Paid TEFL Thailand Internship in Chiang Mai. Last Few Places


Orientation will be a blur of excitement: some lessons you’ll receive (customs and culture!) and some lessons you’ll give (practice runs before your first official English class!). Well-fed in both belly and soul—and refreshed thanks to two weeks in an eco-resort—it’s officially time to launch your TEFL in Thailand career.

Placements are in formal Thai schools, but will vary from kindergarten to college-level institutions. Your students’ age group will depend on the availability and need of our partners.

Expect to work Monday-Friday, from ~7:30am to 4:00pm. You’ll lead ~15-20 hours of English classes each week, leaving you time for extracurricular support, prepping future lessons, or grading your students’ latest essays.

Since the learning goes both ways, enter each day eager and humble. Follow professional norms by dressing neatly to honour the hierarchy within schools and the monarchy.

Thailand has low living costs compared to Western standards, your monthly living allowance of 30,000-34,000 Thai Baht will allow a very comfortable lifestyle while you’re teaching in Thailand.

Budgeting 3,000-5,000 Thai Baht monthly for housing, you’ll have plenty left in your pocket to explore during time off.

This one-of-a-kind paid internship with Premier TEFL gives you much more than a chance to see Thailand and become a competent TEFL teacher.

You’ll gain an understanding of the Thai language, culture and way of life.

Make long-lasting friendships and develop invaluable life skills you can take with you, no matter what your future holds.

Applications Close for September Intake: Friday 28 May 2021

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