Volunteer with our Reforestation Program in Michoacán


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The “Hacienda la Cruz” forest nursery is a family reforestation project located in La Cruz, Michoacán, Mexico, in which we are dedicated to the production, transportation, planting and monitoring of different species of forest trees annually.

Volunteers participating in the project will learn a lot about environmental protection, the tree production process and the organization of reforestation. They will have the possibility to visit different reforestation sites and spend time in the forest.

We welcome volunteers throughout the year, their help depends on the work we do during that period. There is the possibility of volunteering on an alternative project, a thesis problem, or a university internship depending on the volunteer’s abilities and particular aspirations.

Full details: https://helpstay.com/stays/Volunteer-Reforestation-Program-Mexico

Please note HelpStay request a small fee to provide more information on this volunteer programme.

Expires: Apr 15, 2022


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