Daily Photo (Feature): Out of the Siq – Photos of Petra

Daily Photo (Feature): Out of the Siq – Photos of Petra

After saving my dad from the Nazis… No, hang on, that was the other guy. The one with the hat. I had the hat but as already reported lost it after drinking too much in Turkey.

The hat is relevant as it is difficult not to hum a jaunty John Williams tune and imagine yourself carrying a whip when making your way to Petra via the Siq, the narrow fissure wrenched apart by tectonic force and the entrance to the Petra archaeological site. The tune continues until first catching sight of the Treasury when, along with your breath, it is taken away and the serious business of alternatively standing in contemplative silence and snapping hundreds of photos begins.

Though the Treasury is the iconic symbol of Petra there is so much more to the site, including the equally impressive Monastery, temples, an amphitheatre, numerous tombs and a Crusader fort. Most of these buildings and monuments are carved out of the rock and change colour from sandstone orange to pink as the day ages, earning the lost city the title of Rose Red City.

Further Information

One day costs JD50, two days JD55 and three days JD60. A fourth day can be had for free. Children under 15 enter for free. For day visitors from Egypt or Israel the entrance fee is JD90. Petra by night, a candle lit walk through the Siq to the Treasury, is JD12. During our visit to Petra we stayed in Cleopetra Hotel.

Camel in front of the Treasury

Scenes from Petra

Tourists on Camels at Petra

Camels carry tourists in Petra

A tourist browses souvenirs at Petra

The main route through Petra

Caves in Jordan

Petra ruins

A donkey at Petra

Elaborate cave fascade

A woman stands on a rock


Petra landscape

A selection of entrances to caves at Petra

Bedouin woman looks over the Petra landscape

A boy rides his donkey out of a cave garage

Petra Monastery close up

Petra Monastery


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