Volunteer Manager

SOUTH AFRICA / Vervet Monkey Foundation

You want to break out of your daily life and try something completely new? You want to live among wildlife? You dream of being part of an highly passionate and multi-skilled team? You love people and you want the best for them?

The Vervet Monkey Foundation, SA is a vegan sanctuary in Tzaneen, South Africa. We host about 600 monkeys. Most of them were brought in injured, orphaned as former pets or as laboratory monkeys and our mission is it, to give these monkeys a new chance in life. Our team is made up of voluntary staff and volunteers from all over the world who decided to dedicate their time, work and effort for the animals in their care.

We see our task as a sanctuary not only in taking care of the monkeys on-site, but we also have educational outreach about monkeys and all other animals. Therefore vegan outreach is something of big importance of us.

Check us out at vervet.za.org to learn more about our work.

We are looking for a new Volunteer Coordinator who is responsible for out fantastic volunteers. You will welcome them, take care of them and give them the best stay they possibly could have. You will create ambassadors for all the animals to spread the word.

Are you compassionate, dedicated, humble, cheerful and sociable person who sees the positive in every situation? Do you see problems as challenges which ask to be solved? You have experience in leadership? Do you want to make a difference in life?

Then apply at josie@vervet.za.org. We are excited to meet you!

Expires: Nov 11, 2019


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