Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics wanted to accompany young people on their gap year

Jungle Medicine

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Raleigh International require Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics to accompany young people on their gap year to the jungle, or to any of the challenging environments in which Raleigh operate.

The role involves looking after the general health of all expedition participants as well as dealing with any emergencies.

Requirements for the Role

Expedition medical staff should be over 25 and have a minimum of two years post qualification experience, be up to date with current practice and capable of adapting medical skills to the outdoor environment. They should also be able to cannulate, prioritise / triage and to suture superficial wounds and have a comprehensive understanding of wound care.

Additional desirable, but not essential, skills include accident and emergency experience, a knowledge of sports injuries, tropical diseases and mountaineering medicine (as applicable to expedition) and previous experience of working with young people.



Volunteer staff must raise £1100* plus the cost of a return flight – Raleigh can help and Gift Aid, a Government initiative, can reduce this figure by over 20 per cent. Food and accommodation, medical insurance, in-country transport and specialist equipment are provided by Raleigh.

Other Roles

Taking on 400 volunteer staff each year from a wide variety of backgrounds with various skills, Raleigh also look for the following professionals with good leadership and interpersonal skills:

  • Accountants
  • Project managers
  • Drivers
  • Construction professionals / builders
  • Outdoor instructors
  • Administrators
  • Logisticians,
  • Photographers
  • Public relation officers
  • Spanish speakers
  • Youth workers
  • Kayak / canoe instructors.

Unless you have a ‘hard’ skill, such as medic, interpreter, builder, administrator or outdoor instructor, you should have either six months managerial experience and/or some experience of working with young people between 17 and 25.

Further Information

Raleigh International

*Prices may have changed since this article was first published

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