Volunteer Teaching Small Groups of Adults, Children & Teenagers


COLOMBIA / @ HelpStay

Come and make an impact in our small, friendly and still very young teaching institute in a peaceful Colombian town, Barbosa.

We seek volunteers with teaching experience or who are willing to have a go! We are a small, friendly and still very young institute where your contribution will have a substantial impact on the lives of your students.

At any time we host a handful of volunteers in addition to our group of regular local teachers, and are always looking for fresh faces to join our little community here! We teach classes to small groups of adults, children and teenagers, with most groups having 4 to 6 students per class. We follow textbooks from major publishers, but teachers have a lot of autonomy in how they teach their classes.

Full details: https://helpstay.com/stays/Volunteer-teaching-Colombia

Please note HelpStay request a small fee to provide more information on this volunteer programme.

Expires: Oct 1, 2022


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