Internship in Holistic medicine, native health, yoga, meditation and master plants from the Andes and Amazon of Peru

PERU / Minka Volunteer

One of our lines of work is the investigation and preservation of our wide cultural heritage, especially the great variety of forms or treatments related to natural and spiritual health developed by our ancestors, rituals and knowledge inherited from generation to generation and that in part still They are preserved in the small native towns of the Andes and Amazonia.

You will learn and experiment empirically about many forms of Andean healing, master and medicinal plants, positive rituals, elements that make them up, teaching of the Andean and Amazonian curanderil tradition, its axes and slopes, gema therapy and much more. We are also open to adapt your knowledge and related practices, we are also open to new ideas, practices and philosophies, this is a holistic experience.

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* Requirements:
-minimum age: 21 years
-It is very important to have the ability and patience to deal with little girls (ages 5 to 9) and women of all ages.
-It would be ideal to possess skills or interests related to yoga, fitness, holistic energy health and related spiritual philosophies.
-Possess an open, adaptable and positive mindset.
-energy and able to accept challenges
-have the ability to work with young and adult women

Nationalities Accepted/Visa Requirements: No visa required

Expires: Dec 16, 2021


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