Volunteer teaching English to native children of Peruvian Andes

PERU / Minka Projects

The children’s English program (apart from other valuable educational and organizational support and empowerment programs), takes place in marginalized communities in the Central Andes of the Central Andes, Peru, giving these children the opportunity to gain basic English skills that can help in their future education and increase your employability, as well as being open to more general knowledge.

This program will provide the opportunity for many children from populations that live in extreme poverty and will not have the opportunity to study in a private school, we develop classes from basic pronunciation materials, sentences, colors, communication, verbs and other important subjects. In addition, it is a way to improve the level of Spanish that the volunteer has, due to the continuous interaction of languages, all of this developed in a direct, entertaining and fun way.

We offer:

*Accommodation in a spacious, safe and comfortable single room in a house or apartment with basic amenities and reliable Wi-Fi internet
*pick up at local airport
*basic work materials
*Continuous advice 24/7 days a week
*Exchange courses such as pastry, crafts, native food. Peruvian and international
*Every weekend, group excursions to many tourist, scenic, cultural and entertainment places
*Information about interesting places and trips in Peru.
*participate in socio-cultural events and festivities that we organize
*Learn and improve your level of Spanish at NO COST in a practical and direct way.

(optional) to live in a practical way the Andean worldview and culture, positive rituals of Andean self-knowledge, therapies based on traditional medicine and others.


*minimum age: 20 years
*COST: a contribution of 290 American Dollars, 50% or total exoneration of this contribution from the second month and subsequent months.
*have patience to work with very young girls (5-9 years old)
*Possess an open, positive and adaptable mindset.
*Person with the ability to join a multicultural team and keep the group together (important)
*intermediate English or basic Spanish

For more details: https://minkaprojects.info/

Write to us: minkavolunteer@gmail.com

thank you!

Expires: Aug 16, 2024


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