse into the life of a cabin crew trainee when she visited the Malaysia Airlines School of Excellence.

What I’ve Learned From Slinging Pisco Sours
Ayngelina reveals the good, the bad and the ugly of working in a hostel bar.

The Making of a Lifelong Working Holiday
Lauren Fitzpatrick takes us back to 2003 when she landed in Dublin with an enormous suitcase (even without packing her rollerblades) and a copy of the Lonely Planet Ireland, completely unprepared for her Working Holiday Visa experience in the Motherland.

Let the Training Begin…
19 countries, over 12,000km, 68 days; welcome to Contiki training.

Work on a Cruise Ship and See the World
Rachael Taft, who has worked, studied, volunteered and travelled in 29 countries, describes some of the roles to be had at sea.

Preparing for Guests Aboard a Megayacht Can Be Stressful for the Crew (but fun, too!)
There is a lot of pressure on the crew before a yacht owner or group of yacht-charter guests comes aboard for a trip. But as a yacht stewardess, Julie found the team-wide commotion to be exhilarating.

How to Find a Job Working in the Greek Islands
Turner Barr recommends a strong liver and a tolerance for Australians named Chad as the basic requirements for finding summer work in the Greek tourist industry.

An Overland Vehicle
Natalie and Dave consider what will make a good vehicle for their overland company.

Staff of Hostels all Around the World, What is the Weirdest Shit You’ve Ever Seen Happening Amongst Backpackers?
From crapping out drugs smuggled out of Singapore to punching a suicidal guy in the face, hostel workers tell all in this frequently hilarious Reddit discussion.

Working for Peppermint Bars at Festivals
Vicky Philpott gets into festivals without paying.

Three Weeks In India…A Recap Of My First Tour
Wandering Earl presents his thoughts after leading his first tour.

An Animator in Italy…
Arriving skint in Italy after an invitation to stay with a friend she met in Honduras leads Angela into dancing in front of a room full of children.

Working on a Cruise Ship. Number 1
With her experience as an animator in the bag, Angela landed a job working on a cruise ship around the Caribbean.

ATC Abandones the Cube and Opens a Bar
Cube abandoners Lauren and Mike take over a cube sized bar in Beijing.

One Month In: The ATC Bar
A month in to taking over a tiny Beijing bar, Lauren and Mike show us some pictures.

Finding a Job in Greece: the Pink Palace
From the Sperm-cuzzi to the naughty Norwegian cougars looking for fresh meat, Turner observes the staff working at a Corfu institution, the Pink Palace.

Animation – An Adventure Job Abroad
The honest and sometimes brutal facts for everything you need to know about the life of an animator, including answering the question: just what is an animator anyway?

Bartending Down Under: What I’ve Learned
Caroline Eubanks takes on the Aussies at their own game.

The Travel Life of a Flight Attendant Based Overseas
Nomadic Samuel quizzes his Thai friend on her job.

Beware of Strokers
Turner describes the people who flip the script on a timeshare salesman’s ass.

How I Can Afford My Life Of Constant Travel
Earl explains how cruise ships, English teaching and online ventures have helped him to be able to keeping wandering for the past 12 years.

You Only Live Once – The Time-We Worked on a Swingers Cruise
Mica and Mike earn themselves a free cruise and some cash in exchange for looking after the ship’s ‘playroom’.

Jill of all Trades
Lauren works her way in Australia as a Carny, bungee trampoline operator and hostel cleaner.

New Beginnings
Stalking the blog of an expat Aussie landed this Loca Girl a job in Cusco.

Why I’ve Become a Tour Guide
The Gringo Starr’s long journey from keeping an eye on 14 year old sex pests in London to leading walking tours around Buenos Aires.

How to Sail Around the World on a Luxury Yacht
Liv’s advice for working your way around the world’s seas.

How to Become a Yachtie!
Superyacht stewardess Katie Wilter encourages us to join the yachting industry.

Who Says Work Can’t be Fun?
Annie, the Wayward Traveller, lands two jobs on the same day. One as a tour leader, the other a gig as a contributing writer for a website.

Pushing the Boat Out: Our Guide to Becoming a Yacht Chef
What qualities does it take to work in a small, confined space hundreds of miles away from home for months at a time? Sam Boland answers the questions.

Yacht Stews Must Be Prepared for Anything Demanding Guests Request (or Might Request)
Julie and her fellow stewards went overboard to make sure the billionaire guests on a megayacht chartered for the Monaco Grand Prix had all their requests met – even when the stews were caught off guard.

Confessions of a Hotel Insider
Jacob Tomsky shares some secrets from his ten years working in hotels.

Cabin Crew at 18- Too Young?
An 18 year old cabin crew member answers questions.

How I Started A Small Tour Company
Despite not knowing a thing about running a tour when he began, Wandering Earl goes ahead and does it anyway.

Flying on the A380!
An interview with Jay from International Fly Guy who is Cabin Crew for a leading airline and works frequently on the Airbus A380.

Reader Story: How Arielle Found a Job Working on a Yacht
Arielle explains to Nomadic Matt how she found a job working on a yacht in order to realize her dream of seeing the world.

Semper Gumby
The Coast Guard Couple end their east coast Australia adventure with a spot of hostel work before picking flying to New Zealand to deliver a yacht back across the Tasman Sea.

Outback Pub Life
Tiffany and Greg learn to play cricket and discover more deadly critters in Australia.

Virgin Atlantic Staff Travel: Perks of the Job!
Nicole Mongy makes us jealous writing about the advantages of working for Virgin.




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