TEFL Course in Murcia, Spain

SPAIN / Yes! & One Way Academies

Our TEFL program includes a minimum of 20 hours of the teaching and observation practice: observation of experienced teachers, peer observation and all trainees will be asked to teach between 8 to 10 practice lessons depending on the size of the group. Class size varies from one-to-one classes, through small groups of three or four, to groups of six to fifteen learners. The assessment of teaching practice is continuous, meaning that, above all, the final grade will reflect your progress in teaching. This grade is also based on your ability to reflect on your own teaching and that of others.

The course includes how to teach grammar, pronunciation and phonology as well as the four main skills : Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Those having difficulties with any particular task will be given help during private tutorials and an opportunity to re-submit their work. Written and oral feedback will be given after each observed practice lesson. Trainees will be expected to have achieved a satisfactory standard in all areas, including teaching, by the end of the course.

For more information go to: http://www.inglesmurciayesoneway.com/tefl.html or email at e-mail: onewaycontratos@gmail.com

Expires: Dec 17, 2017


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