Jenke and Angie are a travel blogging couple from Cologne, Germany

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Jenke (46) and Angie (39) are a travel blogging couple from Cologne, Germany. They both work in the media: Jenke is a TV reporter and Producer, working for Germany’s largest private television company and Angie is a PR Manager for a German Airline.

They have travelled extensively both through their jobs and independently, having seen most of Europe and are frequent visitors to Africa. They have also visited China, Japan, the US, some countries in South America and many places in South East Asia. Jenke has also recently had the special experience of travelling to the Artic.

Angie and Jenke blog at and can be found on Twitter @ichweisswo or via Facebook and Pinterest.


Where are you going and for how long?

We plan to leave in November this year to stay away for at least six months. Our focus will be on Asia, we will start in India, and then see Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Japan and then head to Australia and New Zealand. Don’t know yet what way back we will then take. But we are surely using individual booked flights and will use a lot of low cost carriers in Asia.

Have you told the boss yet?

Well… err…. No. We will let the cat out the bag soon!

Planned to death or casual meander?

As we have a limited budget and time we need to plan. And we are journalists; the research itself is so much fun. We read a lot of blogs from other travel bloggers, and read about the countries we want to see until late in the night in the classic travel guides.

The focus of their trip will be Asia, starting in India

What do friends and family think about this?

They encourage us to do the trip!

Why now?

The time is just right. We don’t want to wait until we are old and grey. (Well, older and much greyer as we nearly are both already).

How much is it going to cost and how are you financing the trip?

We think of a budget of around 15,000 Euro per person. We have some money on the side and plan to work a little on the road, i.e. produce some videos and write articles. We already have some customers that are happy to get some stories from us, so we are very lucky.

Any paid or volunteer work plans?

Yes, besides our journalistic work we are looking for places where we can give back something.

What (or where) are you most looking forward to?

Quite simple: We are keen on feeling those little special moments like waking up in the morning to different sounds and unknown smells, meeting new people, have a better understanding for the world. Feeling free….

That’s what we are most looking forward to!

They plan to work a little on the road




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