Enjoy a stay in Lombardy, Lazio, Puglia or Tuscany – all you need to do is speak English!

ITALY / Speak

Join us for a free stay at one of our fantastic locations in Italy and experience Italian culture, delicious cuisine and conversations with Italian learners!

Speak brings together native English speakers, our Anglos, from all around the world to immerse Italian learners of English in a dynamic environment of authentic, natural English conversation.

Speak locations each boast their own rich history and personality and offer the perfect environment for our residential language immersion programmes. Offering first-rate facilities for the exclusive use of Speak, they are located in some of Italy’s most fascinating regions including Lombardy, Lazio, Puglia and Tuscany. Our 4 star venues include a woodland country hotel, a historic abbey and a Mediterranean estate.

The stay will be filled with English conversation and days that are stimulating and fun, with no preparation – just enjoy and soak up the experience, while enjoying delicious Italian cuisine and the rare opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds.

The Anglo role includes listening to and engaging in real-life discussions, sharing stories, talking about hobbies and interests, and being prepared to speak and listen to our Learners as they practise their English. At Speak we aim for diversity among our Anglos – including age, nationality and experience. This ensures that our Italian speakers can enjoy talking with and learning from people from a wide range of backgrounds and that we have the opportunity for a fantastic social and cultural experience.

If you are sociable, love conversing and meeting new people and can help learners to feel at ease, then you are the right person to be part of the Anglo community at Speak!

For more information and to apply please visit our website: www.speakinitaly.com/anglos or please email us on anglos@speakinitaly.com

Expires: June 30, 2020

Speak Italy


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