Stream Biomonitoring Program

Volunteer Latin America

COSTA RICA / Volunteer Latin America

This program is looking for international volunteers to assist staff in carrying out biological assessments (fish, benthic macro-invertebrates and habitats), including in-stream visual surveys with mask and snorkel. Volunteers are required from February to May, 2020, but longer stays are possible.

This program is unique because of its blend of scientific research and applied conservation, working with indigenous and campesino communities. It is based in one of the world’s premier biodiversity “Hot Spots”.

This is a free volunteer program and participants receive free accommodation, field trips, lunches during field work days and in-country transportation.

Find more information about the Stream Biomonitoring Program on our website, including reviews from ex-volunteers.

Please note Volunteer Latin America request a small fee to provide more information on this volunteer program.

Expires: Jan 31, 2020


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