JobSpy: Bison Ranger

UK NETHERLANDS / @ Wildwood Trust

The Wilder Blean Project is an exciting new project which looks to manage large parts of the West Blean and Thornden Woods at a landscape scale using principles of wilding management. These two roles will form integral parts of the wider project team, with the specific purpose of looking after and managing a small herd of bison within approximately 200ha of Blean Woods. The bison must be kept in as wild a state as possible in order for them to display their natural behaviour and have the greatest positive impact on the site therefore careful and sympathetic management will be essential to the fulfilment of this role.

Training will be provided, which will involve spending several months with ARK Naturr Ontwikkeling at several of their sites in the Netherlands. This will provide the necessary specific skills and understanding to manage free ranging bison in the Wilder Blean Project which are currently unavailable in the UK.

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