Teach Dance in Rio

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Teach ballet or dance to kids in Rio’s poorest neighborhoods.

If you find joy in dance, join us in Rio and share your passion with kids from local shanty towns… The best thing about this project is that you can teach any kind of dance – the centre is open to anything! They mainly teach ballet, however, if you love street dance, belly dancing, Egyptian dancing…or any kind of dancing at all, they’ll create a slot in the children’s schedule for you to teach it. Anything goes and the kids particularly love learning new styles of dance from around the world.

You don’t need any qualifications to teach dance in Brazil, just a basic understanding of the moves and enthusiasm to share this with the local kids! You can also combine your project with a dance course in the evenings, where you’ll learn samba, salsa, tango, forro and other types of Brazilian and South American dance.

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