Volunteer Work at a Ski Lift in Sweden


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We need someone for our winter campsite in Sweden. A person who will work at the ski-lift for 5 hours a day. Lots of free time.

We are a dutch family looking for a nice person who wants to work at the ski-lift. Your job is to give t-bells to skiing customers so they can drive up at the lift and ski down. We have 2 slopes, a blue one little bit more for beginners and a red one for more experienced people. We are opened only in the weekends and everyday during the holidays.

We have two campsites. One of them is open the whole year. And the other one is open during the summer season. We need your help at our campsite. The campsite has also 2 slopes. During the summer, will we use the slopes for our downhill bike-park. We need your help during the summer to create new tracks and someone to work at the uplift tow. During the winter we need some in the kitchen, and someone at the uplift tow as well.

Full details: https://helpstay.com/stays/Volunteer-Work-Ski-Lift-Sweden

Expires: Feb 15, 2019


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