Work Abroad at English Language Summer Camps

Work Abroad at English Language Summer Camps

Last week we highlighted working in summer camps but other countries have summer camps but with the focus for participants centred more on learning English rather than sports and outdoor activities.

The camps themselves can be a recreation of American style camps or styled more from within the culture of the host country. While the objective of these camps is to spread the English language to local children, traditional camp activities and sports are blended in to create an enjoyable learning environment. Regardless of job title the role is usually a combination of teacher and camp counsellor.

Along with wages, meals and accommodation are provided and any fees for work visas are covered but flights are not. Some camp organisations are happy to or have to recruit from abroad while camps in Korea, for instance, are just as able to hire from the pool of native English speaking teachers already in the country.


Nacel’s American Village Camps are held in the spring, summer and a short autumn season and appeal to eight to 17 years olds interested in practicing their English and learning more about Anglophone cultures. Camp counsellors are mostly North Americans tasked with recreating an ‘American camp’ environment and making it fun to speak in American English from the moment the campers arrive. No French, childcare or teaching experience is required. Salary starts at €770 per month with a maximum contract of two and a half months due to visa restrictions.

Germany & Switzerland

If you love working with children, have an outgoing character, and are available from the end of June to mid August then Sunflower Sprachcamps offers free accommodation and a salary to English speaking instructors to teach English in an interactive and fun way. The camps take place in the Dusseldorf region of Germany, in youth clubs and youth hostels during the local summer holidays. Non EU citizens need to organise a work permit or a work and travel visa at the German embassy in their home country. ESL Language Schools is another organisation to try. They run camps in Westerwald and Berlin, and across the Swiss border in Leysin, Zug and Ascona.


Most tutors working at the English Camp Company are university students from English speaking countries. They should be over 18, outgoing, organised, energetic and responsible and preferably able to stay the whole summer, from June to August. The closing deadline for applications in 2014 is April 13.

South Korea

English speaking foreigners are in demand to staff the numerous camps dotted around Korea and share our language for a month or two. Camps also take place in the winter months. Johnny Ward spent three weeks in January working at an English camp and helpfully provides an FAQ on the experience over on his site. More information, including a list of ESL job sites that advertise camp jobs, can be found at Wiggle English.


Pueblo Ingles is well known to working travellers for using English speaking volunteers to help create a fully English speaking environment in Spain. Paired up with Spanish students all the volunteers have to do is wander the streets of the village, eat three course meals and enjoy a few glasses of wine, all the time creating an immersive experience for their partner by talking in English the whole time. For their summer programme for teens, the newly named Diverbo doesn’t use volunteers instead entrusting groups of eight to ten teenagers to paid counsellors who expose the children to English through games, sports, theatre and other activities. More details are available on this PDF document here.


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