Live & Teach English in Beijing China (UK/USA/Chinese company)

CHINA / Beijing Business Institute

Want to Live & Work in Beijing – we require teachers for our 2010 expansion. Looking for committed people wanting to stay in Beijing at least one year preferably three years or more! Ideally BA/BS plus some knowledge and experience of office work, to pass on this skill to English speaking Chinese students.

International English staff to help with arrival needs and constant friendly support from a ‘Family’ team. (Beijing is a happy & safe place)

Beijing Business Institute for all connections to learning real English as a Business language with International business experts and teachers. All welcome – from 18 to 80 ! T.V. Travel companies, Export companies…
USA/UK Learning Institute in Beijing suitable for all IELTS level language needs from ESL to Corporate training at all levels to suit YOUR needs … Directors, supervisors, reception staff, travel staff. Chinese & English Learning college services includes ‘In house’ training and full college suites for all your requirements. Complete courses – Four hours to Four years – including UK/USA University placement as required. Any time, Any place, Any where!

Send for FAX sheet 0044 (0)871 520 6602
(Standard 10ppm, UK rates apply)
International email for more information:
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Nationalities accepted: Native English speakers preferred (Language/business teaching)