Volunteer in a Nursery Programme

PERU / Supporting Kids in Peru – SKIP

Created in 2003, SKIP is a non-profit organization helping economically-disadvantaged children in El Porvenir realize their right to an education. We are currently working on the north coast of Peru, in the impoverished districts that surround the city of Trujillo.

Our team is comprised of volunteers from the community of El Porvenir and Trujillo as well as volunteers from overseas.

We have a very holistic approach to supporting the community of El Porvenir, and we offer assistance in education and economic development primarily, but we have also recently begun a nursery program. Because we want to run educational workshops with the parents, we are keen to find volunteers who have a background in education for young children. Any background in child psychology or social work would also be invaluable, as we want to talk to the parents about child development and improve their understanding of what young children need.

These children are young, so it is possible for volunteers to come who have a more limited Spanish ability as they will still be able to play with the children and can contribute to the lesson planning. However, for the training sessions we will need someone who is a relatively fluent Spanish speaker, previous experience in working in South-American countries would also be an asset, so that they are able to put across the relevant information and also answer questions that the parents have.

For more information, please visit our website at www.skipperu.org, or contact us: volunteering@skipperu.org