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Blog posts on working abroad

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While most travel blogs focus purely on travel quite a few bloggers pick up work – paid or otherwise – as they go. Others take with them transferable skills such as web development or writing and attempt to carve out permanent travelling lifestyles.

Below we briefly profile over a hundred travellers and expats whose travel blogs inspire and inform us with a first hand insight into their working abroad experiences. Travel bloggers are generally a friendly and helpful lot. Many are happy if they can to answer a few questions on what they have learned, either by email, social media or in the comments section of the relevant articles.

Abandon the Cube

Lauren and Mike learned that cubicles are the same wherever they are located when they took office jobs in Shanghai.  They have also worked as teachers in Beijing and ran a tiny bar in the city.

ATC Abandones the Cube and Opens a Bar
One Month In: The ATC Bar

Absolutely Lucy

Lucy Ruthnum ended her relationship and quit her job to travel. She worked her way across Australia where jobs included working in a theatre box office, sales, and an awful time as an au pair.

What it’s Really Like to Work as an Au Pair in Australia?
My Ultimate Guide To Finding A Job When Travelling Australia
A Week In The Life Of An Elephant Nature Park Volunteer
Why Teaching English Abroad Is Such A Rewarding Experience

A Couple Travellers

There is a wide streak of enterprise running through the travel blog of Vicky and Dave who juggled numerous other websites, niches, and projects as they travelled the world. Born in Moscow, Vicky had already lived in three countries by the age of nine, while Dave studied in Russia. From May 2012 until January 2014 they published their monthly income reports – which peaked at $20,000 – from their blogging activities.

January 2014 – The Last Income Report
Volunteering at Mindful Farms in Thailand

A Dangerous Business

In 2011 Amanda Williams quit her newspaper job to travel the world indefinitely but soon came to the realisation this wasn’t for her, deciding instead to break her travels into shorter trips. She has since volunteered in Thailand and built her blog into a successful business.

Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park: What’s It Like?
How I Make Money as a Travel Blogger
Turning a Blog into a Business: 7 Things I Did Right


Adventures Around Asia

Serial China expat Richelle studied in both Beijing and Xi’an before returning to the country to teach English before landing a job helping Chinese high school students apply to American universities. Having made her own mistakes as a beginner teacher, she runs a course to help teachers settle into their first year in China. Her partner Chris runs his own blog, Aussie on the Road (see below).

Want to Work as a College Counselor in China?
How to Travel the World (Without Saving a Ton of Money)
Classroom Culture Shock: So I’m Fat AND Sexy?
Ambassador Year in China: A Review
China Culture Shock #4: We Don’t Hire Boys
How to Teach English to Little Kids
Glorified English Babysitting
Crazy Cat Lady in Training: Pet Sitting on the Road

Adventurous Kate

Kate McCulley has twice been successful online, initially writing about grammar. With a solid foundation in writing and then social media, she was able to develop her travel blog early into a full time income.

How I Became a Successful Travel Blogger – My Smartest Decisions
13 Takeaways From a First-Time Tour Guide
My Life as a German Movie Star
On Influence, and Using It Wisely

Alex in Wanderland

Beginning in 2009 to document a two month trip to Southeast Asia, over a decade later Alex Baackes is still adding to her blog. Her Earning Abroad section introduces us to friends she has met on the road who have found viable work away from their home countries, while Alex herself has kept going by working as a bartender and a babysitter, handed out flyers for three dollars an hour and even returning cans for five cent deposits. More lucrative, we hope, were working remotely with graphic design clients and freelance writing. In 2018 she held the first of her Wander Women Retreats on Koh Tao.

Travel Blogging as a Business with Alex In Wanderland
An Interview with Alexandra Baackes

Alison Karlene Adventures

Alison Karlene’s true love is writing but, despite breaking her back while working as a bartender in the French Alps, she also counts festival work in the UK and working for her keep on farms in France and Australia among her jobs abroad.

Why I Nearly Left South Korea as Soon as I Arrived
CityTravelReview Review – Week One
Working at One of the World’s Biggest Music Festivals
WWOOFing: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Dirty

A Little Adrift

Shannon O’Donnell evolved her site from travelogue into a resource to motivate and encourage other travellers through stories, advice, and photography. She has funded her travels through freelance writing and consulting. She also edits a sister site, Grassroots Volunteering, and The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook.

A Little Thought…On Why I Left to Travel, How I Pay for It, and How to Work as an Expat
How to Work Remotely & Travel as a Digital Nomad

Anna Everywhere

Right before graduating from college, Anna Kasten realised that she could also use her education and internship opportunities to travel. She worked for an English language wine magazine in Mendoza, Argentina, studied and worked in the Netherlands, and has taught English in Mexico. She now works online part time, while her partner runs the Expert Vagabond blog.

Volunteering on a Lion Project in Antelope Park in Zimbabwe
How I Could Afford to Travel Before the Blog
Practical Tips for Moving to Amsterdam, Netherlands
How to Start an Etsy Shop in 2020 – From Experienced Seller

Anny’s Adventures Blog

Though Anny Wooldridge only blogged for a short time she wrote a fair number of posts on working abroad, mostly on her older hosted WordPress site. In her second year of university she worked the summer as a water ski instructor at Raquette Lake Camp, USA, returning to upstate New York after graduating. Since then she has completed three summer seasons in Greece, a winter season in France, returned to the States to work for a ski school, taught English in Colombia, and pursued her passion for writing as a freelance travel writer and editor.

Guide to Landing Your Dream Seasonnaire Job
Guide to Landing Your Dream Summer Camp Job Role
Summer Camp Packing Guide

Around the World “L”

Lille Marshall took a break from teaching high school English in the Boston Public to travel the world, including a three month stint volunteer teaching in Ghana. Lille also founded Teaching Traveling, a website focusing solely on teaching English abroad, that includes many interviews with travelling teachers.

A School You’d Likely Never See
Why International Volunteering is a Glorious Way to Travel

Around the World in 80 Jobs

Turner Barr become famous in the travel blogging community when Adecco ripped off his blog persona, but before that he had been steadily racking up the jobs abroad.

How to Find a Job Working in the Greek Islands
Finding a Job in Greece: the Pink Palace
Beware of Strokers
Get Paid to Teach English at a Palace in Bangkok Thailand
Volunteering Jobs with Rescue Dogs in Thailand
How I Got Fired from the Job I Invented

Around the World With Her

Reluctant to return to the UK permanently after travelling Asia, Demi Johnson gained her divemaster qualification in Costa Rica and has since worked as a dive instructor in Malta and Colombia.

Finding Your First Job as a Dive Instructor
The Diving Industry – Too Much Too Fast?

Art of Adventuring

Michael Tieso left the cubicle life in May 2009 to travel the world, writing, photographing and filming his adventures, including a documentary on travel and technology called Everywhere Connection. During his travels, Michael has volunteered in Buenos Aires and taught English in China. Along with his own experiences AoA contains a good number of guest posted working and volunteering abroad articles.

How Volunteering in Buenos Aires Accidentally Took Me Back to my Roots
Teaching English at Siyuan University in Xi’an, China Review and Guide
Behind The Scene What’s Really Being Taught in China’s ESL Classes
Teaching English in China. Interview with Michael Tieso
I’m Kind of a Big Deal (in China)
Cost Summary: First Month as an ESL Teacher in China
What You Need To DJ Around The World

Ashley Abroad

Three weeks after graduating from college in Chicago Ashley Fleckenstein moved to Paris to work as an au pair. She speaks French and Spanish from studying abroad in both Spain and Argentina.

How to Become an Au Pair
How to Pick the Right Au Pair Host Family For You
A Day in the Life of an American Au Pair in France

The Atlas Heart

Mimi’s life changed in an instant when she learned from a British friend that Americans can apply for a working holiday visa in Australia. Picking up that ball and running with it, she later applied for one in New Zealand too.

That Festival Feeling: Part I
That Festival Feeling: Part II
That Festival Feeling: Part III
A Guide to Getting a Work Visa in Australia for Americans
A Guide to Getting a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa as an American

A Totally Impractical Guide to Shanghai

Occasionally, and quite by accident it seems, MaryAnne Oxendale wrote something practical about teaching English abroad. Her experience on the subject came from living and working in the UK, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam and China, and includes exam marking and working as a language expert for the British Council. She has also written expat relocation guides to several Chinese cities. In 2019, after decades away, she, husband and child landed with a thud back into the same rural house in Canada she walked away from at 17.

A Totally Practical Way to See the World
14 Notes on teaching English in a Chinese university, in the middle of a quiet burnout and impending unemployment
Notes on my Surposed Unemployment: The September Edition
Expat interview #10: MaryAnne Oxendale in Shanghai
Interview with Mary Oxendale, English Teacher in China
You Look Very Terrible, Miss Mary: Unsolicited Advice for the Laowai
Notes on Working in China (the Bossing-Teachers-Around Edition)
Saying Goodbye AGAIN: The Annoying Heartbreak of Being a Teacher That Nobody Warns You About

Aussie on the Road

It took a push from family and friends for him to go teach English in Korea, but when he did Chris Walker-Bush didn’t look back. He has since taught in China and become a safari expert. His partner Richelle runs her own blog, Adventures Around Asia (see above).

Lianyungang: The Only Paleface in the Village
Saving the World! My Experience Volunteering in China
Writing a Chinese Sitcom

A Wandering Sole

While she has volunteered in Thailand it is her time in Africa that has had the most profound effect on her life. Before returning to the States Laura lived in Rwanda and Kenya to begin a social enterprise working with artisans in those countries. With two fellow volunteers she has also since started an NGO to continue to help some of the children they encountered in an orphanage in Kenya.

So, You’re Going to Save the World?
Amsha Website Launch & Life Plans (For Now)
Sole Purpose: Baan Dada Children’s Home (Thailand)
The Waiting Game in Kenya
Second Time Around: The Verdict Is In



Chris Stevens quit a job with STA Travel for a life on the road, since then he has worked as a surf instructor in Ecuador and Morocco, and appeared in a nudist movie. Chris also runs RTW Backpackers, an online travel agency specialising in travel around Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and South East Asia.

Why I Recommend a Gap Year Over Uni
Sun, Sea, Surf and Sex – My Dream Job!
Byron Bus Touting – The Ultimate Backpacker Job?
A Brief History of my Personal Travels
Work For Accommodation – Save Heaps Of Money Whilst You Travel!

Backpacks & Bunkbeds

Neil Barnes spent a few years after university travelling and backpacking, doing a fair a bit of volunteering, including stints in India, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Volunteering – Is it Worth the Money?
Volunteer Accommodation – What to Expect

Backpacking Matt

After graduating in Political Science, Matt Kyhnn took a working holiday in the UK. Matt’s blog helped him gain sponsorship to live and work in New Zealand where he worked as a business development manager for a web start up promoting mountain biking in the country. Matt spent many more years than intended in New Zealand, founding Planit NZ – New Zealand’s largest travel planning and booking website – before moving to rural Ireland in 2018.

Wwoofing in New Zealand: Tips and Experiences
Update, Looking Back, and Living and Working in New Zealand

Bacon is Magic

Ayngelina  Brogan left an amazing job, boyfriend, apartment and friends in Toronto to find inspiration in Latin America. Currently based in Nova Scotia, she manages a small team of contributors to produce her top ranking independent culinary travel blog.

Want to Learn Organic Farming?
What I’ve Learned From Slinging Pisco Sours

Barcelona Blonde

Translating for a celeb gossip website for teen girls is just one of the jobs that enabled Jessica Bowler to live in Barcelona. Her other roles have included freelance writing for travel magazines and teaching the occasional English class for a bit of extra travel cash.

I’m a Real English teacher! (And How to Become One)
Why I Didn’t Do the Auxiliares Program
Jessica Bowler: Why I Live in… Barcelona

Beers and Beans

Beth is a wedding photographer whose Peace Corps ambitions went unfulfilled on meeting her journalist husband, Randy Salvon. Instead, they are cheerleaders for WWOOFing, having worked on farms in Serbia, Italy and Turkey. They list a large number of volunteer resources on their blog. Photography also plays a big role in their online work, with the couple offering a selection of photography services, along with copywriting.

WWOOFing in Italy
Portraits of WWOOFers in Tuscany, Italy. Part 1
3 Things I Learned from WWOOFing in Serbia
The Essential WWOOFing Pack List

Belle de Neige

The sweary tales of sex and squalor from the Alpine underbelly are served up to the world by a former chalet girl. There’s an ebook too.

We Ski
Chalet Bitch
Newbie Seasonnaires: Stuff You Might Not Know You’ll Need

Bitten by the Travel Bug

Describing herself as a disgruntled journalism student keen to travel the world, Nicole Blaess-Smith is a passionate linguist from Adelaide where she studied for her Journalism and International Studies degrees. She had dreamed of working at an American summer camp since she was 12. The link below is a category heading where several articles concerning Nicole’s summer camp experiences can be found.

Summer Camp

The Blond Travels

Hailing originally from Poland via the UK, Joanna Horanin taught English in Thailand for many years before moving online. She worked initially for an employer then started her own online language school.

Teaching English in Thailand – How We Party At My School!
I Teach English on Skype: My Way to Earn Money Online
Disadvantages of Teaching English Online
I Teach English On Skype: My Way To Earn Money Online
The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth About Teaching Online
Disadvantages Of Teaching English Online

Boogie Planet

Bogna has lived in London several times, first as a student in 2006, and also in the USA. Among her jobs she can count summer camp counsellor, special needs teacher, and cruise ship photographer.

How I Became A Cruise Ship Photographer And Travelled The World (ALMOST) For Free
My Workaway Experience At Shankari’s Retreat In Bali
8 Lessons Camp America Taught Me That Changed My Life

Bounding Over Our Steps

Ligeia and Mindy are an ESL language instructor and freelance web designer, both professions allowing for a nomadic life, who met while teaching English in Germany.

Teaching at a Women’s Prison in Thailand
Unusual Classrooms
Daily Responsibilities and Activities at the Surin Project

Bridges and Balloons

Victoria Watts and Steve Kennedy both had careers suited to taking onto the road. Steve was setting up a film company and freelance editing, while Victoria worked full-time as a writer.

Working With the Wichi People in Salta
Our Digital Nomad Life in Ubud
The Selfishness of Teens: Volunteering in Salta

The Broke Backpacker

While his fortunes have risen recently, with plans to open a hostel in Bali, it wasn’t that long ago Will Hatton was facing bankruptcy and no doubt congratulating himself on the foresight with which he named his blog. A serial entrepreneur, Will’s stock began to upturn when he started running tours to Pakistan.

Financial Case Study: Will Hatton, Crypto, Adventure Gear, SEO, and More
Raleigh International Review: Volunteering Changed My Life
Volunteering in India – Free Volunteer Project Reviews
From Broke Backpacker to Online Entrepreneur

The Canadian Wanderer

The first time Charmaine Yip heard about teaching English she was at university. Since then teaching has taken her all over the world, including working as a language assistant in France and a programme coordinator in Hong Kong. She also explores how other travellers pay their way in her Jobs in the Road series.

How I Taught English Abroad
Work Abroad: Teaching Assistant Program in France

Caroline in the City

Caroline Eubanks is the blogger behind Caroline in the City and a freelance writer. After a summer volunteering in Thailand and sailing in Croatia she made the move to spend a year in Australia, where she worked in a hotel in Sydney. She has put together a great page on working holidays and used to compile an impressive list of travel writing markets, the last one of which can be found here. She has also written a book.

Bartending Down Under: What I’ve Learned
Bartending in Australia
On Becoming a Writer and Following Dreams

Cassie the Hag

Cassie left her grotty London flat and began solo backpacking the globe. This included a year working in Australia, where her jobs included talent coordinator for a baby modelling agency. She also teaches English online.

Earn Money by Teaching English Online (With and Without a TEFL)
How To Find A Temp Job (On A Working Holiday Visa) In Australia & New Zealand

Charlie on Travel

A freelance writer and house sitter taking an alternative path across the world, Charlie Marchant earned a place on the Study China Programme and has taught English in Taiwan. With partner Luke, she is an experienced pet and house sitter (you can hire them here).

How to get FREE bed and board for a week in the Polish mountains
Debunking 5 Myths about Teaching English in Taiwan
How to Become a House Sitter and Travel the World for Longer
Why We Came Back to Ometepe Island in a Heartbeat
What is House Sitting in Costa Rica Really Like?
Why Quepos is the Ideal Place to House Sit for Travellers
Why Don’t You Just Get a Real Job?


Lisa Egle made a career as a teacher in her home country after falling in love with the profession in Ecuador. She has taught in Spain and for a summer in China, and had a brief career as a TV show extra in Syria. She has since written a book on her experiences.

Teaching English in Sumatra, Indonesia: The Unexpected Gifts
SWF in Syria: Torn Between Two Husbands

Coconut Radio

Celeste Brash spent 15 years in living in French Polynesia working in her husband’s pearl business, freelance writing and as a Lonely Planet author.

Cool People Met While WWOOFing: Lee the Dish Fairy
Life On the Road For a Lonely Planet Author
How I Became a Lonely Planet Author

Coffee With a Slice of Life

Sarah Richard landed her first job abroad as a lifeguard for a summer camp in America. After returning to the UK to save more work abroad followed in the form of volunteering to teach English in Chile and helping an Ecuadorian family set up their business. Sarah has also worked as an editor in Hong Kong. After she was the only woman working on a Liveaboard in Micronesia, she founded Girls that Scuba, which includes a Facebook group with female only dive jobs,

Working as Divemaster on a Liveaboard in Micronesia
That Too Good to be True Job? Did the Chance Pay Off?
Becoming a Divemaster – The Ultimate Underwater Job
The Best Things About Being A Camp Counselor

Cornish Kylie

Kylie Millar’s intended four month stint in Thailand, began in 2012 as a teacher in a government school near Hat Yai, in the south of Thailand. She then moved to Phuket to take up a post as a teaching assistant at an international school.

Teaching in Thailand; Six Months on
Five Myths About Being a TEFL teacher
Another Swipe at the System
Time for a Change
Two Very Different Sides of One Coin

Creative Paths to Freedom

A former teacher and school principal in the USA, Teresa Roberts retired early and has since looked after other people’s homes around the world.  Among other places she has house sat in Spain, Mexico, Czech Republic, England, the Dutch Antilles and for the owners of a 57 foot boat in Baja California. She has also published two books including Finding the Gypsy in Me – Tales of an International House Sitter.

Expert House-sitting Advice from Author Teresa Roberts
On Being a Digital Nomad

Cubicle Throwdown

Rika Macauley is a Canadian paralegal turned scuba diving instructor turned EFL teacher turned digital nomad. Since ditching her cubicle she has spent four years on Roatan, Honduras, another three teaching in Japan, worked on luxury megayachts, and in Bali.

Could You Live Off a Dive Instructor’s Wage on Roatan?

The Culture Map

Despite dropping out of university twice Shing Young managed to find a job teaching English in China.

How I Taught English in China WITHOUT a Degree
The Politics of Teaching English in China


Destination Exploration

Maggie High and husband Spencer left corporate jobs behind to explore the world, starting their journey in Suncheon, South Korea, where they taught English for nearly a year and a half. At the time of writing they had been accepted by the Peace Corps. Before all that, Maggie’s first adventure abroad was studying abroad with the Semester at Sea program.

Is Perfect Too Much Pressure?
The Interview

Do A Season

An anonymous blogger shares the ups and downs of seasonal work on the slopes and life in the off-season. The author has worked in numerous resorts, including Verbier, St Anton, Zermatt, Courchevel, Flims and Grindelwald, and concludes that about 30% of the people who go on ski holidays actually hate everything about it except for the hot tub.

A Bit of Competence Wouldn’t Go Amiss
Season Report – What Have I Fucked Up So Far?
Crans Montana

Don’t Mess With The Receptionist

Hostel lover Ewa Gabara funds her travelling life style by working in exchange for free accommodation. Her website is a great resource for all things hostel, whether working or staying in one.

How to Find a Hostel Job And Travel The World In The Meanwhile
The Wi-fi Armagedon

Don’t Stop Living

Well over a decade ago Jonny Blair left Bangor, Northern Ireland, to travel the world. Before settling in Poland, he worked in bars, boats, offices, farms, theatres, shops and schools, as well as online, in his efforts to remain on the road.

WorldWideWorker: Jonny Blair, Teaching English in Hong Kong and Other Jobs Abroad
Barman at Delaney’s Irish Pub (Part 1), Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Working in St. Patrick’s Catholic School, Po Kong Village, Hong Kong
Working on Ferries and Cruise Ships
The Day I… Did a Shit in a Broccoli Field
Broccoli Harvesting in Moriarty, Australia
Broccoli Fields Forever
From RTW Travel (Even Antarctica!) to Teaching in Hong Kong

D Travels ‘Round

Formerly resident in Chiang Mai, Diana Edelman helped to raise awareness about the plight of Asian elephants as the PR and social media coordinator for Save Elephant Foundation. She also writes for her own site, d travels ’round, and supports herself with freelance travel writing jobs.

WorldWideWorker: Diana Edelman, PR and Social Media for Save Elephant Foundation, in Thailand
They gave me a machete: a true story of corn-cutting
Back to the Elephants
The House Hunters International Experience
An Interview with Diana from Save Elephant Foundation

Escape Normal

Jacqueline Boss started traveling while earning an Entrepreneurship degree from the University of Miami. She has volunteered and interned in Hawaii, the Virgin Islands and Germany, written ebooks, taught English in Thailand and worked at Space Camp at Camp Canaveral. Many other topics on working and living abroad are covered by guest authors to her site.

Volunteer Life at the Concordia Eco Resort in the Virgin Islands
Messages From Deep Space Camp: An Employee’s Space Camp Job Review


Agnes Walewinder and Cez Krol are Poles travelling the world like tramps for under $25 a day. Some of that money they earned teaching in China and through providing WordPress installation, migration and management services to bloggers. They co-author an ebook Work, Live and Travel in China.

How To Save Up To $18.000 A Year Teaching English In China While Travelling
My Kindergarten Teaching Experience in China
Financial Case Study: Agness Walewinder, Full-time Blogger, Part-time Employee
My Reflections on Teaching in China

Everything Everywhere

Gary Arndt has established himself as one of the world’s leading travel bloggers. Though he runs Everything Everywhere as a business, substantial funds from selling the assets from his former life allowed him to take a long term view when it came to making money directly through his blog. Photography, podcasting and public speaking are important elements of his work. His analytical approach to blogging is documented in Garaphernalia 6.0.

The Business of Running a Popular Travel Blog

Expat Edna

Edna Zhou is an American politics grad who first moved abroad at 18, and has since taught English, worked in journalism and for a tech start-up in China. She has also worked international sports events from Shenzhen to Perth and in social media marketing for a supermodel reality tv show in Singapore. She writes to prove it’s possible to travel and live abroad while you’re young, and is currently based in Paris.

My Story: How I’ve Been Traveling Since Graduation
Singapore for Grads and the Working Holiday Pass
A Totally Impractical Expat Interview #17: Edna Zhou
A Day in the Life: Digital Strategist
Dream Travel Job: How Edna Got a Gig at the Olympics

Fearful Adventurer

Torre DeRoche’s early blogs went unread except by her mother seeking reassurance her daughter wasn’t dead. From there her self-published book on crossing the Pacific in a sail boat with a man she met in a bar was picked up by major publishers and Hollywood.

My Journey: Self-Published to Big Publishing Deal
Sex and the Magic Secrets to Getting Published

Finding Beyond

Darren Griffiths and Shelley McGuigan have been travelling on and off for over a decade, combining house sitting, volunteering and working online, through both their blog and travel content agency.

House Sitting in London for Free Accommodation!

Flora the Explorer

Flora Baker’s volunteering CV/resume is huge. We have listed several of her experiences below but plenty more can be found on her website.

The Spanish Challenge: Being a Journalist in Colombia
What It’s Like to Volunteer at an Artificial Limb Clinic in Bolivia
So You Want to Volunteer in South America?
How To Become a Mr. Bollywood Superfan in 24 Hours (Part 1)
The Refugee Crisis: Volunteering in the Calais Warehouse
Working for Free at Iceland Airwaves
Snakes, Scorpions, and Permaculture Farms

Freeborn Aiden

Fifthteen years after leaving school as a sometimes disruptive influence, Aiden Freeborn returned to the classroom as a teacher in Colombia. He has also volunteered in Nepal and led backpacker tours in Pakistan.

Hey Teacher! – Teaching English in Colombia
What Is It Like Volunteering In Nepal?

Global Gallivanting

Anna Phipps has assembled an excellent range of working abroad interviews and articles on her website. Before settling in Goa and earning an income online, Anna counted working in an outback pub in Australia and volunteering in Bangalore among her own working abroad experiences.

Working in a Rural Queensland Pub
How I Scored a Campervan Relocation Deal in Australia For Only $1 a Day

Globe Trottica

Monica Gray teaches English online and has a few other freelance gigs. Other jobs that have kept her travelling include the cosmic decoration of cow dung walls in India, cleaning office buildings in Australia, painting beds in Thailand, busking in Switzerland, and seven months spent promoting a jungle rave in Cambodia.

10 Things You’ll Learn From Working at a Hostel
My Experience With WorkAway – And Tips For Working Abroad
Travel Moments: Monica of Globe Trottica

Goats on the Road

Nick Wharton and Dariece Swift began their travels when they sold their home, car, most of their possessions, and booked a flight from Vancouver to Bangkok. While they were able to get their old jobs back on their return they decided to head off again on another trip. When their savings hit meltdown levels they did a stint of teaching in China and worked on a blog they have since built into a successful business.

10 Reasons to Teach for Shane English School in Yangzhou, China
Teaching English in China: Getting a Job is Easier Than You Think!
5 Essential Steps To Becoming An English Teacher Anywhere In The World
How To Find a Job Working at a Hostel
Living in Grenada: House Sitting and Our Need For a Home Base
How We Saved $24,000 In Accommodation
From Hobby To Career: The Complete Evolution Of Our Blog
Is Travel Blogging a Reliable Source of Income?

GoMad Nomad

Stephen Bugno has been traveling, writing, and teaching English abroad for the better part of ten years. His articles and essays have appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Seattle Times, and Transitions Abroad. In 2013, Stephen teamed up with another traveller he met in Spain and founded a tour company.

English Camp in Korea: What it’s Like
I’ve Started a Tour Company
Volunteer in the West Bank
The Jungle Gig

Go Seek Explore

Ally Archer’s first experience overseas was studying in Florence. She later returned to Italy where she worked six months for a group travel company, travelling around Europe every weekend for her job, and has since worked multiple travel jobs all over the world.

How I Traveled To 11 Countries By Working Abroad
How To Figure Out if Tour Guiding Abroad is the Right Job For You

Grateful Gypsies

Teaching English in China allowed Rachel Lee and Sasha Savinov to travel to places they never thought possible. Then they moved their teaching online and adopted the digital nomad life.

Why Teaching English Online is the Perfect Way to Work From Anywhere
Teaching English in China
Rachel’s Teaching Jobs
Sasha’s Teaching Jobs
Volunteering at Bali Spirit Festival

Grrrl Traveler

Christine Ka’aloa has lived in Hawaii, Los Angeles, St Louis and New York City, where she had a career as an actress and TV shooter/producer of reality shows for over seven years. In 2010, she took gap years to live and teach abroad in South Korea and travel. She has volunteered her time working at film and Asian Awareness festivals and has given a performance workshop in France. Christine helpfully bundles her teaching in Korea posts onto one page including:

How to Teach English in Korea & Mock Teaching Interviews
Teach English in Korea: A Day in a Life of an ESL Teacher
Life in Korea: Inside My Apartment in Korea

Happiness Plunge

Adam Pervez is a serial volunteer and, among many other things, has cleaned dog cages at an abandoned dog shelter, done menial tasks at a nursing home, helped publicise an organisation that turns used bikes into human-powered machines, and built a website for an indigenous Mayan co-op.

What the Heck Am I Doing With My Life?
Volunteering At A Mother Teresa Home For Sick Children In Davao, Philippines
What Does “Helping People” Mean?
Volunteering With Cape Cares Medical Brigade In Honduras & Questioning Everything

Hecktic Travels

A Canadian couple that sold everything in 2009 to travel the world, Dalene and Pete Heck’s field of expertise is house sitting. They have looked after other people’s homes in several countries including Belgium, Ireland and Turkey.

Housesitting 101
Housesitting 201
Life In A Northern Town
The Manor – in Photos (part 2)
A Week in the Life – Day 1 – Travel and Work
Housesitting in Europe
How to Travel the World and NOT Pay for Hotels
How to Become a House Sitter and Never Pay for Accommodation
Trust and Travel (and House-Sitting)
Adventures in Housesitting

Hedgers Abroad

Ryan and Stephanie taught for five years in Korea before they returned to the USA to convert a bus into a vehicle in which to travel their home country.

The Nightmare Hagwon
How to Get a GOOD Hagwon Job in Korea
2 Bedroom Korean Apartment Tour

Hippie in Heels

Rachel Jones left a career in nursing and moved to Goa where she worked for her keep in hostels, taught Thai yoga massage, and started a business making and selling candles. Sadly, Rachel died in 2019 but her friends and family keep her blog going today.

How Do I Afford to Travel? Learn Thai Yoga Massage in India
ISLA Candles. My New Business in Goa!
14 Ways to Earn Abroad


When newlyweds Mike (digital media strategist and photographer) and Anne (magazine editor) Howard planned their 675 day honeymoon they always intended to volunteer.

WWOOFing a Japanese Farm
Tet New Year in Tribal Ta Phin

The House Sitting Travel Blog

Married in 2009 at the ages of 55 and 69, baby boomers Josie and Conrad Schneider have house sat around the world and, by walking in other people’s shoes, credit the lifestyle with bringing the world and other cultures into focus for them. Josie spreads the word both through the numerous articles on their own site and freelance writing for other markets. They are also Airbnb super hosts in their native Michigan and have explored home exchanges.

Create a Successful Profile to Win the Best House Sitting Assignments
Should You Apply to More Than One House Sitting Assignment at a Time?
Should You Pay for Utilities While House Sitting?
Don’t Ignore This One Action if You Want to House Sit
Has House Sitting Changed?

How Far From Home

Chanel and Stevo’s lives are far dirtier and smellier since they left Johannesburg to became toilet cleaners, dog poop scoopers, grocery store merchandisers, and rock shovellers.

Why We Quit Our Jobs In Advertising To Scrub Toilets

Ian Leahy

Ian muses on many subjects but his experiences street performing will most interest working travellers. The hundreds of classroom how-to videos, interviews with ESL teachers, free ebooks and PDF’s on teaching English make up his other website, ESLinsider.

How Much Money Do Street Performers Make?
Day in the life of Blu Man Fu the Street Performer
What’s It Really Like To Teach English In Japan?


She has since said goodbye to her students but Che Dyer lived in Korea for over three years and chronicled her life as an English teacher through her wonderful cartoons.

Teaching English in Korea
NSFW (and other letters)
Teacher I Love You!
Pupils and Piercings…
In my REAL life…

Infinite Adventures Blog

Natalie and Dave decided to make their life a travelling life, so they bought and remodelled an old yellow school bus into an overland vehicle.

The “Cloud Forest”
An Overland Vehicle

Inspiring Travellers

From separate ends of the world John and Andrea Spirov travelled independently until they met in Crete and later married in Australia. Now in their thirties they travel the world together. Andrea has a background in social media and marketing while John is an engineer and musician as well as a writer. Intriguingly Andrea is also a director of a company behind an anti hangover drink.

Starting a Business in Norway

It’s All Downhill From Here

The opinionated writing of a self-confessed waster and layabout seasonnaire.

An A-Z for Seasonnaires
Bah Humbug

You Are Here. Probably

Jack and Jill Travel the World

Jill is a San Francisco based freelancer who can work wherever there is internet, though sometimes her travels are restricted as an Indonesian national. She either travels alone or accompanied by husband Jack, including the time they volunteered in Ecuador.

Volunteering in Banos – 30 Kids and 100 Soda bottles

Jessie on a Journey

By the time of her graduation from university, Jessica Festa had studied in Australia and taught English in Thailand, developing a taste for travel that she has since sought to perpetuate through writing for a living. She has numerous posts on travel blogging, and hosts a podcast on the subject, while her other side hustles include another website, Epicure & Culture, teaching writing classes, consulting, a premium travel blogger opportunities email list, and leading her own tours around New York.

Press Trips For Travel Bloggers: How To Get Paid To Travel
How To Grow Your Email List (For Free) As A Blogger
120+ Travel Blog Post Ideas For Creating Engaging Content
Remote Volunteers Needed: 53 Easy Ways To Volunteer From Home


John Bardos and his wife owned a successful business in Japan for more than a decade, but in early 2010 they sold or gave away everything including their house and car to live a nomadic travelling lifestyle as long term digital nomads and entrepreneurs. He has taught English and has a successful teaching English site.

My One Year Plan to Quit my Job and Move to a New Country!
8 Months in to Our Anywhere Lifestyle
33 Months of Location Independence – A Personal Update
A Week in Chiang Mai – Photo Diary

Jetting Around

Pola Henderson met her American husband in her native Poland when they were both teachers, a job she continued for a while when they moved to Chicago. She now lives in Paris, is a freelance writer and digital communications consultant, a content manager for a French startup, and offers translation services.

Volunteering in Ecuador: Recap
Pola Henderson: Why I Live in… Chicago

Joanne’s Journey

Joanne’s journey is about establishing herself as an EFL teacher. She has taught in a university in Malang, Indonesia, in rural Thailand, Laos, and in Dharamsala, India.

Balandas and Bravery
Teaching in India Again

Jonathon Engels: A Life About

Jonathon has made a living abroad in multiple countries as a writer and teacher since 2005. An expert in permaculture and sustainable farming, he frequently volunteers his way when travelling and is a contributing editor for the Living Abroad section of Transitions Abroad.

Working Holidays in Andalusia Spain
How to Survive and Thrive Living in Korea as an EFL Couple
Teaching English and Living in Guatemala
The Bad Side of Finals


Tash is a social worker and traveller. She has taken on a lot of jobs abroad to fund her travels, some of them crappy – literally in some cases. She has held working holiday visas in the USA – housekeeping in a hotel in Nashville – and for two years in London, volunteered in a shelter for girls in Phnom Penh and completed a university placement as a social work intern in Toronto.

I Am Moving To Nauru!
10 Years Ago Today – Cambodia
Top 5: Worst Jobs
Poo Free Day!
If We Can Do It, So Can You with Tash from Jouljet

Just One Way Ticket

One day, after packing a few clothes into a backpack and setting off on her travels, Sabrina Iovino woke up and realised this was now her life and not a holiday. Not long after, she figured out how to pay for it.

How Can I Afford to Travel and How Much Money I Earn From Travel Blogging
How I Created My Dream Job In Less Than A Year (Just By Doing What I Love)
How to Become a House Sitter, Travel the World, and Never Pay for Accommodation

Kat is Travelling

Kat quit her job to go backpacking around Australia for a year on a Working Holiday Visa.

Everything You Need To Know To Plan A Working Holiday In Australia
The Best Way To Work Less And Travel More On Your Working Holiday
5 Things I Learnt From WWOOFing

Kim Kircher

Long after quitting her teaching job in favour of a year ski bumming, Kim Kircher earned an avalanche blaster’s card, allowing her to fly over the slopes in a helicopter and drop bombs from the open cockpit. She also writes and has hosted a radio show.

Working at a Ski Area

Get TEFL qualified & teach online anywhere in the world  

Landing Standing

Aspiring entrepreneurs and digital nomads, Meg and Tony Rulli began their RTW journey of a lifetime in January 2012. Since then they have housesat and looked after dogs in Koh Samui and worked for food on a Tuscan farm.

Living For Free In Paradise
A Week-In-The-Life of Tony: WWOOFing on A Tuscan Farm
A Breakfast Made For WWOOFing – Foodgasmic Tales From The Road

La Petite Globetrotter

Chloe Du Bois was offered a position as a tour manager in Europe for Contiki. Before she got the position she needed to successfully complete a comprehensive assignment and 68 days training around Europe.

Let the Training Begin…
The Final Countdown – Contiki Training Part Six

Lash World Tour

American Nomadic traveller Lash has been keeping herself on the road since 1991. She taught English for six years in Japan, has volunteered, with both good and bad results, through WWOOF in Florida and Australia, and worked on the Survivor TV show. Other jobs have included cutting hair on Shanghai and running a bakery in Thailand. At the time of writing Lash intends to start offering small group tours, beginning in Bali.

Survivor TV Crew
Volunteering Gone Waaayyy Wrong and 10 Tips to Avoid a Bad Volunteer Experience
WWOOFing at Sanctuary Retreat – Australia
How to Afford Long-Term World Travel pt 2 – How I Do It

Lateral Movements

The tagline to Lauren Fitzpatrick’s blog is ‘working my way around the world.’ Lauren began working abroad in Ireland and has since held 30 jobs in six countries, including bungee trampoline operator and hostel cleaner in Australia, recruiting participants for drug trials in New Zealand, blogging for Busabout, and teaching English in South Korea. Lateral Movements also includes interviews with other working travellers and on studying abroad.

Jill of all Trades
Anatomy of a Teacher Dinner
Extra, Extra!
Another Roadside Attraction at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show
Hitting Rock Bottom
The Unconventional Cubicles of a New Zealand Working Holiday

Leave Your Daily Hell

When Robert Schrader moved to Shanghai in 2009 to teach English he set on the road to the location independent lifestyle he enjoys today. From there he landed freelance writing gigs, moved onto making money through his blog and offers teaching abroad coaching sessions.

EF China: A Serious Warning
ESL Exit Strategies Explained

Left Bank Manc

Originally from Manchester, the Left Bank Manc has since moved from France but for three years she au paired in Paris, living in a teeny tiny Cinderella room where she could shower and cook spaghetti at the same time.

Au Pair Life and Eyebrows
Jesus Prawn

The Lifestyle Hunter

A former strategy consultant from Mexico, Pilar Noriega has been able to travel the world with the help of scholarships, job opportunities, and volunteer projects. Her blog also has a number of guest posts on working abroad, particularly au pairing.

My Experience Working With Technoserve In Zimbabwe
My Experience Volunteering in Philadelphia, United States
My Experience Volunteering in the European Youth Olympic Festival

The Little Backpacker

Volunteering in South Africa gave Jodes a love for travel she has held ever since. On returning to the UK she rebounded out to the USA with Camp America and later picked oranges in Australia.

Camp America – My Summer At Walden
Completing 88 Days Regional Work & Leaving Waikerie
All The Jobs I’ve Had to Afford Travel

Little by Little… One Travels Far

Stacy left New Zealand aged 21 to travel the world. In the course of her travels she has worked in Australia, au paired and worked as a camp counsellor in the USA, freelanced online, volunteered in Cambodia and moved to China to teach English.

Volunteering with New Futures Organisation in Takeo, Cambodia
Replaced: The End of an Au Pairs’ Year
“I’m…um…an Au Pair”- Why Are we Ashamed to Admit it?

Literate World

Kristy Mannell is an English and history teacher from Australia. She has volunteered as an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development in remote Indonesia and for Save the Children on the Pacific island of Nauru.

Combating Homophobia in My Classroom: Part 2
“Why Should I Read, Miss?”

Live Learn Venture

With her husband, Natasha decided to move to Korea for a year but ended up teaching for longer. She also works online with freelance writing projects, social media management and promotion for travel brands.

6 Tips to Help You Save $10,000 Teaching English in Korea

Location 180

In early 2010 Sean Ogle quit a job he didn’t like and headed to Thailand.  Since then consulting and affiliate marketing, and anything else that seems interesting him, have financed a lifestyle that has included living on a tropical island, running a marathon and climbing a mountain.

How to Become a Freelance Writer
ETG Podcast: Episode 12

Married With Luggage

What started off as Warren and Betsy Talbot’s one year sabbatical to travel around the world morphed into selling everything they owned to travel, and into writing books, podcasting and building a business.

Amazon Publishing with Warren and Betsy Talbot of Married with Luggage
How to See the World by House Sitting

Mapless Mike

The Auxiliar de Conversación Programme in Spain places Americans and other English speaking nationalities in Spanish schools. Mike already had experience of the country having studied in Granada for six months in 2010. His short lived blog covered his application and lead up to living and teaching English in Logroño, Spain.

Auxiliar de Conversación Application Timeline
Applying to to the Auxiliares Program: How to Apply to be a Language Assistant in Spain
Deciding to Teach Abroad Now
My Study Abroad Experience

Migrating Miss

A highschool year in the USA and a semester in Canada hooked Sonja Thomson onto living abroad. She jumped the ditch from New Zealand to Australia and a bigger leap landed her in the UK on a work visa, where she met her now husband. Sonja has also taught English in Spain and is now a full time travel blogger.

How I Moved To Spain To Teach English
Did I Make a Mistake Moving To Spain?
Things I Didn’t Expect About Teaching English in Spain
Work Exchange in the Spanish Countryside
Interview with Sonja Thomson of Migrating Miss
How I Became a Full-Time Travel Blogger


After a childhood in France, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mark Wiens invested in a TESOL certificate and worked at an English language camp in Thailand before teaching full time in Bangkok. Many years later Mark is still in Thailand running food tours and, with friends, has opened a Thai restaurant. He also earns an income selling advertising on his own blog and videos, selling ebooks and t-shirts, and from freelance writing. He has also volunteered in the Philippines.

How to Instantly Become a Celebrity and Get Paid
Taking a TESOL Course in Buenos Aires
How Volunteering Can Lead to Extraordinary Travel Experiences


Giselle and Cody helped to care for a new born baby elephant in Thailand and for over 2000 dogs rescued from the illegal dog meat trade.

Our time at Elephant Nature Park
Volunteering at Animal Aid Unlimited


Jessica Hill spent a glorious 18 months drifting through Asia, one classroom at a time before teaching and studying in Colorado. She has since started a teach abroad agency.

Teaching English (and Gossip!) in Thailand
Teach Abroad Myth Revealed
Diary of an ESL Teacher: Learning to Love Thailand

Mostly Amelie

Amélie Gagné has used numerous ways to keep herself in the world, including teaching yoga, work exchanges and freelance graphic design.

How The Hell Do I Afford To Travel?
My Volunteer Work Exchange Experience at a Hostel in Malaysia
Youth Mobility Visa Germany: My Experience

My Several Worlds

Carrie Kellenberger left Canada in 2003 to see the world and stints as an ESL teacher in China and Taiwan cemented a love of Asia. She starting working as a writer and editor in 2007 and in 2012 with her husband took over an English teacher placement agency.

Teaching English in China Part One – The Journey Begins

Nathan Vandermost

He now works online offering digital services but previously Nathan van der Most kept himself abroad by finding work teaching English in Chiang Mai and Hanoi.

A Reflection On My Experience Teaching English In Thailand
How To Find Work Teaching English In Hanoi, Vietnam

Nerdy Nomad

Kirsty Henderson is an internet entrepreneur who grew her monthly online income from under $1000 in 2007 to a peak approaching $10,000 in 2012. She is also a serial volunteer and has published an ebook on the subject. Her blog is long since abandoned but Kirsty is still active online publishing guides to cities in Africa as well as printing maps.

Getting My Daily Dose of Inspiration as a Volunteer
Volunteering with All Hands in Cagayan de Oro
I Just Bought My First Website
The Many Jobs of an Internet Marketer
Nomadic Interviews: Kirsty the Nerdy Nomad
Farm Life in Northern California
The Cost of Making a Printed City Map
The Beginning of the End

Never Ending Voyage

Erin McNeaney and Simon Fairbairn were seduced by the travelling lifestyle after their 2008 around the world trip. After selling their possessions they set off again in 2010 to become digital nomads, paying their way with web design and development, creating iphone apps, writing, and saving money by occasionally volunteering.

A Day in the Life of an Equestrian Intern in Costa Rica
Essential Reads for Digital Nomads: Blog Edition
The Practicalities of Being a Digital Nomad Part 1: Insurance, Health, Banking & Retirement
The Practicalities of Being a Digital Nomad Part 2: Tax, Visas, Flights & Security
How We Got Started as Digital Nomads

Next Stop Who Knows

Between Florence and Carlo, they have volunteered in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, and taught English in Thailand.

10 Cold Hard Facts About Running A Content Business
The Pro’s and Con’s of Running An Online Business
How We Make a Full Time Income Online


Though they haven’t written much about it that we could find, Alesha Bradford and Jarryd Salem have worked in a whole range of different jobs to stay on the road. Before they started making money digitally they cleaned hostels, lead tours, tended bars, worked at a summer camp and packed parachutes at a skydiving centre.

Teaching English Abroad – A Beginner’s Guide
Financial Case Study: Alesha and Jarryd (NOMADasaurus), Bloggers

Nomadic Matt

Matt Kepnes is one of the big beasts of the travel blogging industry, inspiring many of today’s crop of travel bloggers to start making a living with a keyboard and a screen. Getting in to the industry early has helped his success but few other bloggers have worked as hard in getting their name out there and turning themselves into a travel media brand. He has been so successful with his blog, the partnerships made through it, ebooks and travel blogging courses he hasn’t had to do other jobs to fund his lifestyle, though he has worked in Thailand and Taiwan and invested in a backpackers hostel. Nomadic Matt features plenty of interviews with other travellers working and volunteering abroad.

Finding Work Overseas: 15 Ways to Earn Money While Traveling
The Man Who Seems to Have it All
The Real Business of Travel Blogging

Nomadic Notes

James Clark makes his living on the move, mixing his travels with basing himself somewhere more permanent. As a digital nomad he has based himself in Playa del Carmen, Chiang Mai, Penang, and currently in Saigon, in between trips to Europe, Central America and India. James also takes a keen interest in infrastructure and transportation in his Living in Asia blog.

WorldWideWorker: James Clark, Digital Nomad
10 Years as a Digital Nomad
Saturday Night’s Alright (For Writing)
A Day as an Extra on the Tsunami Film, The Impossible

Nomadic Samuel

After graduating in Canada, Samuel Jeffrey spent most of his twenties in Asia working as an expat English teacher, model, photographer and freelance writer. His travels have included – holy fuck! – a 68 hour bus journey from Quito, Ecuador to Puno, Peru.

4 Tips Before Signing the Contract
Teaching ESL in Asia: Pick Your Poison
Interview with Long Term Traveller, Expat and English Teacher – Nomadic Samuel Jeffery

No Place to be

British couple Kirsty and Poi worked the winter 14/15 season as ski reps in the Zell am See, Austria. Prior to this Kirsty had taught English in Thailand and took another teaching job, this time in Romania, after their time in the Alps.

Stood up on my first online date…
Thoughts From a First Time English Teacher in Thailand
A Year of Teaching English in Thailand – Kirsty’s Thoughts
Ask Poi and Kirsty Anything: Is it Easy to Get a Teaching Job?
Working a Ski Season – Fears vs Reality
Getting Injured During a Ski Season
Ski Season Assessment Day – What to Expect?

Notes of Nomads

Jessica Korteman and Hai Huynh, a writer and a photographer, are an Australian couple travelling the globe indefinitely. They lived in Japan for four years, volunteering in the earthquake affected Tohoku region.

Re-building Tohoku Part 3: The Fight Back
Re-building Tohoku Part 11: The Tsunami Remains
Beginner’s Guide to Housesitting: Why Housesit?

The Official Roni Weiss Blog

Roni Weiss is a social media consultant and creator of multi media content. He has also taught English in Chile, Taiwan, Italy and in France, where he gained early experience in material creation.

Roni Gets Harassed by Teenage Girls

Oh No She Madridn’t

Rebecca Rose Thering went from the American Midwest to teaching English in South Korea via Madrid, where she worked as an English Language Assistant in two public schools.

Living on an Auxiliar’s 1,000 Monthly Stipend
HelpX en Válor: Christmas Celebrations

One Girl One World

Studying abroad, in Italy, took the spark of curiosity Francesca Murray had about the world and turned it into a full blown case of wanderlust. Her horizons were broadened further when she taught English in France, and then in Martinique.

TAPIF Teaching Assistant Program in France: How I Was Paid to Live in France for a Year
5 Things No One Told Me About Teaching Abroad
Study Abroad Will Totally Change Your Life – Here’s Why!

Oneika the Traveller

Canadian journalist and Travel Channel TV show host Oneika Raymond began her travels studying in France for a year, returning to the country as a teacher. She has since worked in international schools in Mexico, London and Hong Kong.

How Oneika Gets Teaching Jobs Around the World
How I Made Over $100k A Year Teaching Overseas
Oneika Raymond in Hong Kong:Teaching and Traveling in Southeast Asia
The Truth About Travel Blogging + Advice For Newbies

Along with teaching English in Korea and Thailand, Johnny Ward has also worked a while in America and Australia and volunteered in Taiwan. Currently he makes his living, and then some, via his travel blogs, a subject he has written about in his Motivational Monday column.

How Much Money Can a Travel Blog Make? My Story
Interview with Johnny – 50 Countries in 4 Years
7 Tips for Working at American Summer Camps
The Opportunities of Travel: ‘Volunteering’ in Taiwan
Teaching English in Thailand; My Experience Living and Teaching in Chiang Mai

Oregonian Overseas

Hilary Leslie now works for CIEE’s Teach Abroad team, having previously taught English in Seville and then Madrid through the organisation. She also teaches online. Hilary’s website carries dozens of interviews with English language teachers on her website.

The Students of VIPKID (First 100 Days)
Working as a Language Assistant
How to Be Successful in Private Tutoring
Pros and Cons: Studying Abroad vs. Working Abroad


A cubicle escapee turned nomadic explorer, Sherry Ott has volunteered in Jordan and Lebanon, taught English in Vietnam, and encourages Americans to take a career break.

Teacher Teacher
Bringing Home the Bacon
Teaching in the Past, Present, and Future Tense
Volunteer Chronicles: Settling In
Volunteering Isn’t Just Teaching English
Protecting Hawaii from Invasive Tourism

Our Big Fat Travel Adventure

Amy Blyth and Andrew Wyatt left Britain in March 2013 telling their friends and family they intended to travel the world indefinitely. Since then they have volunteered in the UK, as Zombies, and in Thailand and the Philippines, taught English and made a living online. They offer a consultation service for those interested in teaching abroad or becoming digital nomads, and have published an ebook on teaching in Vietnam.

What’s it Actually Like to Teach English in Vietnam?
Teaching English in Vietnam – Pay, Visas and Finding a Job
How Much Money Can you Earn from Teaching in Vietnam?
Vietnam English Teacher Q&As, Part 2
How We Chose Where to Teach English in Asia
How to Teach English in Spain
When the Going gets Tough in Spain
Our Experience of Working in English Camps in Spain
So, You Want to Teach in Asia?
Our First Experiences of House Sitting in London
After the Storm: Volunteering in the Philippines
We’re Not Weird in Chiang Mai!
Digital Nomad Life: Earnings & Challenges
The Zombie Chase – Part 2
Volunteering with Animals Abroad – Our Week at the Dog Rescue Project in Thailand
#RTWsoon: Amy & Andrew

The Professional Hobo

Nora Dunn’s worldly possessions fit into one bag and weigh less than 45 pounds.  Housesitting stints, including looking after a beach front villa in the Caribbean, volunteer work and yacht crewing earn Nora her moniker. She also funds her lifestyle as a freelance writer. The links below are just some of the things Nora has done to keep travelling and her blog, and writing for other markets, also contains numerous how to articles and related resources.

Where We Live
Three Months in Grenada
Kona: Where we Live
On The Rescue: Koalas Up Trees
I am a Published Author!
Financial Travel Tip #21: Car Sharing, Ride Sharing, Vehicle Delivery
Volunteering at Vaughan Town in Spain: A Cultural Experience
10 Tips for Landing the Perfect House-Sitting Gig
How to Get Free Accommodations (and Paid Jobs) on Boats

P.S. I’m On My Way

Having never held formal employment when she set out from the Philippines, Trisha Velarmino picked up a few on her way to making a job out of travelling through her writing.

What You Need To Know About the Job Market for Teaching English in Europe
Travel Forever With Volunteer / Work Exchange Gigs
Volunteering In Bolivia: Back To Bartending
How to Get a Complimentary Hotel Stay as a Travel Blogger

The Red Dragon Diaries

Though he is older than most of his compatriots, Tom Gates has been an ESL teacher with EPIK, the public school system’s tool for engaging students with native English speakers, since 2011. Describing himself as many years out of college, he had wanted to teach in Japan or Korea after leaving education but it wasn’t until the economic meltdown in the States derailed a career in IT that he began to think seriously about taking the plunge. For further insight on becoming a teacher in Korea check out Tom’s YouTube channel.

Being an Older Non-Korean Korean in Korea
Teaching English in South Korea – what is it REALLY like?
“I’m Not White and Korea Won’t Hire Me!”
Teach English in Korea: Public School Or Private Hagwon?
Teaching English in Korea for 3+ Years – What’s It Really Like?

Rexy Adventures

Hitchhiking to Paris and volunteering in Uganda helped kindle an interest in travel for Ed Rex. His trips abroad fed a burgeoning career in travel blogging and social media work with travel companies on his return.

Uganda Project Baby! – Day #1 & Day #2
Uganda Project Day #27 – Close Encounters of the Animal Kind
#RTWsoon: Ed Rex

The Roaming Coconuts

The Roaming Coconuts were Danielle and Silvia, who met while volunteering in Thailand, but Danielle is now roaming and writing the blog on her own. She initially made her way to Thailand as part of the American Jewish World Service’s Volunteer Corps and has since lived in the country working for four months in Mae Sariang with the Karen Office of Relief and Development and six months in Chiang Mai for the Human Rights Education Institute of Burma.

The Harvest
Myanmar: The Land of Lephet Thoke, Longyis and Betel Nut Colored Smiles

Roving Jay

Before Jay Artale bought a house in Turkey she worked in the hotel industry in the UK and spent a couple of decades living in America. When winter chases her away from Turkey, Jay supplements her travel with house sits and work exchanges. She maintains several websites and self publishes travel guides and writing guides.

20 Questions to Ask Before You Begin Your Pet Sitting Assignment
La Rochelle Became Our Workaway Heaven
Our Workaway at an 18th Century Flour Mill France
Building Community During Our Cambodia Workaway
Our Cambodia Workaway Gig Renovating a Market Stall

The Runaway Guide

Aged 16, Leif ran away from home and, after blowing most of his savings in the first week, explored much of Europe and the Middle East without a dime. He is still going a decade later having tried his hand at numerous jobs abroad.

Working Aboard A Caribbean Sailing Yacht
Work In Exchange For Passage
Selling Sugar Cane in Ethiopia
How To Make A Quick Buck In Bangkok

Runaway Jane

Jane Meighan worked full time as a travel writer and blogger for five years before returning to Scotland.

The Story of How I Became a Full Time Travel Blogger
(The Truth About) How to Earn a Full Time Income From Travel Blogging

Samantha in Saigon

A teacher in the USA, Samantha Baker took her skills to Taiwan and Vietnam. She was placed in a job in Taiwan by Reach to Teach Recruiting, co-owned by Carrie Kellenberger (see My Several Worlds, above).

Wow, You’re So Brave: A Guide to Packing Your Bags and Moving Abroad
Stop Rubbing It In My Face

Sammy’s Generic Travel Blog

Soon after graduating from university Sammy Corfield took notice of a tweet, spent 20 minutes on Skype being interviewed, and, with no training or experience, landed a teaching job in China.

Finding a Job Placement Teaching English in China. My Experience with the New Dynamic Institute, NDI
Finding a Placement Teaching English in China: My Experience with NDI (Part 2)
Finding a Job Placement Teaching English in China: Part 3

Sam’s Playground

Sam Kynman-Cole had a unique childhood, when aged five he left his native New Zealand to sail around the world for eight years on his family’s yacht.

Working a Ski Season in Banff, Canada
Earning Money While Travelling – Medical Studies
Do I Want to Work on a Super Yacht?

Starry-Eyed Travels

Katy Stewart has enjoyed good volunteer experiences but knows to pick placements carefully after she found herself alone in the Mexican jungle caring for three difficult children and a slightly senile old woman.

Volunteering, Mexico and the Western Guilt Complex
Voluntourism: How to Ensure You Really Are Doing Some Good


Shraddha Gupta is a fashion and business journalist by profession. Her first solo trip in 2013 centred on volunteer teaching English to exiled Tibetans in northern India.

Teaching English in Ling Ling, Nepal
Are You a Slow Movement Blogger?
Blog+Work Balance? How do Bloggers With Full-Time Commitments do it?

Strolling South America

Rosanna and Jon were itinerant TEFL teachers and serial expats. They have lived in Bolivia and taught English in Korea (where they met) and Taiwan. In between jobs they travelled and volunteered.

Volunteering with Up Close Bolivia
Wwoofing in Olmué, Chile
How to Blog With an iPod Touch
Rosanna Bird: Why I Live in… La Paz

Sunshine and Olive Adventures

A 22 year old graduate from Scotland, Lorena moved to Perugia to be a Comenius assistant.

My Comenius
A Visit to my School…

Sunshine & Siestas

Cat Gaa is a Chicago girl who turned down a job in radio to live in Spain. Initially she studied in Valladolid but quickly returned to work for three years in a high school near Seville. When she moved from teaching she helped others settle in Spain via her own consulting service.

Applying to to the Auxiliares Program: How to Apply to be a Language Assistant in Spain
Eight Reasons Why You Should Teach English in Spain NOW


Teacake Travels

Before she started making enough online, Alice Nettleingham supported herself for five years by teaching English and has even swapped her hiking boots for high heels to perform burlesque in China.

Never Teach English in Vietnam Like This
Should I Teach English in China?
How To Travel Europe For Free
Making Travel Money: Burlesque in Shanghai

Thai School Life

Richard Barrow has lived in Thailand for decades, teaching and now running the computer department at Sriwittayapaknam School in Samut Prakan since 1994. In his spare time he edits Richard Barrow in Thailand, one of the most respected blogs on the country.

Tips for Applying as a Teacher in a Thai School
Twenty Six Years in a Thai School

That Backpacker

Audrey Bergner is now able to travel full time as a travel blogger, photographer, YouTube video maker, and freelance travel writer, but it was teaching in Korea that initially earned her the funds to stay long term out of her home country, Canada.

Teaching English in Korea: First Impressions
How to Save $17,000 Teaching in Korea For 1 Year
How to Pay off $50,000 of Debt in 3 Years by Teaching in Korea

Conversations In A Classroom Of Boys


Robert Stewart has put together a site dedicated to skiing. Ski resorts where he has lived, worked and skied include Verbier, in Switzerland, Chatel, Chamonix, Les Orres, in France, Queenstown, in New Zealand and Aveimore, in Scotland.

What Do Ski Instructors Do in the Summer?
Ski Instructing as a Job

Tieland to Thailand

They now leverage their expertise on Thailand through writing and consulting but back in the day Chris and Angela taught English in Chiang Mai.

Don’t Become a Teacher in Thailand If…
My Typical Day as a Teacher in Thailand

Tiki Touring Kiwi

Jordan Bryant, better known as Jub, has picked up a bit of work here and there in Canada and Australia, mostly farm work, but otherwise survives through freelance writing.

How I Earned $300 Flying Between The USA & China (And How You Can Too)
On Why You Should Volunteer At A Golf Tournament On Your Next Trip
64 Days Working The Martinborough Vineyards
Farm Work In Bundaberg: My Experience & Thoughts

Traveled Earth

Mike and Ashley Lenzen picked up an unusual souvenir from their trip when they bought a house in Bulgaria. One country they passed on as too expensive to visit was Bhutan, so when they had the chance to teach in the country they jumped at the opportunity.

Unique Travel with HelpX
Words Fail Me (or What It’s Like to Live in Bhutan)
Organic El Salvador


Two months after arriving in Australia on a one way ticket, Jeremy Scott Foster was happy but skint. A job with a local nightclub solved his money problems and was the first of many tending bar in the next five years.

The Story of a Cocktail Bartender Traveling the World
How Teaching English Abroad Changed My Life Forever
Teaching English in China: The Cutest Chinese Kids Ever

Travelling Claus

Claus Andersen has been on the road since 1987. In his early years travelling he did numerous jobs around the globe to make money for his next trip, including picking fruit in Canada, teaching Danish in Brazil, restoring a watermill in Albania, and volunteering at a festival in Finland. He also did numerous jobs in tourism and after a while used his experience to become a tour leader.

I Am Not on Holiday When I Work as a Tour Teader
I Have Worked in 35 Countries Around the World
This is How I Finance Traveling the World 365 Days a Year
The Customer is Not Always Right
What is it Like to be a Tour Leader?
I’m an International Cat Sitter

The Travelling Tom

Tom Stevenson spent a year working and travelling in Australia, before visiting New Zealand to do the same. He has also taught English for two years in Barcelona.

8 Great Tips to be a Better ESL Teacher
The Crazy Time We Were Working For Gypsies!

Travels With The Red Suitcase

Since starting travelling in her sixties, work exchanges and house sitting have been Sherrill Madden’s primary sources for volunteering, lodging, food, and new friends. Among other jobs, she has taught English in Italy, Ukraine and Kosovo, been a campsite host, and participated in language immersion programmes in Poland and Spain.

How (and Why) This 72-Year-Old Is Backpacking the World
Chapter 4: Do The Math!
Do Not Pay for the Opportunity to Volunteer

Travel This Earth

Mica Ivealis has worked as a chef in Australia, freelanced as a child photographer, volunteered in Peru and written for local magazines in her hometown of Miami. One of the more unusual jobs she has done is when she and husband Mike earned themselves a free cruise and some cash in exchange for looking after the ‘playroom’ on a swingers cruise.

You Only Live Once – The Time-We Worked on a Swingers Cruise
Feeling Accomplished: 2 Girls, Heavy Wood, and a River – Adventures in Volunteering
A Slice of the Jungle Saved – A Day to Remember

Two Monkeys

The two monkeys are Kach and Jonathan, a married couple from the Philippines and the UK. They met while travelling in Laos and decided to start a life of adventure together, including sailing the Caribbean for two years and buying a villa in Montenegro.

Teach English Abroad – A Filipino Backpacker Guide
Become an Au Pair in Europe- A Great Way to Work Legally and Travel

Vagabond Journey

There are so many working abroad articles listed on their site by Wade Sheppard, his wife Chaya and guest writers that we are only highlighting a small fraction below. Wade has been travelling the World since 1999 – no longer part funding his travel obsession with three months’ archaeology fieldwork in the US each year – is a published author and contributor to numerous publications including Forbes and The Guardian.

Working in a Hostel with a Baby
Volunteer in Iceland, Travel for Free
The China English Teaching Experience
The Best Passive Income Sources For The Traveler

Venga, Vale, Vamos

Kirstie Jeffries lived in Spain as an English teaching assistant and then onto Australia, working in digital marketing, before backpacking around the world for 18 months.

8 Reasons to Teach in Spain as an Auxiliar de Conversación
Auxiliar Interview: Kirstie of Venga, Vale, Vamos
7 Things I’ve Learned from 7 Years of Travel Blogging


Vicky Philpott is no stranger to working for her keep having done so on several occasions. She has worked at English immersion camps in Spain, volunteered in the Czech Republic and spent two summers at camp in America. Vicky has also written for online markets and writes for the HostelBookers blog.

How I Made Money While Travelling
Almost Fired in my First Week at Summer Camp
Working for Peppermint Bars at Festivals
7 Ways I Make Money Travel Blogging

The View from the Office

Caitlyn O’Dowd divided her life between working as a tour guide and living off season in the Netherlands. Any day during the season could see her guiding in one or more of 45 cities in 11 countries in Europe. She has also led festival tours of La Tomatina and Oktoberfest

WorldWideWorker: Caitlyn O’Dowd, Tour Guide
How to Become a Tour Guide
How to get Paid to Backpack around Europe
View from the Office Days 61-70

Wandering Earl

Earl Baron has been travelling since 1999 paying his way in a variety of ways including informal English teaching in Thailand.  He has also volunteered and had a speaking role as a British Policeman in an Indian soap opera but most of his work experience has come from his five years spent working on board cruise ships. Nowadays, he earns his living online through his website and ebooks and has started leading his own tours.

How I Can Afford My Life Of Constant Travel
How I Can Still Afford My Life Of Constant Travel
Three Weeks In India…A Recap Of My First Tour
Nomadic Interviews: Wandering Earl
Tales of a Bollywood Actor
Live Chat! From Cruise Ships To Kabul With Long Term Traveler Wandering Earl
How I Make Money Online To Support My Travels


Charli is a qualified PADI Dive Master and freelance writer who utilises house sitting to subsidise her living costs.

7 Reasons To House Sit At Christmas

Wanderlust Movement

Lauren Melnick’s travel industry job as a marketing assistant and social media manager saw her flown to locations around the world including Thailand, India and the UK. Quitting her job, she returned to Thailand as an English teacher and started a freelance writing business on the side.

How I Fucked Up My Dating Life Teaching Abroad
What You Need To Know About Teaching English in Thailand as a South African

What Kate And Kris Did

Kate and Kris appear to have moved on from their blog but their experience teaching English, in Odessa, Ho Chi Minh City and Haiphong in Vietnam, Shanghai, Madrid, Bangkok and Kyiv, along with stories and experiences from their teacher friends, is such that their blog is still very much worth keeping around here.

How to Get a Job Teaching English in Bangkok
Teaching English in Ukraine – a Guide

What’s Dave Doing?

Dave Dean began travelling the way many New Zealanders do – by packing a bag and heading to London. Before that he had fallen into the technology career that provided the grounding to write Too Many Adapters.

Volunteering in Svay Rieng

Where in the World is Nina?

Today, Nina Ragusa travels by working online, both teaching and as a freelance travel writer, but in the past she has taught English in Thailand and worked in Australia. Check out her Work to Travel section for ideas on how to live a life similar to hers.

Working and Living in Darwin, Australia
The Ultimate Intro Guide for Teaching English Abroad
FAQ: Teaching English in Thailand
Play it Cool: Thailand’s Do’s and Don’ts
Can You Make a Lifetime of Long-Term Travel Work? Tips for Working Abroad…
How to Do a Campervan Relocation in Australia
Online Teacher: The New Way to Teach a Language

Work on a Yacht

Julie Perry spent three years as a megayacht stewardess, which took her to over 40 ports in 18 countries. Via her website and book Julie hopes to help wannabe “yachties” get into the industry.

How to Become a Yacht Stewardess: The A-to-Z Quick Start Guide
Yacht Crew Hiring Ports Part 1: Where to Move to Get Hired
Yacht Crew Hiring Ports Part 2: When to Go to Get Hired
Working on Cruise Ships vs. Superyachts – A Vast Sea of Difference
Preparing for Guests Aboard a Megayacht Can Be Stressful for the Crew (but fun, too!)
Yacht Stews Must Be Prepared for Anything Demanding Guests Request (or Might Request)

Worldly Adventures

Steph Dyson is a freelance adventure travel writer, photographer and guidebook author specialising in South America. Steph left the Greater Manchester area, where she was an English teacher for five years, to live and work in Bolivia, Peru and Chile.  She has written for numerous publications, frequently on volunteering, and has also worked as a SEO content manager.

Volunteering Abroad near Sucre, Bolivia: A Rural Adventure
Seven Questions To Ask Yourself Before Volunteering
Here’s Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Volunteering Is Wrong

The Wrong Way Home

Izy Berry has volunteered in Cambodia and Laos. While there is some information on getting stabbed, mostly her writing concerns itself with working abroad and volunteer work, including on her dedicated volunteer work site: Generous Nomads (no longer available).

Volunteering in Cambodia

Young Adventress

Liz Carlson careened off the path to become a medieval history professor, instead choosing to study and then work in Spain. She built herself a travel writing career and at the time of writing was slowly inching her way to becoming a Kiwi.

10 Mistakes Auxiliares in Spain Make Again and Again
The Long Farewell: Hasta Luego, Spain!


Caz and Craig Makepeace now make their living through their writing, publishing one of the most successful travel blogs around. They have been travelling since 1997, first solo, then as a couple and now as a family of four. Caz has previously worked as a teacher in London, Dublin and the USA and has taught English in Thailand.

How to Teach Around the World
Lessons Learned From Teaching in Thailand: Respect Knowledge
A Reflection on Teaching in Thailand – Becoming a Better Teacher
I Want to Know Your Secret

1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure

A former hospice chaplain, Talon Windwalker travels the world with his daughter. Early in his travels, Talon settled for eight months on the Honduran island of Utila where he earned his qualifications to work as a scuba diving instructor.

Living on Utila
My Housesitting Guide
Bloggers Travel for Free?

If you want to be included on this list please send us your name, blog address (it has to be a blog, not a website), a brief bio and a selection of posts about working or volunteering abroad, to payawaytravels(at)gmail(dot)com.


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