Blogger’s Guide to Working as a Summer Camp Counsellor or at an Activity Centre

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Working as a Summer Camp Counsellor or at an Activity Centre

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For many a summer spent working at camp in the USA is the best job they ever had. We have collected camp counsellor memories and tips from what to pack to pole dancing on a tractor.

Summer Camp Notes: The Day Vegemite was Banned
An American summer camp can consider itself lucky it is still standing when it gets between Australians and their inferior Marmite substitute.

The Camp Counsellor Survival Guide
When selling the dream of idyllic lakes and new friends recruiters often forget to mention the lack of sleep, threat of bug bites and fatty bum bum food. Rebecca Root reveals how to make it as a counsellor.

The Best Things About Being A Camp Counselor
After two and a half months of being cried on, confided in and launched shaving foam at, Sarah concedes that being a camp counsellor is the toughest job she’ll ever love.


8 Lessons Camp America Taught Me That Changed My Life
In the decade or so since she did it for the first time, Bogna cherishes all the memories from working a summer at camp in the USA. The photography counsellor experience gained while working in California enabled her to become a cruise ship photographer.

Stay Seated and Look…: Things You Should Know About Camp
Stacey gives us an insight into her time as a camp counsellor.

Guide to Landing Your Dream Summer Camp Job Role
Though there are organisations that will guide you through landing a summer camp job, Anny did it all by herself which, she explains, isn’t as hard as it sounds.

5 Life & Money Truths Anyone Who Worked As A Summer Camp Counselor Knows
Summer camp jobs vary a lot, but Laura Marie thinks that the intensity of the job experience is pretty universal, and it can teach a person what kind of job environments might help them thrive in the future.

How to Be a Camp Counselor in 10 Easy Steps
Spending your summer as a camp counselor in the USA is an awesome way to meet new friends, act like a kid for three months and get some experiences that will prepare you for almost anything in life, says Lucy Harper.

Summer Camp Packing Guide
Anny’s Adventures Blog helps with the question of what to pack for summer camp.

Messages From Deep Space Camp: An Employee’s Space Camp Job Review
The inside scoop on everything space camp.

Summer Camps
Joe spent two summers working at camps in California and Missouri.

Almost Fired in my First Week at Summer Camp
Vicky Philpott pole dances on a tractor.

7 Tips for Working at American Summer Camps
Johnny imparts his knowledge from working at three summer camps in the USA.

Summer Job Files: Camp Counselor
Working Girl Two recounts her summer job, back in the day, doing ‘baby duty’.

We’re the Kids of America: Camp America – The Best 2 Summers of my Life
Despite not really being sure what she was signing up to at the time, Stacey Iverson looks back on camp life with fondness.




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