Rainforest Journalist in Peru

PERU / CREES Foundation

Do you have what it takes to be an Rainforest Journalist in Peru? Experience the heart of the rainforest, meet the local communities and be part of an international team doing good in the Amazon.

We are looking for an adventurous heart with a passion for writing and using a camera to live and work in the Manu Learning Centre, a scientific research facility run by the CREES Foundation. Sleep under a mosquito net, wake up to the sound of howler monkeys, have tropical fruit for breakfast and off you go to meet research expeditions, local educators, and international volunteers and document the latest news of conservation, sustainability and community development.

You will live in the Manu Biosphere Reserve and have occasional tripsacross the Andes to the old Inca capital, Cuzco. Both are places of incredible beauty and are UNESCO Wold Heritage Sites located in southeast of the country.

If you are still reading and your heart is pounding with excitement, calm down. Think about it! 4 to 6 months away in the other side of the world is not for everyone. Know who you are and get in touch when you are ready for this amazing challenge.

We look forward to hear from you!

Email ricardo@crees-expeditions.com About us: www.crees-manu.org

(Application is now closed for August 2010 and we will be unable to reply until later opening. Please keep on sending your application to us as we will keep your record for later opening. Thank you!)


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