Paid TEFL Taiwan Internship


Kickstart your best year EVER with a full-on, comprehensive 10 day orientation and introduction to teaching English in Taiwan.

You’ll love getting to know the city of Taipei in between lessons on local culture and customs, practice teaching sessions (so you can flaunt your newly minted TEFL skills), sightseeing, and social outings to taste test all the things. ALL OF ‘EM!

Now it’s time for the real fun to begin: your first day of work. Past TEFL interns in Taiwan have been placed at language schools in Changhua or Taipei, with students’ ages ranging from three to 16.

You can expect to teach English ~26 hours weekly to your students, leaving you ample time (~15 hours) to prep new games and activities, grade papers, and provide in-class help to your co-teachers.

Free ESL professional development training sessions offered throughout the year will keep you on track to teaching-stardom.

Your monthly allowance is between 47,000 – 60,000 (NTD) Taiwan Dollars (US$1,550-US$2,000/€1,300-€1680/£1,200-£1,550).

You’ll be the best-paid TEFL intern in Taiwan and live very comfortably. Many teachers earn over NT$55,000 per month.

You are guaranteed to earn at least NT$47,000 monthly. Since you’re on an hourly rate, if you teach more, you get paid more!

You’ll have full support in choosing accommodation, giving you a hassle-free beginning.

Apartment and studios range in price, depending on location and style. Budget around NT$15,000 – 20,000 (US$500-US$660/€420-€560/£390-£510) and you won’t be disappointed.

Take advantage of the interest-free starter loan of up to NT$30,000 (US$1000/€840/£770) to make your new life in the East begin that little bit easier.

With this ultimate internship package, you’ll find it hard to beat this TEFL career-launching program.

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