JobSpy: Greek Island Demontage

GREECE / Sails on Kos @ Work Exchange for Campers & Nomads UK & Europe

We are a family run glamping camp on Kos island Greece. At the end of our season (1st November) we begin a 4 week dismantling / demontage job of taking down the tents, erecting wind buffers, and moving the furnishings to storage for winter.

If you are a hands on individual who prefers to work outside, If you don’t have a problem with medium heavy lifting, if coming to Kos at the end of October for a short break to experience island life in our mild autumn doesn’t sound too bad then, Yes, this is your dream job!

We offer a part time volunteer and part time pay package. The volunteer part includes 24 hours a week of your labor contribution, for this we provide you with accommodation and meals.

The part time pay package is for an additional 24 hours of work a week ( 6 days x 8 hours in total) at a local rate of approx. 4eu an hour. This will result in a salary of 400 euro for the month of November. EU and UK passport holders only please.

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