Blogger’s Guide To TEFL And Teaching Jobs Abroad

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

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From students crying at the sight of them to adoration, teachers tell us more about their daily lives trying to explain the rules of the English language to foreigners.

What’s it actually like to Teach English in Vietnam?
Getting the job was the easy part for Amy Blyth compared to learning how to teach and control a class of 50 noisy children and adapt to a new culture.

Teaching English in Vietnam – Pay, Visas and Finding a Job
A number of factors determined where Amy and Andrew would decide where to teach in Asia. In the end they plumped for Vietnam and present a handy post to help those that come to the same conclusion.

How To Save Up To $18,000 A Year Teaching English In China While Travelling
Agness Walewinder’s job as an English teacher in a kindergarten in China allowed her to pay for her travels across Asia, live to a high standard in China and still save some money.


How to Travel the World (Without Saving a Ton of Money)
With no Starbucks to give up, car to sell or blog income, Richelle instead taught English to fund her travels.

Seven Things ESL and TEFL Teachers Have to Pay For
From safe scissors to a laptop, Amy, another Chiang Mai based teacher, outlines where teachers have to dish out the dollars to do their jobs.

5 Tips for Getting a China Teaching Job
Few jobs allowed Josh to travel as much, learn so much and save so much as teaching English in China.

What’s it Like to Teach at a Japanese School in Thailand?
Kirsten Iverson sits atop the TEFL food chain when she teaches English to squeaky, polite, nose-picking, adorable Japanese kindergartners at an international school in Thailand.

The Classroom in Thailand
Teresa Mupas dreams of her time teaching in metropolitan Bangkok.

5 Reasons Not to Teach English Abroad
From hating on children to unreliable adult students, Tom outlines some of the downsides to teaching overseas.

A Teaching Story: Group Presentations
As her Peace Corps volunteering in Ethiopia moves into the second semester, Maggie starts to challenge her students.

Defying Fan Death – One Night at a Time
An English teacher in South Korea defies superstition and manages to wake up alive despite sleeping with the fan on.

A Timeline of What Applying to EPIK is Really Like
Daisy Juarez tracks one step to another when going through the EPIK applying process.

The Most Baffling Student I Ever Met: Chicken-Bean
Amy ponders on a good but strange boy she has nicknamed Chicken-Bean.

TEFL-ution: The Changing Landscape of Teaching English Abroad
Once practically any native English-speaking Caucasian could land a job teaching English abroad. These days that’s just not good enough.

The Perks of Teaching English Abroad (And How to do it)
Daniel Benner tells you all you need to know about teaching English abroad.

Is Teaching With EPIK in South Korea Really Teaching?
Despite it being an amazing opportunity, Mia says look somewhere other than EPIK if you want to develop yourself as a teaching professional.

14 Ways to Get On With Your Thai Colleagues at School
Read these tips to smooth the way into making meaningful, lasting relationships and friendships.

Teaching English in Spain: UCETAM FAQ
Amelie gets several emails a week asking similar questions about the programme she went through to teach English in Spain, so she puts the answers on her blog.

My Review of Spain’s North American Language and Culture Assistant Program
Nine months of speaking Spanish and being immersed in Spanish culture turned out to be one of the best years of Trevor Huxham’s life.

Debunking 5 Myths about Teaching English in Taiwan
It’s cheap, it’s not China and teaching children under the age of five is actually illegal, says Charlie Marchant.

Lianyungang: The Only Paleface in the Village
An Australian swaps city life in Nanjing for vine covered walks to class and widespread appreciation of his exotic beard.

Korean Students: Overeducated and Overwhelmed
Rebecca Biage, an English Teacher in Suwon, reflects on how soon Koreans are entered into the rat race.

10 Mistakes Auxiliares in Spain Make Again and Again
Those dumb auxiliars never learn. Liz puts them straight with experience gleaned from destroying electronic goods, settling for crappy accommodation and arriving too early to clubs.


Runaway Rendezvous With Morgan: An English Teacher In Korea
Runaway Guide Leif speaks with 22 year old Morgan of Denver, Colorado, who is paying off her debts and saving for her next trip while working in Korea.

Classroom Culture Shock: So I’m Fat AND Sexy?
Richelle’s students in China comment on her weight and boobs.

How Oneika Gets Teaching Jobs Around the World
Nomadic Matt puts the questions to Onieka, a Canadian teaching in Hong Kong.

Teaching English in South Korea – what is it REALLY like?
Tom Gates describes his first year in Korea as a new, exciting, exotic experience of a lifetime.

Are All English Teachers Degenerates and Perverts?
The short answer is no, but when, as Lawrence Hamilton has, you’ve witnessed co-workers drink in class, overdose during break time, and expose themselves to students, it’s not an unreasonable question to ask.

FAQs: Teaching English in Thailand
Teaching English abroad has been the most rewarding experience of Kate’s life so far. She provides the answers to some of the questions those thinking of carving out their own teaching adventure may have.

Teach English in Taiwan
Rhonda Mix says the small but spectacular island-nation of Taiwan is one of the best places for teaching English overseas. She tells us what we can expect.

How We Chose Where to Teach English in Asia
Should they select a country they’d been to and loved, or go for somewhere completely new? Amy and Andrew get extra marks for sharing their working out.

Unusual Classrooms
Though most of her classrooms have been the usual standard desk, chair and white board scenario, an opera set building studio and a women’s prison are among the unusual places Ligeia has been asked to teach English.

8 Reasons to Teach in Spain as an Auxiliar de Conversación
Though she says the programme is far from perfect, Kirstie Jeffries recommends working as a language and culture assistant as a great way to experience Spain, live as an expat abroad, and have the adventure of a lifetime.

My Kindergarten Teaching Experience in China
Having been there, done that, Agness Walewinder thought teaching in China would no longer present a challenge but after she realised she was missing Chinese schools and students she discovered her adventure had just begun when she returned to teach kindergarten kids.

10 Insider Tips for Teaching ESL in the Middle East
Teaching positions in the Middle East are extremely lucrative, and the benefits packages can be very attractive, with some including a tax free salary, housing benefits, relocation allowances, medical coverage, paid holidays and large contract bonuses. With such enticing benefits, Christie Van Tol says it’s no wonder that the Middle East is one of the most sought after regions for teaching abroad.

Teaching at a Women’s Prison in Thailand
Watching the Shawshank Redemption hadn’t prepared Ligeia for the amount of free massages she would receive each time she went behind the wallls of the Chiang Mai Correctional Facility.

7 Days, 7 Thoughts From A Soon-To-Be Auxiliar…
Another English language assistant in Spain, this tine at the beginning of her journey, communicates her feelings with GIFs and cartoons.

A Guide To Teaching English in Hong Kong
Jonny Blair spent three years out in the Kong teaching English to all levels of students.

6 Lessons I Learned While Teaching in the “Land of Smiles”
Laura Lopez-Blazquez decided on her 25th birthday to move to Thailand, getting a job teaching at a small, government school in Sukhothai.

From Waitressing in California to Teaching English in Cambodia
Frustrated at a lack of progress in finding a career, Caitlin Seandel’s dad suggests an alternative.

Teaching in Taiwan: An Interview with Teacher Liezl
Local staff shake their heads in disbelief when yet another vegetarian turns up to teach at their school.

Teaching in Mexico: 5 Tips for Prospective Teachers
Jill Douglas shares some advice gleaned from the ten years she has spent in Mexico.


Teaching in a Country Damaged by Genocide: My Life in Cambodia
When Caitlin Seandel asked her students if someone in their family was killed by the Khmer Rouge, all 37 of them raised their hands.

Working in Colombia: Dealing with Sexism
Though Harriet Marsden loves a great deal about Colombia, she feels compelled to write about the sexism she has experienced in the country while working as an English language assistant at a Colombian university.

Ambassador Year in China: A Review
Richelle, a guinea pig on the Ambassador (formally Ameson) Year in China programme, assesses the interview, pre departure and her impressions so far.

What Korean Students Lack in the Classroom
Rebecca Biage notices her students are weak in the creative, independent thinking department.

Teaching in Taiwan: An Interview with Teacher Tanya
Charlie meets another teacher in Taiwan with a partner called Luke.

Teach English in Cambodia: Everything You Need to Know
Tips from Caitlin Werd on how to make your arrival, job hunt, and life a bit easier in Phnom Penh.

Busted: The Thai ESL Student Who Tried to Slip Something Past Me!
Amy knows more about Japanese anime porn than she lets on.

When the Going gets Tough in Spain
Instead of rocking up in Spain, scoring a nice apartment and a teaching job in Madrid, Amy and Andrew fly back to the UK to contemplate a return to Asia.

Everything You Need to Know about Teaching English in Spain with UCETAM
As Liz Carlson was on the Spanish Ministry of Education’s Auxiliares de Conversación programme she didn’t know so much about UCETAM, so her friend Amelie drops by her site to break down this teaching in Spain option.

Teaching English in China: Two Team-Building Games
Katie Sill, a Texan living and working in Hangzhou, gets yelled at by another teacher and ties her students in knots.

What It’s Really Like to Live and Work in Thailand
Lying in a bed stained by her unruly bowels, Kelly Iverson reflects that her TESOL instructor couldn’t have been closer to the truth when he said her teaching career in Thailand would not be one decorated with photos of fruity alcoholic beverages and white sand.

How I Moved To Spain To Teach English
Not yet ready to settle in Australia after her UK working holiday visa ended, Sonja applies for Spain’s Auxiliar de Conversaciòn Program.

10 Things I have Learned while Teaching English in Cambodia
Caitlin Seandel taught in two schools in her first five months on the LanguageCorps Cambodia programme.

Teaching in Taiwan: An Interview with Teacher Amelia
Charlie puts the questions to a teacher from the UK and Ireland.

How to Teach English in India (And Get Paid For It!)
Anna Phipps interviews Sarah Dibley who taught English in India through The British Council.

My Job Was Illegal – And Everyone’s Doing it (Read Before Teaching in Taiwan)
Foreigners aren’t allowed to teach Kindergarten level kids in Taiwan but Amelia Easten did it anyway and she wasn’t alone.

Finding My Dream Job in Korea
Morgan Patkos went to Korea as a hagwon (or private academy) teacher but she kept her focus on her goal of teaching at a Korean university.

Everything You Need to Know About Teaching English in Spain with BEDA
Yari shares her thoughts and gives us a breakdown of the BEDA program, a way for Americans to live in Spain.

Teaching English in China: Getting a Job is Easier Than You Think!
Teaching English in China can be a great source of income on the road for digital nomads, a great gap year for students, or a perfect full-time career for those looking to live abroad permanently, say Nick and Dariece.

Why Did I Leave a Good Thing in Korea?
When a colleague returns from a two year hiatus in Argentina Tom Gates realises how long he has spent teaching in South Korea and decides it is time for a change.

How Much Money Can you Earn from Teaching in Vietnam?
Amy and Andrew gambled when moving to Vietnam to teach English but found that due to high wages and low living costs they were able to save money for their next bout of travels despite living far more extravagantly than they did in London.

My Experience During the Egyptian Revolution
Despite getting caught up in the Egyptian Revolution while on a student teaching placement in Cairo Anne Sarafin returned a few months later to teach kindergarten.

China Culture Shock #4: We Don’t Hire Boys
Richelle is told the Chinese girls at her school would be unable to control themselves if they had a male teacher.

Teaching in Taiwan: An Interview with Teacher Tu
Tu finds Taiwanese teachers can’t comprehend how he could look Vietnamese but also be an American.

Teaching in Pattaya, Thailand: Where the Tourism Ends
Chandra Curry moved from Cambodia to Thailand, where she learned she was to instruct women in the tourism industry.

5 Essential Steps To Becoming An English Teacher Anywhere In The World
So you want to become an English teacher? Looking back with fondness to their own days teaching English in China, Nick and Dariece are delighted to tell you that you’re making an excellent decision.

How My Employers Became My Adoptive Family in Turkey
Working for a family owned company in Turkey, especially a small one, is the equivalent of being adopted, says Haley Larkin.

When You Should Look For Teaching Jobs in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Amy Lou advises that It can really help your job search if you come at a time when lots of schools are looking for new teachers.

How to Teach English to Little Kids
Richelle gets Chinese five year olds to sit still.

Our Experience of Working in English Camps in Spain
Looking for a quick, easy and flexible way to earn money in Spain? Then working in English camps could be the answer, says Amy Blyth. She provides the lowdown on her experience, how to find a job, and how much money she earned.

How To Get A Job Teaching Abroad: A Step By Step Guide
So you’ve finally decided on a location, made up your mind that you’re going to leave the comforts of home, and have drilled into your head the fact that you’re going to move to abroad. Teacher Taylor is here to help with the next steps of actually landing a job to pay for it all.

The Ultimate Intro Guide for Teaching English Abroad
Nina Ragusa shares the ungodly amount of research she has done since first wanting to become an ESL teacher abroad.

Four Times the Salary of a Local Thai?
A teacher is irked at the fallacy of teacher Thai wage ratios.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting… To Teach in Thailand
Craig and Melissa take some time out from teaching young children at a school in Thailand to enlighten aspiring TEFL teachers as to what they can expect if they too are hired to teach in the country.

Rhymes with Schwe Schwere Schwammed
Laura Darmody gives her TEFL course provider a bad review through the medium of GIFs.

Get Paid to Teach English Abroad – 11 Travelers Share How
So you want to travel the world but there’s a big problem standing in your way – how to pay for it? James Kelley rounds up 11 global teachers who share their experiences on getting around this awkward issue.

The 9 Best Places to Teach English Overseas
What countries provide the best experience, pay, or benefits? Here’s Nomadic Matt’s list of where to score a fun and well paid job teaching English overseas.

Bpen Cru Ka
If you are okay with students having no motivation to learn, complete work or pay attention in class then Laura Darmody 100% recommends teaching in Thailand.

Teaching Halloween in Indonesia: A “Spook-tacular” Way to Encourage Cultural Exchange
Though some of the more conservative staff and teachers looked aghast upon this “un-Islamic” holiday, with its celebration of demons and witches, teaching her students about Halloween has been Anna Cabe’s favourite lesson during her first year teaching in Sumatra.

Day in the Life
From sweating off makeup to explaining what a scrotum and a Kanye West is, Laura Darmody shares the routine of a teacher in Thailand.

Scholarly Things
Laura Darmody wonders how she is going to teach maths to Thai students when her brain is already full from memorising their long names and their nicknames.

How to Find a Job as an English Teacher in China
Vanessa Anderson goes to town with this 10,000 word piece covering everything you will need to know about teaching in China.

Teaching English in Thailand – How We Party At My School!
Joanna celebrates New Year with her Thai co-workers.

The Truth About Teaching English In China
As someone who was nearly deported from the country Vanessa Elizabeth has seen the good, the bad, and the downright illegal while teaching in China.

Don’t Become a Teacher in Thailand If…
Teaching English is the go to job for foreigners who wish to earn money while living in Thailand. But it’s not that easy and many prospective teachers, including Angela, don’t know what they’re getting into after accepting a position at a Thai school.

When the Going Gets Tough in Spain
Amy and Andrew find that nonchalantly rocking up in Spain, scoring a nice apartment in Madrid, and getting some teaching work and building a life there is no longer on the cards.

Teaching English in Ling Ling, Nepal
Shraddha Gupta describes her time as one of the first English teaching volunteers in Ling Ling, a Nepali village.

Your Salary Teaching English In Asia Will Probably Be This
When he’s not painting his face blue, dressing up, freaking people out and beatboxing, Ian runs a ESL site. Here he looks at the money that can be earned in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.

First Day of School, Thailand
Ben gets in a van.

Why I Nearly Left South Korea as Soon as I Arrived
Alison Karlene cries and calls her mum before Korea wins her over.

How I Got Fired From My Dodgy Job in Korea
Jesus doesn’t want Ian for an English teacher.

24 Teacher Travel Opportunities for Free or Super Cheap: A Great List!
Are you a teacher who wants to travel for free or very little money? Massachusetts teacher, Kim Young, shares the programmes that helped her to see the world, plus a few more she has researched.

TEFL: Who’s Selling To You? Do you know?
Teaching English as a Foreign Language is big business and a lot of people are making money working in some part of this field. Ian introduces the five major players.

Going With The Flow
Nigel Quinn gets a teaching job in rural Thailand.

Never Teach English in Vietnam Like This
Vietnam is awesome for teaching but Alice Nettleingham did everything wrong when she worked there, learning the hard way. Read on to avoid the same mistakes.

TAPIF Teaching Assistant Program IN France: How I Was Paid to Live in France for a Year
After a short visit in 2009, moving to France was the ultimate dream of Francesca’s early 20s, and one she fulfilled by working as a teaching assistant in a town near Paris.

Why I’m Leaving Thailand (After Only 3 Months)
Not long after beginning her new job as an English teacher in Phitsanulok, Taylor was sad, bored and homesick.

How to Become a Teacher Who Travels the World For Free With Fellowships and Programs
How can teachers see the world for free though travel grants and scholarships? California teacher, Michael Wing, offers his advice on how to to it.

How to Find a Job Teaching English in China
Josh and Liz found their teaching jobs in China differently so can attest to multiple ways to find a job teaching English in China.

Did I Make a Mistake Moving To Spain?
When a room full of Spanish school children stared at her with blank, non understanding faces, Sonja realised how tough it can be moving abroad.

Travel Talk with Kim-Ling: An Australian Teaching English in Pozoblanco, Spain
Kirstie Jeffries speaks to Brisbane native, Kim-Ling, about her year teaching as an auxiliar de conversación in a small village in Andalucía.

Should I Get a TEFL Before I Teach Abroad?
Do you actually need a TEFL? Should you apply through a programme or just show up? How to avoid getting screwed over? These were some of the questions asked by Richelle just a few years ago but now she is able to provide the answers.

Teach English Abroad – A Filipino Backpacker Guide
While her British partner Jonathan was all geared up for teaching English abroad, Kach didn’t know that she could too. Though considered non native speakers Filipinos are well respected EFL teachers.

How I Moved To Spain To Teach English
Sonja shares the journey of how she came to be in living in the south east corner of Spain, in a city called Almería.

Is It Easy To Get a Job Teaching English In South Korea?
Scott Herder and Megan Indoe found it easy to find well paid jobs in South Korea, where they managed to save $30,000.

Should I Teach English in China?
China has exploded in the last couple of years for teachers to share the English love. Alice Nettleingham shows us what’s possible.

Moving to Work in Thailand
Ben, Bobby, Morgan and Megan move from Bangkok to Bangyai.

Vietnam English Teacher Q&As, Part 2
Remembering her own experiences of how daunting working in Vietnam can be, Amy has put together a series of Q&As with teachers currently living in Hanoi. First up is Melissa.

How Much do Things Cost in Taiwan? Food, Living, Rent…
Ian, a former resident of both Taichung and Tainan, delves into the basic expenses and cost of living in Taiwan.

How I Got a Job Teaching English in South Korea
Despite never having worked as a teacher Claire Casher took a risk and hopped on a plane bound for Incheon to start a new job teaching English.

Teaching English in Hanoi Q&A with Hannah and Ben
Hannah and Ben answer questions about their experiences of teaching at a language centre and an international school in Hanoi.

Black Teachers in Thailand
Douglas Ashby, an African American teacher in Bangkok, starts a conversation on whether racism exists in The Land of Smiles.

Teaching English in Thailand; My Experience Living and Teaching in Chiang Mai
He may have made a million from his blogs but back in the day Johnny Ward made ends meet Teaching English in Thailand.

How to Teach English in Spain
Want to live in Spain, enjoy a laid back lifestyle and eat tonnes of tapas? Then teaching English could be just the way to achieve that dream. So say Amy and Andrew, who moved to Spain at the beginning of 2016 to look for teaching jobs in Madrid and ended up working in English immersion camps.

How To Get A Job Teaching English Overseas
Claire Kennedy answers some questions and provides some tips on teaching abroad.

Glorified English Babysitting
Having, for some reason, been given a 60 day business visa when she applied for a tourist visa, Richelle decides to use it to teach English in China to cute little crazies.

Teaching Children vs Teaching Adults
There are a few crucial differences between how and why children and adults learn.

How I Taught English Abroad
The first time Charmaine Yip heard about teaching English she was at university. Since then teaching has taken her all over the world, including working as a language assistant in France and a program coordinator in Hong Kong.

5 Tips To Avoid Shitty Situations As An ESL Teacher
ESL teaching is in Donovan Nagel’s opinion a better option than freelance writing or translation as a means to fund language immersion stays abroad. It does have its risks though.

Interviews with English Teachers in Vietnam
Emma and Loes tell Amy Blyth about their lives in Hanoi, including their teaching highs and lows, pay rates, living costs, visas and teaching English if you’re from a non English speaking country.

Teach English in Turkey : Requirements, Jobs, Pay & More
When considering how to financially support yourself while travelling or moving to Turkey, teaching English is the option that pops up again and again, says Natalie Sayin.

Teach English Abroad to Fund Your Travel
Alice Teacake recommends getting a TEFL qualification and some experience to help secure a good teaching job abroad.

I Finally Got My Tefl Certificate
The Travelling Colognian hopes that now that she has her TEFL Certificate she will find a good teaching position.

How To Get A Job Teaching Abroad: A Step By Step Guide
From TEFL certificate to visa, here’s Taylor’s five step guide to securing a teaching job abroad.

Get TEFL qualified & teach online anywhere in the world  

Want to Teach English Abroad? The Best Resource You Need to Know About!
Steph highly recommends that you become a member of the International Teachers Association (ITA) if you intend to teach English abroad.

8 Great Tips to be a Better ESL Teacher
The Travelling Tom gives us useful advice on how to improve our ESL teaching skills.

Teaching English in China: The Cutest Chinese Kids Ever
Jeremy Scott Foster has the fondest of memories of his time teaching in China.

Be Honest With Yourself
James Humphries believes that a little self criticism is no bad thing in the teaching world.

What It Is Really Like to Teach English Abroad
In an interview with GenTwenty, Alexa Woods shares the highs and lows of teaching English in a foreign country.

Things I Learnt From Doing a TEFL Course
The Little Backpacker tells us seven lessons she learnt from her TEFL course.

Teach English Abroad: A How to Guide
Shanti has advice for those interested in putting their language skills to good use. She tells us that teaching English abroad helps you gain valuable language and career experience and you get paid too!

How I Fucked Up My Dating Life Teaching Abroad
Lauren shares her experience of living in Thailand without a significant other.

How To Get Students to Speak Up: 5 Tips for ESL Conversation Classes
Sapna shares speaking game techniques and resources to use in conversation classes.

A Reflection On My Experience Teaching English In Thailand
Nathan has no regrets about purchasing a one way ticket to Thailand to try his hand at teaching. He says that working with students can be really draining and rewarding at the same time.

The Nightmare Hagwon
There are many teachers who work for private academies in Korea and love their jobs but this tale is from two that didn’t.

So, You Want to Teach in Asia?
Want to teach in Asia but are unsure about the decision, the qualifications needed, or how to find a job? Amy and Andrew were the same before moving to Vietnam and give their top five reasons for why they took the best decision they ever made.

Things I Didn’t Expect About Teaching English in Spain
Sonja thought she was moving to Spain to teach English but, instead, she ended up moving to Spain to learn teaching. Being in so many different classrooms with different teachers taught her a lot about different teaching styles.

Teach English in Vietnam – Salary, Degree Requirements and Job Search Tips
Vietnam is increasingly eager to be part of the world and the key to opening the global door is through English, resulting in plentiful opportunities for would be English teachers.

Before You Teach English Abroad, Ask Yourself These 10 Questions
Teaching English abroad is a popular choice for both those young and old. Whether it be for a gap year, to help fund travel, or a step before retiring, teaching English abroad can be extremely beneficial. But before we decide to make the big step and invest in a TEFL certificate, Taylor has a few questions to ask ourselves.

17 Things You Need To Know About the Auxiliares Program
Ever dream about fields of oranges, flamenco dancers and taking a nap during the day? If yes the Auxiliares program could be the way to do i, despite the irritation of having to teach a bit of English to Spanish students.

Actually Fork Me
Mispronouncing and mistaking newly learnt words can cause Chinese five year olds to swear like troopers so Georgia advises a straight face at all times.

The One Where We Almost Moved to China
When a company asks you to move to China with the wrong visa, wrong experience and their main point of contact is on the embassy blacklist, Georgia suggests it is time to explore other opportunities.

What I REALLY Didn’t Like About Teaching English In Korea
From Christians to smoking, ESLinsider gives the inside scoop on working as a teacher in Korea.

Teaching English in South Africa
Get a local’s perspective on living as a teacher in South Africa.

New Teacher Tales – Amy
In their New Teacher Tales series Kate and Kris interview people teaching English abroad. They ask how, why and where they started out, about their experiences teaching abroad, and what advice they have for new teachers.

JET Program: How to Teach English in Japan
The JET Programme places about 4,000 teachers from 40 different countries throughout Japan each year. Erick Widman tells us what to expect from the programme.

New Teacher Tales – Angela
In her blog, Angela, who is originally from the Philippines and now teaches in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, talks to us about how she started teaching English and her current multi-role job.

How To Travel Europe For Free
Teacaketravels, Alice Teacake recommends English in Action to help you find teaching jobs.

New Teacher Tales – Emma
In this post, Emma tells us about starting out teaching classes of 60 students in Thailand, running social media for a school in Argentina and getting the opportunity to visit Iraq for teacher training.

How to Get a Job Teaching English in Bangkok
Kate and Kris give the lowdown on living and working in Bangkok.

Teaching English in Ukraine – a Guide
If you are interested in working as a teacher in the Ukraine, Kate and Kris provide a comprehensive guide.

The Great Debate: Native English Speakers versus Non-native English Speakers
There is an ongoing debate about whether non native English speakers are able to effectively teach English, or whether it is an area of teaching that should be left to the so called experts… native English speakers.

What You Need To Know About Teaching English in Thailand
“How are you able to do such a thing, Lauren?” “Is going to Thailand worth it?” “How can I teach abroad? I fucking hate my job.” These are just some of the questions asked of Lauren Melnick, who presents this guide for her fellow South Africans.

13 Ways to be a Better Online ESL Teacher
The ESL industry has embraced internet learning, and teaching ESL online is a booming business, but Chris and Rachael reveal some companies are having to let go dozens of teachers due to unprofessional behaviour such as eating and laying in bed while delivering lessons. Here’s some simple things to do to be a better teacher and not get fired.

Teaching English Abroad: A Guide to Studying, Qualifying and Doing
An in-depth guide to becoming an English teacher.

How to Teach English Abroad
Adventure Rob has kept himself fed abroad by standing in front of a group of strangers and talking.

Teaching in New Zealand Versus the UK – Where’s Best?
Andrew is shown around a New Zealand school and compares it to the UK, where he taught in a secondary school in East London for four years.

Failures in Sarcasm
When a lesson plan can go horribly wrong.

Get Paid to Teach English at a Palace in Bangkok Thailand
Turner Barr suggests working at a university that looks like a Palace.

You Look Very Terrible, Miss Mary: Unsolicited Advice for the Laowai
MaryAnne Oxendale is told she is having a bad hair day.

What You Need to Know to Teach English on Location in South America
James Burt is a writer and ESL teacher currently based out of La Plata, Argentina.

Being an Older Non-Korean Korean in Korea
The experiences of an older foreign but Korean teacher in Korea put to video.

Teaching English Overseas: How Finding Your Own Students Can Really Pay Off
With less travel to work and higher fees Connor Davies realised he enjoyed private teaching on the side more than his main job.

Newbie EFL Teacher Comes Up For Air
The Travel’nLass describes her life teaching in Saigon.

Anatomy of a Teacher Dinner
Lauren sits on the floor and picks at fat-encrusted pork wondering how she can get the hell out of there.

Stop Rubbing It In My Face
From clothes dryers to eavesdropping, here are some of the things missed by a teacher in Taiwan.

Applying to to the Auxiliares Program: How to Apply to be a Language Assistant in Spain
The North American Language and Culture Assistants program allows Cat to make Spain her hogar dulce hogar.

K3 Graduation Picnic and Day of Sightseeing on Hong Kong Island
Just one day of the 700 or so Jonny Blair spent working in Hong Kong.

Teaching English in China Part One – The Journey Begins
Excerpts from Carrie Kellenberger’s handwritten journals from 2003.

How to Save $17,000 Teaching in Korea For 1 Year
Audrey Bergner reveals how she made the money she is currently spending on her travels around Southeast Asia.

How I Taught English in China WITHOUT a Degree
Though her pay would be lower than a graduate, Aston Language Centre offered this English teacher a way out of England.

The Politics of Teaching English in China
The same teacher as above quickly learned that Chairman Mao, sex, and Tiananmen Square are some of the off-limits topics in China.

Finding a Job Placement Teaching English in China: Part 3
Sammy Corfield is mentally undressed by middle-aged Chinese women and has a row about bananas.

Notes on Working in China (the Bossing-Teachers-Around Edition)
MaryAnne Oxendale is in charge now.

Teaching English in Sumatra, Indonesia: The Unexpected Gifts
Lisa Egle presents a TEFL workshop to 35 Indonesian English teachers in Western Sumatra.

Conversations In A Classroom Of Boys
Before she got her head around the Korean accent, Audrey Bergner spent a blissful three months unable to comprehend her students’ comments on her hair and shoes and recommendations on where to buy poison.

4 Tips Before Signing the Contract
Nomadic Samuel divies up some tips on negotiating the last, crucial step for landing a teaching job abroad.

How to Teach Around the World
Caz Makepeace presents an overview of working abroad as an English language teacher.

Lessons Learned From Teaching in Thailand: Respect Knowledge
This time as a falang teacher, Caz learns from her students in Thailand.

Doing a Working Holiday in Central or Eastern Europe
Guest writer Roy worked in Prague.

Saying Goodbye AGAIN: The Annoying Heartbreak of Being a Teacher That Nobody Warns You About
A modicum of stability means, for once, it is others flitting in and out of MaryAnne Oxendale’s life.

Gretchen: Teaching in Iraq after Korea Leads to a Book Deal
A $39,000 credit card debt and good wages entices Gretchen to take a teaching job in Iraq.

How to Get a Job Teaching English Abroad
Michelle interviews her friend Leana as she was preparing for her teaching position in Taiwan.

Lost in Korea: Introducing Kissairis Munoz
The Lost Girls begin the chronicle of Kissairis Munoz, an English teacher working in South Korea.

Notes on my Surposed Unemployment: The September Edition
Though no longer teaching in Shanghai Mary Anne Oxendale is kept busy marking exams and working as a language expert for the British Council.

Teaching English in China. Interview with Michael Tieso
Art of Backpacking’s Michael Tieso answers questions about his time teaching in Xi’an.

Roni Gets Harassed by Teenage Girls
Mindful of the repercussions, Roni Weiss takes a zero tolerance view when a 13 year old starts calling him her boyfriend.

A Totally Practical Way to See the World
Serial English teacher Mary Anne Oxendale talks to PocketCultures about living in Shanghai.

14 Notes on teaching English in a Chinese university, in the middle of a quiet burnout and impending unemployment
On her own blog this time Mary Anne provides an honest portrait of the stresses of life in the classroom.

Anna: A Fellowship That Pays You to Teach and Travel in Spain
Anna Drapkin talks to about her eight months living and teaching in southern Spain.

English Camp in Korea: What it’s Like
The Bohemian Traveler taught at Jeju International English village.

Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes Teaching English Abroad
From getting anal about commas and semi colons to teaching with a hangover, this Tripbase article outlines some TEFL no nos.

A Reflection on Teaching in Thailand – Becoming a Better Teacher
Caz Makepeace writes on about her time as a farang teacher in Bangkok.

Nomadic Interviews: Wandering Earl
Earl Barron sidestepped the traditional route to teaching English when he started his own classes in a park in Thailand. Earl also discusses his life working on board cruise ships and selling ebooks.

Teaching ESL – Which English do you Teach
British or American English? Rolf Potts investigates who wants what and where.

Interview with Johnny – 50 Countries in 4 Years
Never having had a ‘real job’, Northern Irishman Johnny has been financing his travels by teaching English since 2006.

Natalie: A TEFL Teacher’s Project to Help Slavery Victims in Gabon
South African Natalie talks about slavery, extreme ironing, and having tiny Korean fingers shoved up her bum.

Boomers Teaching Abroad: Can You Hack It?
Advice for baby boomers thinking of a late career teaching English.

Teaching English in Medellin
Despite being at times disappointed and discouraged, Ana found work as an English teacher in Colombia. Her article also provides a short list of English schools and institutes in the area.

Expat Life: Working in China
Sasha Peakall’s experiences in China.

Why Hong Kong Needs English Teachers
Jonny Blair gives five reasons why Hong Kong needs native English speaking teachers.

Should You Teach English in Korea? A 10 Question Quiz to Help You Find Out
Your entire lifestyle will change if deciding to head to Korea to work as a teacher. To see if you’re ready for those changes – and to see if you’re cut out for this line of work – take this quiz.

Teaching English in China: 5 Things You Need to Know
The where, what, why and how of teaching in China.

Learning on the Job – Schools in Russia
Some interesting tid bits about the secondary education system in Russia.

From TEFL in Thailand to Fully Qualified in London
Having taught English in Thailand, Kirsty returned home with boyfriend Poi to get professional teaching qualifications.

Can You Really Make Money Teaching English in Japan? Gaijin vs Godizilla Edition
Brenna Holeman taught in Japan for over two years, from 2008 to 2010, because she needed money, and a lot of it.

How to Quit Your Job, Leave for India, & Teach English Abroad
Gigi interviews Anita, who taught English to Tibetan refugees.

Teach Abroad in China: 10 Unexpected Challenges of Working with University Students
Though she wasn’t a first time teacher Jessica Hill had no idea what to expect before stepping into her first class in front of Chinese university students.

Why Teaching English is the Perfect Job for Travel Addicts
The simple answer is money but Linda Martin offers a little more detail than that.

IamA international school teacher in Shanghai, China. AMA
Questions on international schools and expat life are answered on Reddit.

NSFW (And Other Letters)
Aliens like to eat penis according to Che’s class of ten year olds.

Working Abroad in Greece – TEFL
Rebecca Hall half hoped she might swan around the world for a while, teaching English somewhere hot like Thailand or Vietnam. Instead one of the steepest learning curves awaited her when she went to teach in Greece.

First Day Back: GIF Style
Maggie Moo emotes through the medium of GIFs.

I Gave It A Year
Back home in a minimum wage job, Steven Neish reflects on his year teaching in Syktyvkar, Russia.

Unrest in Bangladesh and the Luxury of Being an Expat
40 deaths in the streets makes this English teacher realise that, even without the familiarity of Western comforts, expat life is a bubble.

Scottish Expat Living in Viet Nam – Interview with Jennie
As a university graduate stuck in a rut in the UK Jennie completed a TEFL course which has taken her around the world teaching, learning new experiences and travelling to places she never thought possible.

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