JobSpy: Spark Your Potential

USA / @ Camphill Association of North America

In Camphill, you will grow faster than you imagine possible, build deep, lasting relationships, and develop practical and creative skills that open doors for the rest of your life.

Spend a year changing lives in one of our fifteen sustainable communities.

When you live in Camphill you learn to see past disability to human potential and become more in touch with your own.

Our volunteers often join us after graduation, their direction still unclear. Or they have entered the working world but have not found satisfaction. Some come for a gap year they planned for all along.

In as little as a year, Camphill volunteers are transformed by new clarity, purpose, and self-assurance.

With the guidance of experienced mentors, you will progress along your path of self-development, challenging yourself to push beyond your limits and discover all that lives in you.

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We post JobSpy vacancies with a reasonable expectation that they are valid and currently available. Please be careful when looking for jobs abroad on the internet. We advise you to research any employer before accepting a job offer. For more information see our Warnings, Safety and Spotting Scams page.