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The Budget Traveller’s Guide to Sleeping in Airports

What do Arthur Frommer and I have in common? Down the years we have both dropped into a website called The Budget Traveller’s Guide to Sleeping in Airports for no other reason than it is fun to do so.

Starting with three airport reviews the site has grown to include over 7000 airport, bus and train stations with the emphasis being on how comfy, or otherwise, they are spend to the night in. Tips, photos, cartoons and airport stories compliment the reviews.


Each listed airport includes a review by someone who has experienced its hospitality (or otherwise) along with a few, often pithy comments (such as “I fully woke to the janitor guy touching my bum” and “I noticed a very skinny druggie looking type woman looking me over. I pretended to wipe my face with a towel and as I did she made a grab for my purse. Since I had anticipated this I gave her a upper cut to her jaw that threw her against the wall.”) and a list of the facilities and services on offer.

Sleeping in Airports has been around since 1996 when a young, unemployed Donna McSherry started the site as a joke after she had set about proving to the Irish and the Swiss how tight Canadians really can be by hitchhiking through their countries, eating peanut butter and crashing (the saving money kind) at the airport.

Millions of visits later (mostly arrived, she says, from faulty browsers) and still sometimes sleeping in the airport when she travels, Donna is a thirty something travel agent specialising in South America. She is also our first inductee in the Travel Hall of Fame.

The Budget Travellers Guide to Sleeping in Airports

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This piece was first published in an older version of our blog which included the following comments:

Donna said: “I’d like to thank the Academy….er, I mean…. The Working Traveller for such a great honour. Nice article, thank you!”

– we replied: “You are very welcome. Sleeping in Airports is a wonderful website and all the unproductive work hours I’ve spent getting lost in your site have been totally worth it.”