Guatemala Sea Turtle Conservation

GUATEMALA / Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association (ARCAS)

ARCAS manages a sea turtle and mangrove conservation project near the town of Hawaii on the Pacific coast of Guatemala where volunteers assist in conducting nightly patrols of area beaches in search of nesting sea turtles, collection and burial of eggs in the hatchery and collection of research data. Volunteers can also take part in mangrove reforestations, educational activities in area schools and other community projects. The turtle season in Hawaii is from June to December with peak months of August and September for olive ridleys. For the much scarcer leatherbacks, (who, unfortunately are going extinct in the Pacific) the nesting season is November to January. For volunteers looking for a little more adventure and a more authentic Guatemalan experience, we also offer homestays with families in more remote fishing villages where volunteers help in the management and data-gathering at community hatcheries and educational and community activities.

In addition to volunteering at the Hawaii Park, ARCAS also needs volunteers to help out in managing its community sea turtle hatchery in El Rosario, a small fishing community @ 6kms east of Hawaii. There, you will be conducting nightly patrols in search of nesting adults, burying eggs in the hatchery and collecting data. The atmosphere in El Rosario is more laid back than Hawaii and there are fewer amenities, but it is also a more genuine, Guatemalan experience and a great chance to improve your Spanish.

For more information, contact us at arcas(at)intelnet(dot)net(dot)gt or visit our website at