Internship with Whale sharks!

TANZANIA / Kitu Kiblu

Kitu Kiblu offers a marine internship experience like no other! How does a day spent in the clear, warm ocean off the coast of Tanzania spent with Whale sharks sound?

Kitu Kiblu offers internship programs for those interested in whale shark conservation or seeking training and experience in marine conservation and tourism. This program is a unique opportunity to interact with whale sharks on a daily basis.

Interns complete appropriate in-house courses and skills training and then work alongside our whale shark tour guides to plan and execute daily whale shark tourism excursions, learn to sail and operate boats, participate in and manage tourist participation in the spot-pattern photo ID project. They also have the opportunity to work alongside visiting marine biologists on whale shark research projects and everyone is expected to be actively involved in our rural development activities.


Expires: Mar 1, 2020


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