JobSpy: Permanent & Seasonal Positions In Beautiful Herm Island


Come and join us to work in the paradise island of Herm, one of the few places in the WORLD to have remained COVID-free throughout the pandemic, and located right on your doorstep in Britain, next to the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands.

Whether you are looking for a permanent or seasonal job, we have a range of opportunities and current restrictions mean you can travel and work for Herm tomorrow (with the correct permissions), or if you live in Guernsey, commute on a daily basis. We are a fair and reasonable employer offering good rates of pay and benefits, accommodation if necessary, and a great team of friendly colleagues.

Herm Island has permanent on-island positions available for a retail manager and plumber and seasonal jobs for chefs, kitchen porters, waiting staff, bar staff, café assistant, estate workers and a hotel porter.

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