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Underwater Film Sites In The Maldives

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Of all the places in the world to visit while on holiday, a journey to the Maldives ranks among the most beautiful, exciting, and romantic. Just a glance at the sandy beaches, the sparkling blue water and the waving palm trees is sure to leave an imprint upon your memory as you reach for your camera. You may be asking yourself: where to start?


A few resorts in the Maldives have bedrooms and restaurants located underwater that allow visitors breathtaking views of fish swimming overhead. Yet if an underwater snorkelling adventure is what you have in mind, the Maldives offer spectacular underwater film and photography sites.

Where to Dive

The Maldives provide vibrant, eye-capturing scenery that can be photographed and filmed underwater. The area is well-known for housing manta rays, so you are almost guaranteed to see one on your holiday. The best times to look for them are between June and October.

The Felidhoo Atoll offers spectacular views of soft corals in a quieter, less frequented visiting spots. Specifically, the Fotteyo Kandu has breathtaking underwater scenery and is one of the most photogenically beautiful diving spots in this part of the India Ocean. For the more experienced diver, a guide can provide a special tour of locations that are frequented by hammerhead sharks.

Colorful fish can be found at the Haa Dhaalu Atoll in the northern part of the Maldives. This section is full of black and yellow snapper fish, batfish, sweetlips, and jackfish. Different parts of the atoll can lead you to Napoleon wrasse, anemones, leopard sharks, and trevallies. You might also be able to film a large group of manta rays swimming by.

If you are interested in sharks, then head to Shark Point, located in the Noonu Atoll. The dive will enable you to film leopard sharks, lemon sharks, gray reef sharks, and white tip sharks, among other large and colorful creatures. There is a stronger current in this area, however, so be sure you are an experienced swimmer and ask your guide for help.

A few tips on diving in the Maldives

It’s important to remember that the Maldives is a Muslim country and informal dress is less common than in other countries. That said, items like bikinis, shorts and t-shirts are casually work in holiday resorts and swimwear is permitted on beaches. What’s most important is to be cognisant of the local customs and ensure your behaviour is respectful.

When diving, be safe when dealing with moray eels and other animals that can potentially harm you. Make sure to have a reef hook handy, since the currents can potentially be strong.

Have fun, and enjoy filming!

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