Speak English Summer Camps in Italy – A Unique Volunteering Opportunity

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Are you a native English speaker aged between 15-17 years? Would you like to participate in a fun summer experience in Italy as an Anglo Guide, helping younger Learners aged 10-14 develop confidence in English through our exciting and innovative English Immersion Programme?


Our residential Speak English Adventure Camp is located in the beautiful Val di Non in Trentino, Italy. As an Anglo Guide, you will join other mother-tongue English teens from Canada, UK, US, Australia & NZ, mentoring younger English Learners for 10 days this summer through a varied programme of 1-to-1 conversations and group activities and loads of outdoor activity and adventure.

You will need to have empathy and patience, be caring and confident as well as a desire to help our young English Learners. You will be able to develop your leadership skills, learn about other cultures, enjoy delicious Italian cuisine as well as participating in an amazing action-packed and adventure-filled summer camp.


• Participate in an exciting summer camp adventure programme, including rafting, forest trekking, outdoor cinema, creative projects & sports
• Meet teens from Italy and all around the world
• Develop leadership skills and mentoring experience
• Enjoy delicious Italian food
• Enjoy a stay in the beautiful Trentino region of Italy

More Info:

To find out more please visit www.speakinitaly.com/anglos/teens and to apply please visit https://www.speakinitaly.com/anglos/teens/apply-now

Expires: May 1, 2020

Speak Italy Anglo Teens


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