Underrated Travel Pleasures

Underrated Travel Pleasures

Sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, full moon parties, airline upgrades, good food we don’t have to shop or cook, lively dive bars and light luggage are just some of the many things we can hope to savour on our travels but some of the pleasures of travel are much simpler or unexpected.

Google Translate Mishaps

Just what exactly was the original meaning of the words ‘Cook Whore Dust’ before it went through Google Translate and chalked onto this board? Who knows but you won’t encounter this silly nonsense staying at home.

Google Translate mishaps

A Good Night’s Sleep on a Long Bus Journey

With our Thai visa running out we broke for the border. Two buses and 15 hours later we arrived in Mukdahan and waitied to cross the Mekong via the Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge 2 to Savannakhet in Laos. The bus journey was long, if uneventful but we were amused when the young woman across the aisle from us snuggled into a blanket and placed a panda hat on her head. While I barely slept, she seemed to have had a relatively undisturbed night. I want one.

A good night's sleep on a long bus journey

A Spare Bed Wardrobe

I almost never use a traditional wardrobe and I suspect many other long term travellers also prefer the more linear way to store both clothing and the detritus that accumulate over a few days’ stay in a room. One of our favourite rooms was a cheap, dorm room in a creaky wooden hostel with a dozen empty beds and the knowledge we were on the last bus into town that night.

We had all those beds to ourselves to scatter our crap about. Tomorrow’s outfit, other worn clothes that haven’t yet failed their smell-by date, headphones, chargers, maps and free newspapers, random plastic bags ready for reuse, toiletries, flyers taken from the hands of touts, and towels are all amongst the items that can just be chucked on a spare bed instead of having to unzip, unpack and repack our bags every single time we needed something.


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