Help local guides with marketing


On our platform we connect local guides with Western travelers. Local guides can upload their offers and pictures to be booked online.

When you visit the platform and look at the offered packages, you will realize that the presentation provided by the local guides is not always attractive for Western standards. We want you to help the local guides with that – editing texts and pictures, developing guidelines, enhancing the design. Will you help them?

Based in Arusha, Tanzania, we are looking for volunteers who understand the needs of Western tourists and thus can help to improve the offers of the local guides and businesses. Your work will directly influence the success of the local individual in their work.

Conditions: You will work an average of 20 hours per week. We provide accommodation (a decent bedroom, but possibly with shared bath) near the city center. The cost of living in Arusha can be very cheap and we will set you up with all necessary information. You also will have the chance to take the tours we offer on our platform for a very much reduced price. The minimum stay is two weeks, the maximum stay 12 months.
If you would like to join us, please write to Mr. Justine Bishanga: Please attach your portfolio or another sample of your works. I.e., you might just choose any of the tours on the website and edit it in a way that you would like to publish it in. Please also mention, when and for how long you would like to stay.

Expires: Dec 31, 2018


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