Other Ways to Work Around the World

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Other Ways to Work Abroad

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Articles on Other Ways to Work Abroad

The Italian Job
We award Paddy Gourlay four stars for this piece about his time as an English speaking salesman near Milan.

House Sitting 101 – 3 Tips to Get Started in House Sitting
House sitting is a rapidly growing trend. The concept is simple: people going on holidays need someone to look after their home and often their pets as well. In return for you taking on those tasks, they’re willing to let you stay in their home and look after it while they’re away.

House Sitting 101 Part 2 – Become a House Sitter
Rachel Martin runs Trusted Housesitters alongside her partner Andy. Running a house sitting website gives her a bird’s eye view of the world of house sitting as well as insights into what works and what doesn’t when applying for a housesit. Here’s a few of her top tips.


Working Abroad as a Linguist
Are you fluent in another language besides English? Or would you be willing to become fluent in one? Then, according to Carla C. Avenia Koency you have almost all you need to start carving out a career as a location independent freelance translator.

Rebecca Davison spent Eighteen Months in the Big Apple working for YAI, the Young Adults Institute, a not-for profit organisation providing services for people with learning disabilities.

Work Down Under
What would seem like routine work at home is a totally new experience when you’re in another culture. Joanna Brough got her hands on a working holiday visa and managed to earn a fair bit of money from office work in New Zealand.

* We’ve collected and listed the first hand experiences of lots more working travellers in our Blogger’s Guides to Other Ways to Work Abroad. We also collate relevant articles on this Pinterest page.

More Posts on Other Ways to Work Abroad

Working Abroad as a Driving Instructor
Being a driving instructor is one of the few careers with very easily transferable skills. In fact, driving instructors from the UK are in a great position to work abroad as the testing and examinations required to work here are much more stringent and robust than in many other countries.

DJing in Dubai
“Local clubs are screaming out for UK DJ’s,” says Ian Wood who spent three years working as a DJ in the United Arab Emirates.

Living Rent Free as a Property Caretaker
There are virtually no age limits when it comes to caretaking. Owners are actively seeking ‘mature’ or ‘retired’ singles and couples to look after their properties.

For cheap ways of crossing the globe’s watery bits we present our guide to Hitch-hiking the Seas

Care Work in the UK
Demanding but well paid and flexible live in jobs are available in the UK to care workers from EU and commonwealth countries.

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More posts on working abroad can be found in The Working Traveller Blog

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