Wildlife conservation projects, social/teaching worldwide

WORLDWIDE / WorkingAbroad Projects


Volunteer opportunities from 2 weeks up to 6 months in duration on the following projects:


– Tsau! White Lion Conservation Project in South Africa – reintroduction of white lions into their endemic land.


– Cheetah Conservation Project, Botswana – research and conservation of wild cheetah


– Watamu Turtle Programme, Kenya – turtle monitoring and rehabilitation programme


– Statia Conservation Project, St. Eustatius, Caribbean – sea turtle monitoring and research, trail work and botanical gardening in the national and marine parks


– Ocean Spirits Leatherback Sea Turtle Programme in Grenada – join as a Research Assistant from March to August every year


– Teach in Rural Thailand – teach English and live in a rural homestay in NE Thailand


– Volunteer in Brazil – work with children, teach the arts, sports, medical work, NGO development and conservation work in and around Rio de Janeiro all year round


– Cloudforest Conservation Programme, Ecuador – tree planting, reforestation, sustainable living and food production in the cloudforest


– Iceland Wilderness Programme throughout Iceland’s National Parks every June to August


– Nevada Wilderness Programme, USA – conservation and restoration work throughout the mountains and deserts of Nevada year round


– Desert Elephants Programme, Namibia – research and tracking wild elephants and community building work in Namibia


– Wolf, lynx and bear tracking programmes in Sweden – in the summer and winter


All information can be found under www.workingabroad.com and by email to info@workingabroad.com