JobSpy: Looking for Volunteers for February 2021 Onward

GREECE / @ Samos Volunteers

We are looking for team players, who are also able to work independently. We need people who are patient, who will remain professional and respect pre-existing systems, but who can bring new, fresh ideas. Our timetable and each volunteer’s role vary depending on the day-to-day needs. For this reason, an open-mind and a flexible approach to work are essential. If you are a teacher, you won’t just be teaching!

What’s happening on Samos is a humanitarian crisis and volunteers should expect to be in situations which can be both physically and emotionally demanding. Sometimes we have to work very long hours at short notice and we have to deal with situations that we are not used to, including emergencies.

Of course, we provide support and training for our team, but everyone applying to volunteer must be confident they will be able to cope with the situation here both mentally and physically.

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