Working as a Holiday Rep

A Life as a Rep

by Nicki Craven

When people say to me why are you tired all you do is lie around in the sun it makes my blood boil cause a life as a rep is much more than sunbathing.

I’ve been working as a rep now for six years and I have to say it has been the best time of my life and can’t imagine doing anything else, you have the best times and the worst times but the bad is definitely outweighed by the good.

I started off being a childrens rep; having up to 50 children in your club at a time is utter chaos, running around playing football or building towers out of cereal boxes getting covered in face paint!

At the end of their holiday when you are waving goodbye it makes it all worth while when they refuse to let go. And then the letters and pictures come from them saying how much they miss you it makes you feel so good that you made their holiday.

Then i moved over to the customer service side I thought 50 kids were bad but try dealing with 200 adults when its raining! The perks with this side is the commission – on days out there is a potential to make a lots of money.

But there is a down side with abuse you can get – the amount of times i have been called a fat slag is unreal but at the end of the day you do have the authority to kick them out of your hotel! It’s not personal it’s just your uniform that it is aimed at.

The highlight of my job is the people you live and work with. They become your best friends and your family; they support you through the bad times and dance with you through the good. We’re all in the same position so they understand and the nights out are the best, everyone dancing and drinking and having a good time before a day off that you spend dealing with a hangover or going to the local theme park.

Try this job I guarantee you will love it – there’s nothing like it.


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