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Articles on Working in Tourism, Hospitality and Catering

Caitlyn O’Dowd, Tour Guide
When we spoke to Caitlyn O’Dowd she had been dividing her life between working as a tour guide and living off season in the Netherlands. She tells us any day during the season can see her guiding in one or more of 45 cities in 11 countries in Europe.

Katie Wilter, Superyacht Stewardess
Rhodes graduate Katie Wilter is a graphic designer and social media enthusiast with itchy feet. Now a super yacht stewardess she is seeing the world from a porthole and blogging about it. When we spoke to Katie she was heading along the east coast of the USA from Nova Scotia back down to Florida.


Working as a Holiday Rep
Natalie Peck
gave up a well paid job and applied to an advertisement in the Jobs Abroad Bulletin. Two weeks later she started a job with Olympic Holidays in Faliraki, the liveliest resort on the island of Rhodes.

To be or Not to be.. a Children’s Rep
Lucy Corne
spent four months working as a children’s rep in Gran Canaria. Here, she describes the highs and lows of the role.

A Life as a Rep
When people say “all you do is lie around in the sun” it makes Nicki Craven‘s blood boil because working as a rep is hard work. And though you have the best times and the worst times the bad is definitely outweighed by the good.

Door and Floor Whores: Working as a PR in Greece
If you come from a country that holidays in Greece in decent numbers there will be resorts where the menus are in your language and the bar hoppers and club goers will prefer their own country people enticing them in.

Jobs On The Sea In Greece
Greece’s big selling point is the sea and numerous positions are available in, on, under, and beside it. Alternatively, investing in yourself through an instructor course will improve career prospects and is a popular gap year choice in itself.

Cruising the World
In the last eight months Emma Jones has been to places most people only dream of and saved over £7000 in the process. All by working onboard a cruise ship.

Gentleman Dance Hosts Wanted for Cruise Ship Jobs
Working a passage by sea is now largely confined to crewing on privately owned yachts. The days of going down to the docks and offering to make yourself useful during a voyage are now mostly long gone but nimble on their toes gentlemen aged 40 plus can earn near free travel at sea by dancing and socialising with single women on board cruise ships.

Diving into Management Down Under
Dom Nemer
had never worked in a hostel, knew nothing about diving, and had never managed anything in his life until he started working on North Stradbroke Island just off the coast of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

13 Tips from Redditors on Finding a Job and Working in a Hostel
We tracked down a few answers from helpful redditors below, both on getting and doing the job, paid and unpaid hostel work. All we’ve done is reproduce a varied selection of advice, both good and bad, correct a few typos, and given credit where it is due.

Travelling & Work Opportunities in Backpacker Hostels
Even the most intrepid of travellers have found themselves running out of money abroad. If you’ve gone to work in Australia hoping for a farm picking job but with no luck, you could try working in a backpackers for an extra dollar or ten, or even a bed for the night.

* We’ve collected and listed the first hand experiences of lots of working travellers in our Blogger’s Guides to Working in Tourism, Catering & Hospitality. We also collate relevant articles on this Pinterest page.

More Tourism, Catering and Hospitality Posts

Jobs in Tourism
Finding a job in the world’s largest industry isn’t too difficult if you are resourceful and determined. We present a short overview of the sort of work available in the world’s largest industry.

Jobs in Catering
If you can feed others you can feed yourself. We take a look at how cooking and catering skills can bring rewards to worker travellers.

Ibiza Spotlight receives many emails asking for advice about working on this Spanish island. This guide to Jobs in Ibiza gives information on how to find a job and when is the best time to look for work.

10 Summer Jobs in Benidorm
Relocating to Benidorm? Or maybe you’re just looking to make a little extra money during your summer holiday? Whatever your reasons, the temperature is climbing and so is the competition. Grab some of these summer jobs in Benidorm before they’re all gone.

The Ins and Outs of Finding Work on Tenerife and Lanzarote
The Canary Islands are a winter free Nirvana boasting an almost perfect climate which attracts nearly 10 million visitors each year and where there are tourists in such high numbers, there are usually plenty of work opportunities.

Working on Private Yachts
After a ski season in the Alps, Chris Adler landed a job in the Caribbean catering aboard Jacques Villeneuve’s private yacht.

An Intrepid Tour Leader
Follow Marlo Perry‘s travels around Southeast Asia, leading her tour groups from one new year to the next for Intrepid Travel.

Dress Up as a Giant Rodent
With thousands of seasonal and permanent contracts available each year, Disneyland Paris is a major employer of worker/travellers, though scruff bags needn’t bother applying.

Adventure Tour Leaders
In this job you can get paid to watch sunsets over the Serengeti and the paying customers do all the washing up.

Hostel Jobs in Amsterdam
One way to stay longer in Amsterdam is to find work at one of the city’s hostels where both paid and unpaid jobs can be found.

Landing a Holiday Rep Job
A career as a holiday rep is one of the most desirable roles in the travel industry. If you want to see the world, and get paid for it, there are few jobs where you can do so in such an outgoing, social environment.

Work as a Diving Instructor in Sharm el Sheikh
Are you a certified diver with the travel bug, interested in enjoying the Egyptian sun? Start-up costs can be high to teach in this area, so working as an instructor is recommended for those who are interested in longer term opportunities rather than a quick few bucks.

Entertainment Jobs in Greece, Cyprus, Greece & Spain
Those with experience or the self confidence to learn will have an opportunity to coach sports, communicate in foreign languages, and act, dance or sing their way around the Mediterranean.

Working in an American Theme Park
Theme parks are big business in the States; many employ thousands of seasonal staff each year. We look at Six Flags, Cedar Point, Disneyland and Dollywood.

Use Catering Agencies to Secure Placements Abroad
Having armed yourself with the very best in cookery courses you now want to show the world your skills and make a living. The agencies listed here may be able to help with the next step.

Reader’s Letter: Working in Australia & Cambodia
Trevor Park shares a few first hand tips for getting a job in Australia and Cambodia.

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